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"That won't be necessary.""I can't."

Fang Qiu shooked his head, waching Jiang Miaoyu being ha.s.sled by the male school mate next to her.

"The youngest…"

Zhu Benzheng also stepped over and asked out of curiosity and care, "Is there something going on between you two? You seemed very close before."

Zhou Xiaotian turned to Fang Qiu curiously.

Is anything going on?

"Not really."

Fang Qiu shook his head as he answered, "Come on. Your train will leave in 50 minutes. Go and get your tickets now or it'll be late."

After checking the time, the trio quickly gathered their travel buddies to pick up their tickets.

Ten minutes later, the group of over 30 students came out of the ticket hall.

They gathered at the heart of the square in front of the train station.

Getting ready to verify their tickets together.

Just at this moment

A young girl wearing a baseball cap low and a loose dress with a guitar behind her back, a microphone stand in one hand and a speaker in the other.

Was walking towards them.

She tested and adjusted the microphone, speaker, and guitar as if no one was around and laid the guitar case on the ground. With the guitar in her hands, she spoke up to the curious crowd,

"The Meaning of Travel for you all. Have a pleasant holiday!"


A singer!

This group of medical students stopped to watch.

There was still 40 minutes until their departure time. They had enough time to enjoy a few songs.

This was their first time seeing someone sing for a living on the street. Of course they were curious.

They wondered if she was not afraid of the city administration singing in public.

Then they came to realize that the city administration were off duty at night. No city administration officers at all!

Without worries about the city administration, they decided to enjoy the show. Heheh!

Fang Qiu glanced up and down the girl with her guitar out of curiosity. He could tell she was nervous from her voice.

Then, the girl began to sing.

As soon as her singing began, she was no longer nervous.

Instead, she became careful and strong!

"You've seen many fine views."

"You've seen many beauties."

"You are lost in each and every brief moment on the map."

Once the girl started to sing.

Hasty pa.s.sers-by stopped their pace.

They circled around her.

Accompanied by no other instruments nor had her voice polished.

Only one guitar.

And a lovely voice.

Her body rocked lightly following the rhythm.

With her head kept low, it was hard to see her face. But her beautiful voice spread out like a natural spring and drew attention from everyone thickly dotted on the square. People couldn't help turning around to look at this girl singing like an angel.

How beautiful!

More and more people were attracted by the girl's singing. They stopped nearby to enjoy.

They couldn't see the girl's face but her singling alone was enough to charm them.

"Hey! The name of this song is quite perfect for this occasion!"

Listening to this heavenly song, Sun Hao commented without moving his eyes away from the girl, "But this lyric is not so suitable. It's all about love not travel!"

Zhu Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian both nodded.

But it was beautiful!

Beautiful was enough!

Be it suitable or not!

It was their fortune to enjoy such a beautiful singing right before their trip!

"Doesn't matter. I find it very lovely!"

Fang Qiu responded with a smile.

Fang Qiu's reply suddenly reminded Sun Hao of something. He raised his brows and chuckled. "The youngest! Listen. We are going soon. You've travelled all the way here to see us off. It's your turn to show your love. Sing a song for us as your farewell. Any song. As long as it's lovely!"

"That's right. Once we board the train, for many days we can't see each other. A farewell present is a must!"

Zhou Xiaotian's eyes brightened.

"The youngest, sing a song!"

Zhu Benzheng reached out his arm and tapped on Fang Qiu's shoulder.

The trio's suggestion was echoed by many.

"Fang Qiu, sing a song! Fang Qiu, sing a song!"

The spectators would never complain the scene was too bustling. They shouted as if challenging another unit to sing in the military training.

They were already so excited about this coming journey. They were easily turned on.

Over here.

Listening to them inciting Fang Qiu to sing, Jiang Miaoyu's cla.s.smates joined in the hoot.

"Fang Qiu, sing a song! Fang Qiu, sing a song!"

They all remembered Fang Qiu's amazing singing on their school commencement ceremony.

His song left them a pleasant taste that would remain long.

How great it would be if they could hear Fang Qiu singing again before their trip!

Seeing Fang Qiu hesitating and considering, the crowd shouted even louder.

"Student Fang, go on and sing a song to liven things up a bit!"

"Yeah! You are such a great singer. It would be a pity if you don't sing for us. Over thirty school mates are waiting!"

"We won't leave until you sing!"

"Time is kicking. Student Fang Qiu, sing a song!"

"Sing a song! Sing a song!"

Over thirty voices eventually merged into one and became louder and louder.

Jiang Miaoyu looked at the hesitating Fang Qiu with a smirk.

She was wondering if Fang Qiu would give in.

Zhou Zhen next to her looked at Fang Qiu with jealousy. He wished he could sing well.

Considering the generally acknowledged good singer Li Qings.h.i.+ was defeated by Fang Qiu, he instantly ceased this dream.

It was nearly impossible to overcome Fang Qiu in singing.

Fang Qiu's singing had been acknowledged by the entire school.

