Soul Of Searing Steel 618 Not Reinforcements

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The infinite races and races of the Multiverse has many different names for the Bottomless Abyss.

It could be known as the Demonic Realm, h.e.l.l, the G.o.dforsaken Land or the Garden of Wastelands… Whatever the case may be, each name they give would never be free from negative connotations—apart from some races that had become utterly crazy. Even if most civilizations did not understand them, they would subconsciously reject anything that had to do with them.

For it was the grave of the Multiverse, the place where ashes of Flames extinguished acc.u.mulated.

The Bottomless Abyss was boundless, and the further the plane was below, the earlier its Flame had extinguished. Legends tell that the bottommost plane of the Abyss was the remains of the first world to have died, and the very first level of the Abyss.

Lava Inferno—the Sixth Abyss, was a plane that had risen in the last few millennia, a world known for its power amongst the charted Abyss. With imps as their foundation, the demon population there was above a hundred and nine million, with aberrations populations numbering up to ten times that size.

The Abyssal Liege Goliath was a great demon whose powerful name spread through dozens of worlds. It was addressed reverently by many names 'The Binge-Eater', 'World Devourer', 'Soul Hunter' or the 'Gluttonous Demon King'. A demon that was without predecessor, it had united several levels of Abysses, and led five Demon Generals that stood at the top of demonic ranks, ruling over thousands of archdemon lieges. Even now, Goliath was never ceasing its efforts to expand and conquer, and was rumored to have started a war against another Abyssal Liege. If it triumphed, its faction would definitely greatly strengthen.

According to what was known presently, Goliath's thirst and limitless greed for souls had destroyed seven worlds, ma.s.sacring and wiping out thirteen feeble races, with those billions of souls brought by the Soul Hunter itself to the Abyss for an unknown fate. Some said that those souls became new demon while others say that the Demon King had stored those souls from some grand goal.

And now, the First of the Five Legions of the Gluttonous Demon King—the Infernal Sea Army was leading a vast Magma Fleet and navigating through the Void between worlds.

Endless dimensional turbulence and plane tremor were forming waves of Void windstorms, stopping all beings who intend to cross the Void, instantly tearing anything that had not reached the cla.s.s of archdemon.

However, amidst the intense dimensional undulations, a fleet that was seemingly forged from golden-red magma was urgently sailing through the Void, carrying an astonis.h.i.+ng corrupt presence.

Behind the small magma s.h.i.+ps that resembled asteroids and at the center of that vast and blasphemous fleet was the largest and most majestic colossal magma wars.h.i.+p. Sensing the distant waves of vigor, a large demon sitting upon its skeleton throne with insectoid wings on its back slowly opened its eyes.

It had sharp, towering chitin horns, while its tough body that resembled a cross between insect and human was covered with a dark and smooth sh.e.l.l, with many mirages of different races screaming in agony appearing over it. On its back, the edges beside its beetle-like wings were grown full of sharp, bony spikes that was not rare for demons that grew over twenty meters.

Saluka, the Insectoid Demon General serving the Demon King Goliath opened its compound eye, its gaze transcending the bulkheads of the Magma s.h.i.+p and staring off into the Void. "The Primeval Being has removed its barrier over the world coordinates," it said softly. "I could sense the vigor Lord Goliath had described."

"Certainly, a world worth plundering."

"And a powerful prey worth hunting."

Saluka slowly rose as it spoke to itself, and souls of the countless races in its sh.e.l.l began to cry out and curse harrowingly, the profound grudges becoming a black presence that encircled it, the pitiable birth and death of beings visible from within.

"All s.h.i.+ps, forward. The other Legions would be here soon," the Insectoid Demon General said with a deep voice, "and the First Legion must never fall behind."

Receiving orders, the speed of the vast and prepared Abyssal Fleet accelerated, golden-red s.h.i.+ps thundering through the Void, and soon became the first to arrive outside the world where the Ancient Dragon was.

Without any excess speech or orders, the Abyssal Fleet began to spread itself the moment they arrived at the destination, turning into meteors that broke through the world barrier. In less than a dozen seconds, one-tenth of the demonic army had descended upon the world of Kronos.

Saluka watched as the First Legion entered the world without stopping amidst the chaos. Generally speaking, typical world barriers were very st.u.r.dy and demons have to raise a great portal if they wanted to invade. However, the world where the Primeval Being was is essentially the Five-Hundred and Eighty-Seventh Level of the Abyss, a world that belonged to the Abyss itself. Its World Barrier was hence so fragile it was virtually non-existent, which was why Saluka never once worried if its subordinates could enter the world smoothly.

At the same time, it quickly noticed nearby that several powerful energy signatures were rapidly closing in on them.

