The Famous Millionaire Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: Chapter 131

At that moment Hyunwoo's eyes opened wide.

Why did he mention Hyunwoo's Mom suddenly?

Youngsu was as much surprised, but he was surprised for a different reason.

It was a pleasant surprise, of course.

"How do you know about 'Hyunwoo's Mom'?" asked Youngsu.

Jaeyol Song's face brightened because Youngsu's reply implied he knew very well.

"It's not a restaurant but a food factory. They supply breakfast boxes to our sister company Aurum. It's like a breakfast box factory," said Youngsu, touching Hyunwoo on the shoulder.

Hyunwoo wished he wouldn't do so, but it was wishful thinking.

Youngsu introduced Hyunwoo proudly, "This guy's name is Hyunwoo Jang."

Jaeyol's eyes widened in shock, and he looked at Hyunwoo as if he was a treasure.

Then, he changed his speaking manner, "Do you mean Mr. Hyunwoo Jang's mother is running that factory?"

"Yes, she started doing it since Aurum entrusted her with supplying the breakfast boxes."

"Oh, I see. Then, the 'angel without a face' related to Ansan High School is Mr. Hyunwoo Jang's mother."

Youngsu tilted his head a bit. Of course, he was aware that there were many things happening with respect to the food poisoning incident and the angel without a face played a big role.

Little did he think, however, that the angel without a face was Hyunwoo's mother.

He then looked at Hyunwoo as if he wanted to ask what really happened.

Hyunwoo let out a very brief sigh. It was only a matter of time before people found out the whole truth. And even if it was revealed, there would be nothing more to add. His mother promised she would supply food to several schools in Ansan without making any profits.

"Yes, that's right. She is my mother," said Hyunwoo.

"Oh, what a coincidence! I'm so glad to meet you like this. Actually, I was going to inquire here and there to find it out. If you are available now, can I talk with you for a minute?"

Hyunwoo said, smiling brightly, "How about this? Let's do give and take on each side."

"Oh, you mean a deal? Sure. What can I do for you? Ah! You said you're here to see this producer. Hey, Producer Kim, can you help this man?" said Jaeyol, turning to Producer Kim. Jaeyol's idle informal speech suggested they were close friends.

Youngsu's face brightened at that moment, but Hyunwoo murmured 'Oh my goodness!' in his heart. In fact, there were many things he wanted to ask for in return of revealing the ident.i.ty of the angel without a face like airing the KO.VE. dream feature production that Kw.a.n.gsoo Han of Real Film was currently making in Vietnam or covering of the convention of trade exhibition both in Vietnam and Korea.

Without knowing Hyunwoo's intention, however, Youngsoo focused on securing the sponsors.h.i.+p of the upcoming soap opera studio set.

What if Hyunwoo brought up other topics? Jaeyol might wash his hands of it. In Hyunwoo's mind, the KO.VE. dream project and the trade exhibition deal was too big for a producer to handle.

Alright. Let's focus on the sponsors.h.i.+p for s.p.a.ce Design for now. I can take care of other projects when I get to cultivate a network in this field.

While Hyunwoo was thinking, Jaeyol kept nudging Producer Kim in the ribs.

Eventually, Producer Kim replied favorably, with a hearty laugh, "Hahaha. Got it, man. All reporters like you are crooked anyway."

"Did you just realize that? I really think you should help these men. Do you think just anyone can earn the t.i.tle of an "angel without a face?"

Jaeyol persuaded Producer Kim, who also seemed to be interested in the words "angel without a face."

"You keep talking about the angel without a face. What is it?"

Jaeyol told him about the incident related to Ansan High School. It had already been a month since the story first broke out, so it was out of the public attention now.

Jaeyol came to hear about it by chance and immediately found out it was a big scoop, so he began to look into it quickly so that he could report about it before the winter vacation was over.

Youngsu, who was listening to Jaeyol quietly, smacked Hyunwoo's back with his open hand.

"Yea, I was right. I already knew it when the inspection team of the general affairs department of Aurum returned empty-handed after thoroughly inspecting the factory of Hyunwoo's Mom."

"Inspection team of the general affairs?" asked Jaeyol, keenly interested.

Youngsu didn't hide anything. He even said that the real purpose of the inspection team was to find Hyunwoo's weakness to use it as a pretext to send him to the Seoul headquarters of s.p.a.ce Design.

