Medical Master Chapter 173

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Chapter 173 Yesterday's Fang Qiu Is Back!
Fang Qiu gave his answer.

It was correct.

The host continued.

The other six students who had got one question right all had their teeth clenched and mind focus, fighting for the next question.


The next moment.


Fang Qiu's buzzer flashed red again!

This time.

The crowd burst into an uproar.

“Holy c.r.a.p. Fang Qiu got it! He got it! Two in a row!”

“Am I mistaken? Fang Qiu got it again?”

“He's going to the next round! Fang Qiu will advance! Hahah!”

“180 degree turn! Ouch… My little heart can't handle this…”

“Fang Qiu, you can do it!”

On the stage.

Fang Qiu gave his answer immediately.

“Correct. The second round of quick answer is over. The last post is taken by Fang Qiu from Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine.”

The host announced excitedly.

How could she be not excited after such a shocking reversal?

Fang Qiu almost did nothing for the entire second round. When there was only one last chance left, he got two questions in a row, answered correctly, and advanced directly.

This was miracle.


In the VIP section for university leaders, Chen Yinsheng and Qi Kaiwen heaved a sigh of relieve in unison.

Their thoughts had been with Fang Qiu this whole time.

It was like a roller coaster ride. When there was almost no hope left, Fang Qiu rose unexpectedly. His advance was a total thrill.

Jiang Miaoyu smiled. So did Jiang Mengjie. Both were sweet and merry.

Students from other universities were shocked by Fang Qiu's getting two questions in a row.

He was so close to being eliminated but he saved it!

Has he recovered?

On the stage.

Fang Qiu also heaved a sigh of relieve.

It took him a whole game to get half of the poison out of his body.

The pain in his lower stomach was reduced significantly.

He had to admit that

The timing was perfect.

He might have been eliminated if it took one second longer.

“Now we take a ten-minute break.”

The host left the stage after giving the announcement.

Over there.

Jiang Miaoyu and Jiang Mengjie ran towards Fang Qiu at once.

“How do you feel? Can you handle this?”

Asked Jiang Miaoyu, very concerned.

“What's wrong with you? You are food poisoned. Why are you still forcing yourself to go on?”

Despite her tone of blaming, Jiang Mengjie looked very worried.

At the same time.

Zhu Benzheng alongside Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian who had just returned from the Yaow.a.n.g Mountain gathered over.

“The youngest, how do you feel?”

“Don't force yourself if you can't do it anymore. We don't have to take the first place.”

“Yeah, we've got many years to come. Don't risk your health.”

The trio talked back and forth, very concerned.

Looking at the five friends around him, Fang Qiu raised his pale face with a smile and answered, “It's okay. I'm fine.”

As half of the poison had been pushed out.

He felt much better.

However, the other half of the poison was still making trouble inside his body.

To clear it out completely, he would have to work hard until the afternoon as Xu Miaolin had said.

“Finish this medicine first.”

Zhou Xiaotian took out a bag of hot medicine from a thermal container and handed it to Fang Qiu as he said, “You only took half this morning. You don't have to answer those questions but this medicine is a must.”

Fang Qiu nodded.

He didn't expect the carefree Xiaotian to be that thoughtful.

He accepted the medicine, very moved, and finished it in one gulp.

Watching Fang Qiu drink the medicine, everyone's anxiety was eased slightly. They were still very concerned seeing how pale Fang Qiu was.

“Fortunately, part of the toxin was sealed immediately after I got poisoned yesterday and I spent the whole night pus.h.i.+ng the poison out with my internal Qi. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to get rid of half of the poison so quickly relying solely on this medicine.”

Fang Qiu felt lucky.

The internal Qi was powerful but not omnipotent.

Ten minutes pa.s.sed in a flash.

The break was over.

Zhu Benzheng and his roommates went down.

The host returned to the stage.

Fang Qiu suddenly got up, giving off a formless but overwhelming Qi power.

“Let's start!”

“The result is not set yet.”

“Whoever has harmed me, you'll pay!”

Fang Qiu strode towards the promotion zone by the side of Jiang Mengjie and Jiang Miaoyu.

The promotion zone.

Located in the right of the stage.

The 20 advanced contestants gathered there.

“Now we are coming to Round Three, the final round of the compet.i.tion.”

The host attempted to build up the atmosphere and said, “Who of these 20 contestants will become the champion of this individual contest?”

After her question,

The crowd under the stage shouted madly.

“Fang Qiu!”

“Fang Qiu!”

“Han Yuxuan!”

Su Zimo, Tao Yiran, and Han Yuxuan were also called but most of the audiance shouted Fang Qiu's name.


The host waited for a while to let the audience shout out their enthusiasm and continued, “Now let me introduce the rules of this round.”

“The third round is held one on one.”

“The 20 advanced contestants will be paired randomly by the system using the order of the advance as their numbers. The contestant that presses the buzzer first has the right to answer.”

“Whoever scores nine points first advances.”

“And the loser will be eliminated.”


The host turned to face the 20 students in the promotion zone and asked, “Are you ready?”

The twenty contestants nodded in unison.

“Okay. Please draw the first pair of contestants.”

Said the host.

On the screen, two numbers began to rotate.

