The Famous Millionaire Chapter 179

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Chapter 179: Chapter 176

BNB people were totally enraptured by Zuung. It seemed as if they lowered their guard as the contract was already signed.

Actually, they didn't understand Myunghoon's question a moment ago. Batting their eyes, they looked at him, but their jaws dropped when they realized something serious.

“What? What the heck are you talking about now? You already signed the contract.”

“I think I got confused a bit. Sorry to say this, but I would like to cancel the contract. I would like to continue to work with Hyunwoo.”

“That's nonsense! As you know, the contract carries 100 million won in signing bonus. Do you know how much you have to pay for the breach of the contract?”

BNB people threatened Myunghoon now, which made his face hardened a bit.

“You have not wired the money yet. Why should I pay a cancellation charge?”

“This contract is effective as soon as we sign it. If you cancel it, we'll formally ask for the cancellation charge,” they said with a high-handed manner.

Hyunwoo then stepped in and said, “As far as I know, the hiring contract that presupposes cancellation charge is illegal under the Labor Standard Law. And if you threaten him with the illegal clause, you will be charged with blackmail. Are you aware of that?”

“Bulls.h.i.+t! Why is the cancellation charge illegal?”

Instead of replying Hyunwoo took out his cell phone and put it on the table.

“Now, I'm going to record your conversation under mutual agreement. Please go ahead and make the case for the cancellation charge if you think it's not illegal.”

And then he rea.s.sured Myunghoon, “Don't worry. There is nothing like the cancellation charge.”

BNB people's faces grew pale. They were agonized for a while, just looking at each other, but they could not find any good solution.

After all, they suddenly stood up and said, “This is just nonsense. How can you be so mean? You broke the contract by using a beautiful woman to tempt Myunghoon. Do you have any conscience?”

Then they left the scene, saying, “You won't get away with this!”

Hyunwoo just smiled as if he was struck dumb with their nonsensical behavior.

When Hyunwoo turned to Myunghoon who was looking at Zuung. It was clear he lost his heart to her already.

Hyunwoo felt a sting in the heart at the drop of a hat. He guessed BNB people's criticism was not that absurd. He even thought that the main reason Myunghoon canceled the contract was because of her.

So, he cautiously asked Myunghoon, “Don't care about them at all. What's important is your own decision. By the way, why did you cancel the contract suddenly? Because of Zuung? You don't say?”

Hyunwoo wished that's not the reason. She had to go back to Vietnam, and as of now, he had no plan to bring her here. Though she was talented in creating animation characters, her presence in the office here would obstruct the staff's work.

Looking at his facial expression, however, Hyunwoo felt he changed his mind because of her.

“Not necessarily, brother. Over the long run, I would like to work with you. And I felt I might be used and then kicked out by BNB at the end of the day,” said Myunghoon, scratching his head.

Nonetheless, he cast a glance at her again, and Zuung was looking at him for some time.

Myunghoon must have misunderstood her for that reason.

Blus.h.i.+ng his face, Myunghoon said, “In fact, I am really anxious to work with Zuung, too, as she says she is interested in me…I would like to join the office of Ani & Funny in Ansan on this occasion.”

Wearing somewhat perplexed expression, Hyunwoo said, “I feel sorry, man.”

Myunghoon was embarra.s.sed instantly because he realized Hyunwoo was also unmarried.

“Is she your girlfriend, brother?”

Sensing what he was trying to find out, Hyunwoo made a hearty laugh and said, “Hahaha. That's not what I mean. You know I have a girlfriend, right?”

“Then, why did you say you felt sorry?”

“As you know, she is a Vietnamese lady, and she works at the Vietnamese branch of Ani & Funny. Even if you join the team in Ansan, you can't work with her.”

“Really? She works in Vietnam?” retorted Myunghoon with an embarra.s.sed look.

But he soon calmed down and continued, “Well, it can't be helped anyway. We will meet someday if we are destined to. Still, I don't want to change my decision. In fact, I've been agonizing since I decided to move to BNB, so I kept delaying until this morning. And you said Ani & Funny would make a great success. You promise you will give me as much compensation as BNB, right?”

