Medical Master Chapter 219

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Chapter 219 Held Your Head High!

All the people grew quiet.

All the attention was focused on Fang Qiu, who was feeling the last woman's pulse.

Fang Qiu didn't keep them waiting too long.

“It's not the pulse of pregnancy. You are not pregnant.”

In a minute, Fang Qiu took his fingers from the woman's wrist.

Hearing that, all those who were watching the live broadcast immediately s.h.i.+fted their attention to the notary.

So far, the first nineteen were all right. This was the last one.

Would Fang Qiu make a clean sweep or have an imperfect end?

Everyone was looking forward to the notary declaring the final result..

And Li Wenbo, who was suppressed by Fang Qiu via internal Qi, went limp and collapsed into the chair the moment after Fang Qiu finished feeling the pulse.

He knew he was screwed!

There was no need to announce the result.

All Fang Qiu's diagnoses were right!

His last hope of saving face was shattered.

He was doomed.

“It's verified that this lady is not pregnant.”

The notary declared the result.

At this moment, all the people were surprised.

Fang Qiu had diagnosed all twenty women correctly!

They still couldn't believe it.

Who would have guessed this result an hour earlier, when they had all believed that Fang Qiu was bound to lose?

What was this?

It was a miracle!

A miracle!

And it completely overturned everyone's impression of Fang Qiu.

This guy was not stupid. And it turned out that he was pretending to be weak!

The notary had begun to make her final concluding remarks.

But no one was listening.

Because everybody knew that Fang Qiu won!

He diagnosed 20 women in a row correctly without a single mistake, so how could he fail?

For a moment, all the people who supported Chinese Medicine cheered wildly.

They really won!

An unexpected victory!!!

Who would have thought that a freshman who publicly rose to the challenge could win?!

Not because of his blind arrogance, not because he had some mental issues and wanted to disgrace Chinese Medicine, but because he really had a great ability!

Even when no one supported or trusted him, Fang Qiu used the solid fact of his abilities to slap the faces of those who questioned Chinese Medicine!

And he slapped Li Wenbo in the face hard!

With absolute power, he showed all the people watching the live broadcast that Chinese Medicine was great!

Didn't you despise Chinese Medicine?

Didn't you say that Chinese Medicine was a pseudoscience?

Didn't you say that Chinese Medicine was inferior to Western Medicine?

Now, what do you say?!

Just like his Weibo name.

Who do you think you are!

You guys were n.o.bodies!!

We can now hold our heads up high.

This was the feeling of all the supporters of Chinese Medicine.

From the day Fang Qiu rose to the challenge, everyone in the Chinese Medicine circle, and everyone who supported Chinese Medicine, was afraid that Chinese Medicine would be suppressed, ridiculed, and be ruled inferior to Western Medicine. So they were worried.

They all hoped that an expert of Chinese Medicine could stand up and teach these arrogant doctors of Western Medicine, as well as Li Wenbo, a lesson.

But no one stood up.

Then, Fang Qiu appeared.

A freshman accepted the challenge!?

On that day, the supporters of Chinese Medicine felt their whole world darken.

It seemed as if Chinese Medicine was plunged into an abyss.

During that time, facing tons of ridicule from the Western Medicine fans, they dared not retort and could only suppress their anger. Each one of them had complaints buried in their hearts, and they even vented their anger on Fang Qiu.

But today, they saw it with their own eyes.

In front of everyone, Fang Qiu, whom they did not think highly of or value at all, disgraced Li Wenbo and others!

All the anger that had been bottled up in their hearts now burst forth into loud cheers.

Meanwhile, all the supporters of Western Medicine were silent.

Since such being the case, what more could they say?

The fact spoke for itself.

They would be wrong even if they only spoke one word now.

It was a nasty t.i.t for tat. They scoffed at Chinese Medicine previously, so now it was time for them to pay the price!

At the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

In the girls' dormitory.

“Yeah, he won!”

Jiang Miaoyu was so excited that she abruptly stood up, making a loud noise. As she looked at Fang Qiu in the live broadcast, there was excitement and something else in her eyes.

“Great, Fang Qiu won.”

Yuan Bei was also excited.

“Somehow, our Fang Qiu is incredibly awesome!”

w.a.n.g Yu's eyes shone.

“Yes, we won!”

Huang Manman directly jumped up with excitement. The girls cheered and laughed.

In the boys' dormitory.

“Good! Well done!”

Zhu Benzheng, who was trembling with excitement, watched the broadcast and said, “The youngest didn't disappoint us!”

“Haha, the youngest is skilled at defeating others!”

Sun Hao laughed with excitement.

“Li Wenbo has suffered a great loss of dignity.”

Zhou Xiaotian pointed at Li Wenbo and laughed so hard that his stomach hurt.