Only then did Hyunwoo express regret about it.

"To be honest, you went too far, didn't you?" demanded Hyunwoo.

"Well, that was inevitable at the time. Don't feel so bad about it," said Youngsu.

Jaeyol cut in, taking side with Youngsu, as if he found it an interesting occurrence, "Yea, I agree with him. Please try to understand him. It's happening everywhere. I think that's very interesting."

Producer Kim, standing next to them, focused on the dialogue between Hyunwoo and Youngsu. The more he heard about it, the more he got interested.

And then Producer Kim asked, "I can't understand. Why did you disguise her ident.i.ty as the angel without a face when she's doing such a good thing?"

Hyunwoo couldn't reveal that she would be physically overwhelmed, so he said figuratively,

"Well, that's her nature. She just wants to do it because she likes it, and she doesn't want her name known to the general public. That's it."

"Oh my G.o.d! I just can't believe there is such a wonderful person like her in our society," said Producer Kim, with admiration.

Jaeyol seconded, prodding on him again, "I told you so, dude. When everything goes well for people like that, our country becomes better. So, try to help them as much as you can. It's going to add your credit, anyway."

Producer Kim nodded, but he wore a perplexed expression on his face.

"Well, I already had a sponsor offer from another company to sponsor the same items."

"Exactly the same?"

"Yes, I think so. They want to design the whole studio set and supply the necessary furniture."

Hyunwoo was shocked to hear that, for he couldn't believe it.

Selling the whole package of designing the studio and supplying the necessary furniture was the core of s.p.a.ce Design's sales strategy.

Does someone else have the same sales idea as mine? Hyunwoo thought.

Of course, it was possible, but not common.

Suddenly Hyunwoo smelled something fishy about it.

He cautiously asked, "Can you tell me about the name of the company?"

"I don't exactly remember the name as I had several requests from other people. Wait a minute. I guess I had his business card. Oh, I found it." Producer Kim searched for something in the pocket and found a business card.

Checking it out, Hyunwoo was astonished.

"What the heck is this? a.s.sistant Manager Koh Younghwan? Was this the company that offered him a job after he quit Aurum?"

Not only the name Younghwan but also the name of the company was also familiar to him.

Design Room? Where did I hear it?

Suddenly, Byungwon's face came to his mind. It was Design Room that hired him with good hiring conditions.

I heard he joined Design Room as one of its founding members.

If that's the case, Design Room was recently founded at about the same time that s.p.a.ce Design was founded. He wanted to call Byungwon right then but stopped and decided that he would call later when he was alone.

Jaeyol, who was listening to the conservation between Hyunwoo and Producer Kim quietly, asked Producer Kim, "Then, have you already signed the contract?"

"No, not yet. As it's a very good sponsors.h.i.+p, I approved orally. I feel rather uncomfortable to break my promise, even if it's a verbal one."

"No problem. You can get a dual sponsors.h.i.+p," said Jaeyol.

In other words, Jaeyol was suggesting that he get the dual sponsors.h.i.+p as he might need several studios to shoot the soap opera, and Producer Kim could entrust s.p.a.ce Design with one of them.

With a smile, Producer Kim nodded and said, "Not a problem. Are you willing to offer sponsors.h.i.+p under such conditions?"

Park Youngsu quickly interfered, and then took out some studio design samples to show to Producer Kim.

"These are the samples we're going to provide for the studio."

It was a very luxurious room with lots of furniture and a perfect atmosphere.

Nodding his head, Producer Kim said, "Good. If you change a bit, it could be perfect for our sitcom studio set."

"Great. Please give me the script of the sitcom soap opera. Our designers will design something befitting your show. Then, you can pick one that you want."

"Sure, will do."

"Given the choice, a.s.sign them to the studio that you want. I told you already about it. People like these men should be given priority. And you had better save my face," said Jaeyol, nudging him in the rib.

Producer Kim grinned and nodded,

"Great. Take a look at the script and choose the studio you want. Let me a.s.sign it to your care."

Hyunwoo and Youngsu high-fived as if they were greatly satisfied.

Though they didn't get the whole studio set, they still felt it was a big success to get the studio set with the most sales impact.

"By the way, I know several producers. If you want it, I can introduce you to them, so that you can secure additional sponsors.h.i.+ps," said Producer Kim.

The Famous Millionaire Chapter 131

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