The Famous Millionaire Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: Chapter 159

Appearing in the Dream Korea program, Hyungbok argued that the KOVE DREAM team was fake, claiming at the same time that Dream Korea was the genuine team. He also expressed confidence that the quality of the product would prove which team was genuine.

Seoul Broadcasting's special feature Dream Korea was a single piece, not a series like KOVE DREAM, but its impact was powerful. The homepages of Korea Broadcasting and Seoul broadcasting were overflowing with the viewers' feedback, and the most popular real-time search words on the internet were ‘KOVE DREAM' and ‘Dream Korea.'

In Hyunwoo's eyes, it was clear which side was true or fake. But the viewers got confused, and all the more so because he put the priority on the concept of patriotism in KOVE DREAM.

The purpose of KOVE DREAM was for the Korean businessmen in Vietnam to join hands for common prosperity, but the Dream Korea program emphasized that KOVE DREAM was fanning division of the Korean community in Vietnam.

Hyunwoo might rightly have been enraged, but he didn't because the content of the Dream Korea were simply absurd.

He called Jaeyol Song with Korea Broadcasting.

“Hi, Jaeyol. Looks like Seoul Broadcasting is crazy. How can they be so mean? Obviously, they must have found the problem while covering Dream Korea, right?”

“Absolutely. I'm just stunned at the moment,” said Jaeyol.

Jaeyol was as much perplexed as Hyunwoo but seemed to understand the position of Seoul Broadcasting a bit.

“I guess they have some reason,” said Jaeyol.

“What is it?” asked Hyunwoo.

“As the Dream Korea program was so ridiculous, I checked with some of the people and found out that the chief of the current affairs team of Seoul Broadcasting is consumed with ambition. As he was outdone by his counterparts of Korea Broadcasting and World Broadcasting often, he was determined to beat them this time by producing a sensational program, which was the Dream Korea project.”

“How stupid he is! The truth will prevail soon, and the image of Seoul Broadcasting will be greatly affected, I think,” said Hyunwoo.

“No, not at all. If you look into the program, there is nothing that Seoul Broadcasting will take responsibility for. They just broadcasted the episodes of Korean businessmen in Vietnam.”

That was true.

At the end of the program the narrator reminded the viewers about the purpose of the program:

Jaeyol continued, “Though Seoul Broadcasting didn't clearly point it out, obviously they wanted to suggest to the viewers that KOVE DREAM sowed the seeds of division, and Korea Broadcasting was helping fan the division.”

“How ridiculous!”

“That doesn't matter. The thing is whether the viewers believe it or not. That's where the role of the press weighs in. The press has to tell the truth as it is, but when they twist it to their liking, the truth is distorted. I don't know how to solve this problem.”

“Brother Jaeyol, I think we need a subsequent program to clarify our position,” said Hyunwoo.

“No, no, that will only backfire,” said Jaeyol.

“I guess the Castor Dream Team will work,” said Hyunwoo.

“Wow, that's a good idea. Why didn't I think of that?”

“In fact, I have a business trip to Vietnam next week. Let me come back with one of the Castor Dream Team. If he comes forward for clarification of the KOVE DREAM team, it will be of great help.”

“Wonderful idea. We have to embrace Dream Korea team rather than blame them.”

“Of course. Let me give it a little more thought in Vietnam.”

After the call, Hyunwoo began to ponder over what was the best way.

How can I put out a clarification broadcast intended to embrace them?

In the meantime, the phone kept ringing.

Mostly the callers made an inquiry about the truth of the KOVE DREAM team or made complaint calls. At the same time, many of them called for sample inquiries.

Hyunwoo spent most of his time on the KOVE DREAM project with Kyungsu and Sanggyu taking charge of the business of Ani & Funny. While taking care of the export and import doc.u.ments in person, Hyunwoo taught the staff about the practice of trade.

Juhwan's friends were smart without any exception. They were enthusiastic about understanding their work even by purchasing professional publications on trade.

Thanks to their pa.s.sion for learning, Hyunwoo took great delight in teaching them.

But there was a problem.

“In fact, our office is too narrow. We don't have the s.p.a.ce for putting aside the files.”

“Let's pile them inside the warehouse for now.”

“Even the warehouse is small. It's okay for now, but when we have a large load of products here, there will be no more s.p.a.ce to put them here.”

Hyunwoo felt the same way. He felt there would be a big change after the special program KOVE DREAM team was broadcast but didn't expect such a drastic change beforehand.