To tell the truth, they always believed in Fang Qiu.

They believed that the youngest would not rush forward foolishly.

They a.s.sumed that Fang Qiu had a card up his sleeve.

But even so, little did they expect that Fang Qiu could actually defeat Li Wenbo with such a strong showing.

What Fang Qiu had done satisfied their hopes!

The youngest, we're so proud of you!

At Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine.

“Fang, you didn't disappoint me.”

Jiang Mengjie was so excited that she couldn't help clenching her fists, her face beaming.

She had believed in Fang Qiu.

She knew Fang Qiu would win.


Fang Qiu succeeded.

And from today, more and more people would know Fang Qiu. The road ahead of him would be smooth, and there would be no more suffering.

Her greatest joy in life was to watch a familiar person walk into the limelight with her very eyes.


Different from Jiang Mengjie, Han Yuxuan could not help sighing when he learned the result. He said with emotion, “I am still not as good as Fang Qiu, be it courage or strength.”

“Finally, Fang Qiu won. Well done!”

In the consulting room of the First Affiliated Hospital of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, Shen Chun laughed and clapped for Fang Qiu.

Without a doubt, Fang Qiu's performance in this contest completely exceeded his expectations.

But on the other side of campus, Cao Ze was so shocked that he could not speak.

“My junior brother!”

Qi Kaiwen patted Xu Miaolin on the shoulder excitedly and said, “This student of yours is simply out of this world. At this rate, he will soon surpa.s.s you!”

Xu Miaolin froze.

“How can I be so happy to see you being surpa.s.sed?” Qi Kaiwen laughed.

Hearing that, Xu Miaolin rolled his eyes at Qi Kaiwen. He also felt relieved inwardly.


First, he meant to put pressure on Fang Qiu, helping him grow under pressure and have a deeper understanding of Chinese Medicine. Second, Li Wenbo's words were rude and offensive, and he was too

As a highly-skilled doctor, Xu Miaolin certainly couldn't fight in person.

If he showed up, he would face the rebuke of doctors of Western Medicine, claiming that he bullied the weak with his power. Also, once his ident.i.ty got exposed, his life would be interrupted by his admirers, and the loss of his privacy outweighed the gain of winning.

Although Xu Miaolin had taught Fang Qiu for two days and had known that he had a lot of talent, he could not help worrying about Fang Qiu and being afraid that he would lose.

He was still worried about asking a student who had just studied for two days to join the compet.i.tion.


Fang Qiu won.

In the office of the Vice President on the building of leaders in University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

“This, this, this…”

After witnessing Fang Qiu's victory with his very eyes, Chen Yinsheng was in shock. It was as if he had fallen into h.e.l.l from heaven and then flown into heaven again.

Not only did the clouds disappear, but there was a rainbow!

“No way, no way…”

As the notary announced the result, Li Wenbo shuddered, as if he had lost his mind, and kept muttering to himself, “You know demon skill. You must know demon skill!”

He looked rather ridiculous.

Looking at Li Wenbo, Fang Qiu got straight to his feet and grabbed the box with one million yuan in it which Li Wenbo had placed on the tea table. He turned to Li Wenbo and said, “Thanks for keeping it safe.”

Hearing that, Li Wenbo glared at him with his eyes wide open.

He recovered from his trance at once.

His face was livid.

From the beginning, he was 100 percent sure he would win the compet.i.tion, but now he had suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat.

If he were defeated by an old or famous doctor of Chinese Medicine, he would feel less disgraced. However, he was defeated by a student of the School of Chinese Medicine. What was worse, the winner was a freshman.

His defeat was simply ridiculous.

He was Li Wenbo!

Seeing Li Wenbo's painful expression through the live broadcast, all the people who supported Chinese Medicine vented their anger.

You despised Chinese Medicine.

You defamed Chinese Medicine.

You behaved arrogantly!

Now, you must be suffering!

As a Chinese citizen, how dare you despise the precious medical science that your ancestors obtained after suffering so much. You simply have no conscience.”

Your failure is G.o.d's punishment for your hate!

Your failure is the ancestors' punishment for you, an ungrateful offspring!

All eyes were focused on Li Wenbo.

Fang Qiu gently patted the money box in his hand. He pondered for a moment, then looked at the camera of the live broadcast and said solemnly, “Ladies and gentlemen, the compet.i.tion is over, and I would like to say a few words to you at this time.”

Everyone held their breath.

They all looked at Fang Qiu.

Even the people who had been posting on-screen comments stopped.

There was silence throughout the direct broadcasting room.

They wanted to hear what Fang Qiu would say.

Will he boast arrogantly or satirize Li Wenbo severely again? Or will he take this opportunity to propagandize himself?

Medical Master Chapter 219

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