"As I thought, other factions."

In seconds, Saluka could see two great dragons that were over hundreds of meters long appeared in the Void as orderly wavelengths streamed across dimensional turbulence. Behind the two dragons—one white and the other black—infinite wyverns darted out, protected by the two powerful dragons' power from being affected by dimensional turbulence.

Without sparing any words or dallying, with a single cry from the black dragon, a dark vein of fissure abruptly broke out over the World Barrier. Thus, their minions—wyverns that were clearly grown from magic began to pour into Kronos like the demonic army.

"Pentashade dragons—the Legendary Dragon Kings Kanor and Bognar… Why would they come?!"

Saluka could not help frowning after encountering the unexpected presence. It was naturally acquainted with the two Pentashade Dragon Kings since one of the conspirators behind the Draconic Plague on the Mycroft Continent was the Sixth Abyss. It was initially curious upon seeing the two renowned Dragon Kings, only to quickly realize that their goal must be the same as their own—to plunder the power of Ancient Dragons. After all, they were now considered demons as well.

If it were in its usual behavior, Saluka would have led the fleet and charged with the intent of chasing off those d.a.m.ned four-legged lizards that intended to steal their prize. However, the power of the two Dragon Kings would be too great and Saluka would never win in a one-against-two scenario, and so could only calm itself and tell the fleet to evade them.

"Keep your distance from those b.a.s.t.a.r.d dragons… The Liege still has a deal with them."

Given that they remained allies on the surface, it was inappropriate to come into conflict at the moment. Saluka soothed itself thus, but soon, another ma.s.sive energy signature approached.

Who else? This time, both Saluka and the two Dragon Kings turned their heads.

This time, it was a being that was entirely gray and of celestial proportions. Its form was reminiscent of a blue whale, but its body was grown full of sharp ridged spike armor, its near ten-thousand-meters body emanating abnormal and incredible lifeforce while its huge maw was filled with blade-like teeth. It stirred the s.p.a.ce surrounding it, kicking up cascades as the behemoth wandered the Void, unconcerned about the Demonic Legion and the Dragon Kings on both sides that acted as if a great enemy has come.


"Void Behemoth!"

The two factions instantly recognized the newcomer. It was a fearsome being that traversed the Void and sought entertainment by disturbing the balance of different worlds and plants. They were natives of the Void, eternally undying behemoths that were considered perfect in itself, with their inner body circulation comparable to a small world. And now, it appears that even the Void Behemoth was attracted by the power of the Ancient Dragon.

Nevertheless, Leviathan seemed to have no intention of entering Kronos. It was not east for powerful beings like themselves to enter an unfamiliar world—there would be inestimable damage if it could not adapt to the differing rules. That was why both the Pentashade Dragon Kinds and the Insectoid Demon General had first sent inferior advance teams to investigate the foreign environment.

But just as the three sides had found a balance and tacitly carved out their own domains, the depths of the unknown Void began to tremble again.

"How is there still more?"

Saluka was now finding things bizarre. The First Legion would never be able to handle the troublesome Pentashade Dragons and the Void Behemoth, and the reason why Insectoid Demon General could still keep calm just a while ago was because it was aware that the Beholder Demon General Helm would lead the Third Legion to support it… But if a fourth faction or a powerful being appeared now, they might not be able to handle things even if the Third Legion arrived.

Furthermore, the Primeval Being that was their target was not easy to deal with. The longer an Ancient Dragon, the stronger its power was—and this one should have lived for over thirty thousand years, and most G.o.ds might not be able to handle it. If Goliath was not convinced that it had not fully recovered its abilities, the entire First Legion would have been a mere dish for the Ancient Dragon.

"The Liege is still entangled with other Abyssal Liege, while the other three Legions are held up at other frontlines…" Saluka promptly shuddered once it realized that it might very well not accomplish the mission given by the Demon King. It knew how Goliath dealt with those who failed him—it will be made to suffer even if it was a Demon General.

And as Saluka remained tangled, an unusual small fleet appeared on another corner of the Void as if teleporting. It was a fleet built with extraordinary golden substance and crystals, led by huge half-moon shaped wars.h.i.+p. A pale-blue sphere containing highly concentrated energy particle began to form within the protruding arc of the half-moon shaped wars.h.i.+p, releasing powerful force of devastation. Behind the half-moon s.h.i.+p was another colossal elliptic wars.h.i.+p, which was shooting out many small transports to investigate the surroundings, resembling a beehive that was spraying bees without stopping.