“Of course. I can't guarantee anything between you and Zuung, but I can guarantee you an increase in your salary. You'll never regret your decision later.”

They held their hands tightly.

Looking at them, Zuung made a happy smile.

Originally, Hyunwoo planned to come down to Ansan after seeing Myunghoon briefly. But Myunghoon seemed to feel so sorry she had to depart early. So, Hyunwoo and Zuung spent more time with him, having dinner and chatting until late into the night, when they drove back to Ansan.

The next day Zung handed Hyunwoo several pieces of paper. She created the characters suitable for the new story overnight.

Turning over the paper one by one Hyunwoo checked out the characters. Some of them were detailed enough to show the fine hair.

The more he looked at her drawings, the wider he opened his eyes. Every drawing had a distinct character of its own. For example, she emphasized the beauty and colorfulness of a delicate drawing. As for simple drawings, she emphasized the cuteness and comical nature of the characters.

“Nice job! Excellent!” said Hyunwoo.

He wanted to take them to the office for Kyungsu and Sanggyu's review, but he had no time as she was supposed to board the plane early afternoon.

“The back seat is more comfortable for you,” said Hyunwoo when she got in his car.

“I love the seat beside you. I was in the back seat yesterday because I focused on drawing.”

Zuung took the pa.s.senger seat right beside him.

“By the way, what do you make of Myunghoon?”

“Oh, Myunghoon? He seemed a very fine man. He is much more capable than I thought.”

“What I mean is your feelings about him as your potential boyfriend. He seems to be pretty interested in you. How about you?”

“Well, I never gave it a thought. Anyway, he is not my style. I love a man like you, You like a challenge, you have moral integrity and you're kind-hearted.”

“I told you I have a girlfriend.”

“That's why I fell for you. You are the first man who confidently told me you had a girlfriend. I like a man like you who are honest and confident.”

Hyunwoo was at a loss for words. Actually, he reminded her that he had a girlfriend, so she could give him up once and for all, but that made her all the more attracted to him.

“You have not married yet. Someone says n.o.body knows the relations.h.i.+p between a man and a woman until they get married. Who knows you might be my sweetheart by next spring?”

Stunned, Hyunwoo turned his head and looked at her.

She also seemed surprised by what she told him. She quickly raised her hands to cover her face and then stuck out her tongue. That looked more attractive to him.

Hyunwoo felt his heart was pounding quickly.

d.a.m.n it. This is not what I intended.

He was enraptured by her beauty, and he knew little about her.

Taking a deep breath, Hyunwoo tried to calm down.

Give it prudent thought. I've got lots of time. I think I'm bewitched by her beauty.

While driving to the airport, Zuung spoke to him all along as if to brighten the awkward atmosphere, but Hyunwoo hardly reacted. The more he reacted, the more he felt he was trapped by her.

So, he just focused on talking shop.

“When you go to Vietnam, try drawing more characters of Tuti & Angelica. I want to change them to yours.”

“In that case, it will be a completely different story.”

“Doesn't matter as it's a free story. I can change it into something like ‘Season Two' without any issue.”

“Got it.”

As soon as she flew back to Vietnam, he came back to the office and showed her drawings to Kyungsu and Sanggyu.

As expected, both of them had a surprised expression.

“Wow, they feel really good.”

“I thought she was just a stunning beauty, but I now see that she is really capable.”

“Is she really excellent?”

At his asking Kyungsu and Sanggyu agreed, giving him a thumbs up.

“She is the best. At least in terms of creating the characters she is better than Jihoon.”

Jihoon admitted she was one cut above.

“How could she think of drawing such characters? I really can't do better than her no matter how hard I try.”

“She is pretty and capable. She is like a real gem to us!”

Hyunwoo's mind went seesaw when every staff praised her ability.

Can I bring her here to join us?

He conjured up the image of her working with the staff in the office. And then he recalled what she told him in the car.

“Who knows you might be my sweetheart by next spring?”

The Famous Millionaire Chapter 179

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