The Famous Millionaire Chapter 183

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Chapter 183: Chapter 178

Watching Jinhon fully gaining confidence, Jinyoung felt strongly motivated.

In fact, Jinyoung had some bad memories related to his trouble with Taesoo Ahn.

He murmured, clenching his teeth, “I've been sucked in by him up until now, but I'm going to change everything from now on. And I'll take back my people I lost to him.”

“Taking back your people?”

“In fact, I had three competent managers working for me. I regarded them as brothers.”

Actually, they shared the same fate with Jinyoung even before he became famous. They were integral to helping him enter the US entertainment market, but the thing was that two of his former managers were now working for Taesu.

“AT Entertainment scouted them away, right?”

Jinyoung agreed, nodding in regret, “But I don't feel bitter towards them. As you pointed out, I was too aggressive in my investment strategy. That's why I continued to be hara.s.sed with debts even when I made a big success. I didn't pay my managers commensurate salary because of that. It's only natural that they switched to another management company.”

“Right. They have the right to choose. If they want, they can freely move. So, you can take them back when you come back successfully.”

Hyunwoo then told him about the US beverage company that signed a contract to buy the rights to use the characters of ‘Duckling Fly.'

That meant a lot to him.

It was not a matter of royalties alone. The US company's offer itself suggested that the song was getting popular in the US market. It could be that Jinyoung's successful comeback was just around the corner.

Jinyoung's face became red with excitement.

“I can't afford to sit idle like this. I've got so many things to take care of before I go to the United States.”

“Tell me anything you need. Let me help you.”

“I see there are some good songs composed by Jinhon, so I'm putting finis.h.i.+ng touches on them now. I think making a single alb.u.m with a mix of Duckling Fly and some other songs will be more effective in the US market. You can financially back me up, okay?”

Suddenly, Hyunwoo thought of some other musicians who could join, “Why don't we join several more singers for collaboration with Jinhon?

“As you know, we're in the blacklist of AT Entertainment. I doubt if any known singer can join us. And I can't use a new singer.”

“I know some guys.”

“Who are they?”

“You don't know them even if I mention their names. Why don't you go with me to see them?”

Both of them drove to an apartment complex in Karak-dong. When Hyunwoo pressed the b.u.t.ton on the door of an apartment unit, someone came out.

Jinyoung was stunned at the moment, and Jinhon and Angela were even more surprised. The man standing before them was giant, black, and looked like a fighter. It was Raymon. After he received a call from Hyunwoo, Raymon brought his friends with him.

Jinyoung heard listened to their song on the spot.

“Good. Raymon's voice is impressive. If he chooses a song well, he can hit the jackpot.”

“I know one more person. She is excellent at dancing with a good appearance. You might know her.”

“Appearances and dancing are two good elements of success. If she is really talented in dancing, we have to scout her right away. Do I know her already?”

“Do you remember Yuni of Hey Girls?”

It was a real eye-opener to Jinyoung.

“Yuni? Soyun Han? Where is she now?”

Given his reaction, Jinyoung knew her very well.

He wanted to rush to her immediately, but it was late in the evening.

The next morning Jinyoung rushed Hyunwoo as soon as the day broke. Jinhon and Angela also had to hurry up as early as 7 am.

When Jinyoung arrived at the alternative music school where Soyun was a teacher, he searched for her.

She was outside the cla.s.sroom, taking a walk alone and fully enjoying spring in the air.

“Soyun!” called Jinyoung in an excited voice.

But she didn't greet him gladly. Rather, she turned her head and avoided him.

Hyunwoo watched them from a distance. Jinyoung pa.s.sionately tried to persuade her, but she kept distancing herself from him. That kind of tense moment lasted about 30 minutes.

After all, Jinyoung didn't get what he wanted.

“Did you fail to persuade her?”

“She said she is scared.”

“Taesu Ahn?”

“Not only Taesu but also the public. She seems scared about going back to the entertainment world.”

Hyunwoo could understand her position. She was once the top star before Taesu ruined her career overnight with the false s.e.x scandal. No matter how much she argued she was honorable, she couldn't afford to confront the icy reaction of the public.