And at the center of the Golden Fleet was a gargantuan asymmetric pyramidic Mothers.h.i.+p. It had a dazzling pale-blue energy core that bore the power to distort the Void, which was at present calming the dimensional turbulences encircling its own fleet. It was precisely the Mothers.h.i.+p which gave Saluka, the two Dragon Kings and the Void a great sense of menace—they could feel that if the energy core at the heart of the Mothers.h.i.+p burst out completely, its energy levels could kill Legendary champions with strength to spare.

But that was not the end. Just as the Golden Fleet began to volley their advance team to scout the situation in Kronos, there were incessant and varied ripples unfurling in the Void. Countless fleets of varying sizes belonging to Extraordinary beings of indeterminate power, as well as abnormal lifeforms that were completely indescribable therefore appeared around the world. Still, with the four most powerful factions standing off against each other, most factions who were self-conscious of their lacking in power turned and left.

"Abyssal demons and the Magma Army?"

"Void Behemoth!"

"Heavens, it's Leviathan… what are those, resembling dragons but so much larger?!"

"The Star G.o.d's Golden Fleet? Weren't they mothballed?!"

"Apologies for disturbing you guys. We'll be leaving now."

Many factions came and went, and yet the four factions maintained their calm, staying in their stand-off against each other instead of launching an all-out a.s.sault at once. After all, who could tell if their own real objective was not to defeat the other factions and instead attain the Ancient Dragon's power… It would be utter folly if they exhausted most abilities to defeat their opponents and failed the mission of defeating the Ancient Dragon afterward. The Ancient Dragon that was hiding in Kronos must think so too—it was waiting for the enemies that had came for it to slug it out, allowing it the time to recover its ability.

"Why is there still more?!"

On the mothers.h.i.+p in the center of the Magma Fleet, Saluka's entire body was steaming with solid black fumes, with the cries and wails of endless lives before death echoing within. The Insectoid Demon General's sh.e.l.l creased to a single piece as it, one of the calmer demons was now almost unable to suppress its desire for devastation. But suddenly, red light flickered in Saluka's compound eyes, and it calmed once more.

"Wait, this presence…"

The Insectoid Demon General could sense another will broiling for destruction was rapidly advancing in the Void. Immeasurably thick presence of death was combined with the l.u.s.t for slaughter as if the wielder had just slaughtered millions of beings. The pungent smell of blood, and the despairing howls of souls emanated scent that would captivate demons—Saluka's spirit hence throbbed, believing that they should be the Third Legion that came to reinforcement them. It was only the Beholder Demon General Helm that had just conquered a world that would have such fresh presence of destruction.

Almost. Saluka stared at the Void expectantly. Though the five Demon Generals serving Goliath were unacquainted with each other and rarely met due to the busy missions of conquest, it would definitely not be mistaken with the presence of its own kind. The Insectoid Demon General's gaze hence focused at the center of the four factions, where the Void was twisting—evidence that a certain powerful presence was stirring dimensional turbulence as they rushed here. Apart from the demons, the Pentashade Dragon Kings, the Void Behemoth, and the Golden Fleet had all turned their eyes and observation equipment in that direction. All of them could feel that the newcomer was a being that did not lose out to them.

But why is it so small?

Before anyone could find the answer to that conundrum, the Void was twisted to its limits—the newcomer was about to enter their field of vision. They were arriving.

"Although two Legions working together can't chase off the three other factions, we would definitely take the initiative!"

Saluka could not help being excited inwardly. Though demons were formidable, the other factions were not weak, and not all civilizations in different worlds would allow the Abyss to invade whimsically. There were some who could defeat demonic legions in direct battle, dealing heavy losses upon them—still, those were single Legions most of the time, and it was a completely different concept for two Legions working together and a single one fighting alone.

Sensing that the substantial presence of devastation was rapidly closing in, Saluka's mind was getting elated by every pa.s.sing moment. It had already thought about its next move: first, they would subjugate the Pentashade Dragon Kings that had only brought a bunch of cannon fodder. Those two may possess brute power, but the dragons serving them were mostly slaughtered by the Seven G.o.ds Church from the world of Mycroft, and were virtually commanders without armies. Then, they would pressure the Void Behemoth—although others would fear the Behemoths style of retaliation by going to their transgressors' world to spread spores which produced warped beings, the demons were completely unafraid, and would even happily welcome them. As for the Golden Fleet, it would be just fine to ignore them since they numbered so few.

The distortion had ended, and the newcomer revealed their true face. The Insectoid Demon General looked toward that direction excitedly, believing that it would find the Magma Fleet's imposing overture as they sailed swiftly.

But what appeared before Saluka was a tiny white airs.h.i.+p.

It had arrived.

Soul Of Searing Steel 618 Not Reinforcements

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