He quickly asked a realtor friend of his to look for an office with a warehouse.

There were many such offices for sale with different sizes and s.p.a.ces.

Hyunwoo looked around them with Jaegyong Kang and picked one of them.

“I like this place,” said Hyunwoo.

It was a warehouse not far from the retail warehouse of N&C Korea.

Though it was a bit old, it was at least four times as s.p.a.cious as the warehouse of N&C Korea. The location was excellent as there was an empty lot beside it.

“Okay, let's take this one. We can move the container house to the empty lot and use it as an office,” said Hyunwoo.

After Hyunwoo chose the lot, he asked the realtor to get a discount on the sales price.

The contract was done easily. Hyunwoo asked Sangkon, the builder he trusted, to renovate the place and entrusted Jaegyong and Sungrak with the rest of the work.

Three days later on Sunday, Hyunwoo met Kyungsu early in the morning to fly to Ho Chi Mihn City in Vietnam. Right next to Hyunwoo were Jinhon Kwak and Angela.

Jinhon didn't lose his hold of Angela's hand while they were heading for the airport.

Even when he arrived at the airport, he held her hand until he went through the boarding process.

“Boarding time, Angela. You may leave now,” said Jinhon.

“When can you bring me back here?” asked Angela.

“Sooner or later,” said Jinhon, letting go his hold of her hand. Though Jinhon didn't want to let her go, she had to leave Korea, for now, to avoid staying in Korea as an illegal alien.

“Go and study Korean hard, okay? Let me study English hard, too.”

As if she understood what he said, she nodded. And then Hyunwoo, Kyungsu and Angela boarded the plane bound for Ho Chi Minh City.

At Tan Son Nhat Airport, two staff members sent by Sungji Na, president of N&C in Vietnam, waiting for Hyunwoo's entourage. One of them looked like a porter, and the other was a Vietnamese woman in her 20s.

She was fluent in English.

“h.e.l.lo! My name is Zumh An.”

“Wow, you're beautiful!” exclaimed Kyungsu gently.

In Hyunwoo's eyes, she was a beauty, wearing the traditional Vietnamese costume Aojai.

With a smile, she said, “Thank you” in Korean.

“Oh, do you speak Korean?”

“Hardly. I speak only a few Korean words.”

And then she replied in English, “Let me escort you. And the president told me he felt sorry he couldn't come here. He said he was planning to come, but couldn't because of his appointment with a high-ranking Vietnamese official.”

“Not a problem. Actually, I have some personal business to do in downtown Ho Chi Minh City before going to N&C. Are you familiar with the city?”

“Sure. I was born and grew up here. Where shall I guide you first?”

“I'd like to visit Ho Chi Minh University first.”

When he was in Korea, Hyunwoo got Yu Zuung's cell phone number, the beautiful lady Hyunwoo had met before. And he informed her he would see her during his business trip there.

Zuung picked up Hyunwoo's phone call, waiting for Hyunwoo's entourage with her friends.

“Please come into the school,” said Zuung.

In fact, Zumn An was also a graduate of the university.

Zuung introduced her friends to Hyunwoo. They were all her seniors majoring in animation.

Poking Zuung in the ribs gently, her friends asked her something in Vietnamese, and on such occasions, she made a gesture suggesting she was not his boyfriend.

Hyunwoo just giggled, while Kyungsu was completely carried away with her stunning beauty.

They headed to a coffee shop nearby.

When they sat on the sofa, Zuung introduced her seniors one by one. Per Hyunwoo's request, she selected the best students in the animation department.

They already heard from Zuung that they were supposed to be engaged in Hyunwoo's animation a.s.signments.

Hyunwoo said, “I'd like to give you some animation a.s.signments. Of course, let me provide the office and equipment necessary for your work, and I can a.s.sure you I'll pay for your work enough.”

That's what they heard from Zuung, so they felt rea.s.sured now.

“By the way, I have to test your abilities first. Only those who pa.s.s the test will be joining us,” said Hyunwoo, pointing to Kyungsu.

Unable to understand English or Vietnamese, Kyungsu was not focusing, but surprised when Hyunwoo and the students looked at him suddenly.

“Sooner or later I'm going to set up a branch of Ani & Funny here. One of you will be its CEO, and the rest will be full-time staff,” said Hyunwoo.

“Setting up the branch here?”

“One of us will become its CEO?

The Famous Millionaire Chapter 160

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