Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please Chapter 278.3

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Chapter 278.3: The Little Thing Who Is Asking For It

Hearing that, the little toddler followed Qing Yu's gaze to look and said through pouting lips. “He will naturally wake up when it's time for him to do it. He must have benefitted quite a lot being by Mistress' side all this time and every time he falls into a deep sleep, it means he will become stronger.”

“Heh, but this fellow is digesting it really slowly though. It took him more than a month when he devoured a human soul last time and he might very well need a year before he will come awake this time.”

Qing Yu's eyes flashed with a glint as something came to her mind immediately. Her eyes narrowed up as she said in a suspicious voice: “You said he devoured a human soul, what does that mean?”

Realizing that he just said something that he shouldn't have, the little toddler quickly clamped his mouth tightly shut and shook his head vehemently: “It's nothing really, that wasn't anything at all.”

“If I remember correctly, the first time Little Burrow woke up, I seemed to be able to detect a certain evil spirit presence from him. I was thinking that it was rather strange how such a haughty and arrogant fella could possibly do something like devour another spirit to make himself stronger.”

Speaking up till that point, Qing Yu's lips then curved up into a strange knowing smile: “Could you have possibly cajoled him into it?”

Qing Yu's mind was really just too quick and it was impossible to hide it from her.

Seeing that, the little toddler could only let out a long resigned sigh as he hung his head and said: “It was me. But I just wanted to help him! As a weapons spirit, how could he always be so useless and allow MIstress to get hurt?”

Qing Yu harrumphed with cold indignantation. “You've really got it all planned out completely haven't you? You made use of Little Burrow to come test my limits so that you will then be able to continue to devour other spirit souls to strengthen yourself freely and unfettered on your own haven't you? This body that you have now must have been gained throughout shortcuts like that as well isn't it! ?”

As far as she knew, through the records written about the Earth Fire Devil Vine, she had never come across anything that said they were able to attain spirit consciousness and gain a physical body.

But this particular stalk of Earth Fire Devil Vine here just had to be different from all the others. He first managed to drink her blood to attain his own spirit consciousness, and then constantly devoured spirit souls to make himself become stronger. It was thought that none among all horticulture species would be able to suppress him now.

This little thing here, although he was just like a small young child, he looked rotund and seemed rather lovable.

But hidden under that seemingly harmless looking flesh sh.e.l.l, was a demon that had lived more than three thousand years. So how could that naive and gullible Little Burrow possibly be able to outsmart such a conniving devil?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please Chapter 278.3

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