He felt sorry for her. How could she meet such a womanizer like Taesu and have her career ruined completely like that?

Hyunwoo wanted to help her. Though he could not punish Taesu, he wanted to take down the heavy tent of Taesu Ahn that had been pressing on her life up to now.

“That happened a long time ago, as you know. It's time you overcame her bitter memories.”

“No matter how hard I tried, she was not persuaded. It looks like she's terrified to even about the camera.”

The more he heard about her story, the more heartbroken Hyunwoo was. Why should she continue to live like that? If he were in her shoes, he would fight with him to the end.

“As you've come as far as here, why don't you meet the students here? I think there are many talented students here,” said Hyunwoo.

“Sounds good,” replied Jinyoung feebly. Obviously, he felt it so regretful that he couldn't persuade Soyun, but his gloomy expression brightened after he met some talented students at Jinhon's introduction. In particular, he praised Suljun Kim, the excellent dancer, who had also impressed Hyunwoo with his dancing.

“Wow, he is much, much better than me as a dancer. The best idol dance I have ever seen!”

“Thanks,” said Suljun, feeling on top of the world.

“Won't you work with me?”

“Really? Of course, I will. I'll really work hard.”

Suljun replied without any hesitation, and Jinyoung had him sign the contract on the spot.

Of course, his management company was Ani & Funny.

“Go and get your parents' consent. And then come with me to Seoul. You can stay with Jinhon at the lodge I arranged.”

Actually, Suljun's parents lived in Seoul.

Jinyoung was engrossed in his business plan inside Hyunwoo's minivan, pondering over how best to use Raymon and his friends as well as Suljun.

At Seoul Plaza, the first KoreVietnam trade fair was held with great success. It was initially not what Hyunwoo planned. He felt at most a few dozen companies would partic.i.p.ate, but when the trade fair opened, as many as 300 companies attended it.

Most of them were from KOVE DREAM or Dream Korea. Some of them formed a consortium of their own, and some companies set up their own booths inside the plaza.

The Korean people and domestic companies also showed an enthusiastic response.

What they were most interested in was which team was the genuine dream team, regardless of their purchase of the products.

Their judgment came out easier than expected.

“Oh, this ballpoint pen of KOVE DREAM rolls very softly.”

“It doesn't stain much.”

The visitors praised the quality of KOVE products because its team set the bar high when they selected the hopeful companies for this fair.

That didn't mean that the products of Dream Korea received bad reception. Compared with Chinese products in the same price range, their products were good, but they were far behind, compared with those of KOVE DREAM.

Hyunwoo felt satisfied with the results. His promotional campaign was a success, and the KOVE products made a good impression on the visitors. It would be a matter of time before the partic.i.p.ating companies would see an increase in their product sales, but Hyunwoo could not be content with the success now.

He thought KOVE DREAM's business potential was infinite. There had only been thirteen partic.i.p.ating companies. There were many more companies in Vietnam that didn't partic.i.p.ate in either KOVE or Dream Korea.

What would happen if Hyunwoo rallied all the remaining companies behind KOVE?

But Hyunwoo set the goal higher.

I don't have to limit the partic.i.p.ating companies of KOVE to local Korean companies.

His vision for KOVE was for local Korean and Vietnamese companies to prosper together. Otherwise, KOVE would generate anti-Korean feelings among the Vietnamese people at some point. In order to nip such an anti-Korean mood in the bud, Hyunwoo felt it was necessary to make the continued effort for the common prosperity of the two countries.

He wanted to send technical experts to the local Vietnamese companies to enhance their skills but had no clue how to do it.

The solution was to bring those skilled workers in Korea who had been laid off or looking for jobs to Vietnam.

Hyunwoo felt there should be some mechanism to instill the spirit of challenge in those people.

The trade fair wrapped up successfully.

While heading back to Ansan, Hyunwoo thought about how to increase the size of the KOVE DREAM team, but a group of people suddenly came to visit the office of KOVE in Ansan to meet him.

They were like the gifts G.o.d sent to Hyunwoo.

“We're skilled technicians in special plastic areas. Can we get a job in Vietnam?”

The Famous Millionaire Chapter 183

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