A moment later,

“No. 5 v.s. No. 20”

Seeing these two numbers, the crowd burst into a cheer.

No one expected this.

Fang Qiu was selected for the first round of the PK.

The student he was to face came from Jingbei Medical University.

The pair went on the stage.

On the stage.

Two quiz stands had been installed, each with a buzzer.

“The questions in this round will be drawn randomly on the big screen. Once the question is out, you can press the buzzer freely. One correct answer will gain you one point and one wrong answer will add one point to your opponent.”

The host explained before giving command, “Please choose the question.”

A question appeared immediately on the big screen.


As soon as the question appeared, Fang Qiu pressed the buzzer.

The student on the other side.

Didn't even finish reading it.

Everyone looked at Fang Qiu, confused.

Pressing the buzzer before reading the question is a bit too arrogant!

The yesterday you has returned?

Fang Qiu's performance went beyond everyone's expectation.

He was not like suffering from food poisoning at all.

He answered the first question correctly.

He got the second question and gave the correct answer.

On the other side.

The student from Jingbei Medical University tried to press the buzzer without reading the questions but still he wasn't fast enough.

Within one minute.

Fang Qiu got nine questions in a row and answered all of them correstly, advancing to the next round.

The opponent was eliminated without realizing what had happened.

This scene.

Shocked everyone in the promotion zone.

They noticed that Fang Qiu had changed.

His face was still pale but his Qi power was completely up like a fierce army general. The students present couldn't help feeling inferior.

He seems more terrifying than yesterday!

Are you sure you got food poisoned?

Is this a joke?

The next.

The 18 contestants continued on with the compet.i.tion.

Jiang Mengjie, Su Zimo, Tao Yiran, Ruan Sijing, Jiang Miaoyu, Zhao Yancheng, w.a.n.g Zhixing, and Han Yuxuan advanced in turn.

The last place for the next round was taken by a student from Zhongzhou Medical University who had been at the bottom all this time.

“Round two, five out of ten contestants will advance.”

Said the host, “The rules are the same.”

Contestants were selected on the big screen.

“No. 13 v.s. No. 20.”

It was Fang Qiu again.

For two consecutive rounds, Fang Qiu was drawn for the first battle.

With the Qi power from before.

Fang Qiu got on the stage.

No. 13 standing opposite to him was that student from Zhongzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

Seeing his number was paired with Fang Qiu,

The student smiled bitterly.

As far as he could see,

Fang Qiu was a freak. He'd rather have any other capable opponent than Fang Qiu.

But he had no choice.

It was heaven's will and he had to accept it.

“Here we go!”

Following the host's command,

Fang Qiu began to s.n.a.t.c.h questions.

After watching Fang Qiu's performance in the last round, No. 13 fought against from the first question without reading it.

He was still not fast enough to beat Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu got nine questions in a row and answered all of them correctly.

Fang Qiu advanced!

The audiance was happy to see that Fang Qiu had recovered.

The yesterday Fang Qiu was back.

They cheered after Fang Qiu's victory.

The remaining eight contestants continued.

Tao Yiran won over Zhao Yancheng, Jiang Mengjie defeated Ruan Sijing, Han Yuxuan eliminated Jiang Miaoyu, and Su Zimo knocked out w.a.n.g Zhixing.

The top 5 had emerged.

Fang Qiu was the only left from Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine.

Jiang Mengjie and Han Yuxuan from Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine advanced hand in hand.

For a moment,

Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine became the hot topic of the audiance. Many of them thought Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine would have more advantages in the following compet.i.tion.

Because in the third round, 2 out of 5 contestants would advance.

So one of them would have a bye.


As the crowd discussed pa.s.sionately,

The host began to speak, “The rules are different for Round 3.”

“Still one on one. One of the five contestants will have no opponent. The other four would be paired and 2 of them would be eliminated.”

“The two winners will take turns to compete with the one without opponent.”

“The winner will advance to the final.”

This rule sounded a bit complicated.

But it made perfect sense.

The student who was drawn to have to opponent would have an extra chance of advancing.

“Contestants for the next game will be drawn by the system automatically.”

“Please draw.”

Following the host's command,

Two numbers began to roll on the big screen.

A few seconds later.

Four numbers were displayed on the big screen.

“No. 2 v.s. No. 4.”

“No. 3 v.s. No. 20.”

The match was set.

No. 2 Han Yuxuan v.s. No. 4 Tao Yiran, and No. 3 Su Zimo v.s. No. 20 Fang Qiu. The last No. 8 Jiang Mengjie had no opponent.

Having no opponent in this round,

Jiang Mengjie was surprised and pleased.

This gave her two opportunities to fight for the final.

Of course.

She knew she was lucky with the draw to make it into the top 5. Her victory was by a narrow margin. Except for her,

Fang Qiu, Tao Yiran, Su Zimo, and Han Yuxuan were all very capable.

The better two of these four would be very strong.

Hence, though she would have two opportunities, it wouldn't be easy to advance to the final.

“The first group, please get on the stage.”

The host called.

Hearing that,

Han Yuxuan and Tao Yiran strode up, towards their own quiz stand.


Asked the host.

The pair nodded.


The hosted announced.

Medical Master Chapter 173

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