The more he thought, the more he envied.

Why didn't he have such a gift?

The disturbance cause by over thirty people drew attention from the rest of the crowd.

Those quiet listeners turned around to check what was going on with Fang Qiu and his mates.

What are these students doing?

They want someone to sing a song?

Sing a song for what?

To ruin the show?

The girl had just finished her second song. During her break, she looked over out of curiosity.

Fang Qiu appeared helpless.

All these shouts and calls came out of blue. He was given no chance to say no before the disturbance broke out.

"Fine. I'll sing!'

Fang Qiu nodded.

To liven things up a bit for their journey!

As long as other people won't think I'm trying to ruin the show.


Over thirty of them laughed merrily.

Jiang Miaoyu's beautiful eyes fixed on Fang Qiu. She looked forward to Fang Qiu's song.

Fang Qiu signaled his school mates to stop while walking towards the girl at the center.

The crowd quieted down.

They looked at Fang Qiu with high expectation in their eyes, ready to clap.

They were determined to keep the atmosphere up no matter how Fang Qiu's singing would be.

Actually, Fang Qiu's singing would be awesome for sure!

In the meantime.

A small pack of people outside the crowd, appearing to be common audience, straightened their face as soon as Fang Qiu entered, worried and alerted.

"What's going on?"

A man asked anxiously in a lowered voice.

"I've no idea. What does this fellow want?"

Another man locked his eyes on Fang Qiu, his voice worried and impatient.

"Boss, should we get rid of him?"

A man sought order from the middle-aged man standing in the middle of the pack.

The middle-aged man pondered for a while before speaking, "Hold on. Wait and see."

He watched closely the young man approaching the girl, his brows knitted tightly.

He was very curious what this young fellow intended to do.

The girl in the middle of the crowd was a talented singer and composer they had recently discovered and would throw a ton of money to make popular next season. Today she was sent to sing on the train station square with a huge flow of people to train her courage.

She was new to this scene and she easily got nervous.

Before her official entry to s...o...b..z, they must train her to become brave and calm and overcome her stage fright.

But, however well their plan was, where did this young man come from?

He would have no problem with the young man's singing but what if he committed physical a.s.sault? But he didn't look violent. He decided to wait and see.


Everyone around the middle-aged man nodded, locking their eyes on Fang Qiu.

During their conversation, Fang Qiu had already moved to the middle.


Facing the girl, Fang Qiu asked politely, "My school mates are going on holiday by train. I'd like to sing a song as my farewell to them. May I borrow your guitar and these devices?"

Sing a song?

The girl glanced at Fang Qiu, much astonished.

After a chuckle, she nodded.

"Of course!'

She pa.s.sed her guitar to Fang Qiu.

"Thank you!"

Fang Qiu bowed his appreciation before accepting the guitar.

He plucked the strings to test the sound before turning around to face his school mates.

The crowd was confused when the girl pa.s.sed her guitar to this young man.

This young fellow is going to sing?

The middle-aged man and his mates heaved a sigh of relief. There was no ill intention. He simply wanted to sing.

However, what a bold, ignorant boy!

Everyone would soon find out how amazing the girl's singing was set off by this fellow.

Moreover, this would help boost the girl's confidence. This was very important.

"h.e.l.lo. I'm taking the liberty of singing a song. Today my cla.s.smates are going on a trip but sadly I can't join them. This song is for them. Have a good time!'

Fang Qiu smiled at his school mates. "This Fairy Tale Town is for you!"

The crowd smiled and clapped.

Fairy Tale Town?

What a strange name!

The spectators looked at Fang Qiu curiously.

Some of them were debating if they should leave.

Fang Qiu gently plucked the strings.

Playing the guitar, he soon entered a good state.

The sorrowful melody and lively rhythm calmed the audience down. Those with intention to leave stayed quietly to enjoy.

"I heard Snow White was on the run.

"Little Red Riding Hood was worried about the big wolf.

"I heard the crazy cat was in love with Alice.

"Ugly duckling would one day turn into a white swan.

"This voice…"

"His voice is so beautiful!"

"Not just his voice. This song has many switches and he's making every one of them natural and pleasant perfectly!"

Those people from the entertainment company fell in a trance listening to Fang Qiu singing.

They were professionals and they could see his great talent and potential from the first four lines!

This young man was not ordinary!

Was Fang Qiu's singing particularly impa.s.sionate and pleasant to listen to?

Not really!

This time, Fang Qiu's singing wasn't outstanding.

In other words, the entire song was rather mild and light.

Different from the girl's voice of s natural spring, Fang Qiu's sounded romantic and entirely free from worry.

What really stood out was the feeling and the atmosphere of a child's simplicity!

It felt like listening to our parents telling a story in bed when we were little.

A treat!

An ultimate treat!

The amazed middle-aged man gazed at this calm young man playing and singing in front of a crowd of people.


His singing is pretty good!

He wanted to hear more and find out how good this young man really was!

Medical Master Chapter 78 Farewell Song!

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