The Famous Millionaire Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: Chapter 210

While Suji was spending time with Jungsu, Hyunwoo was absorbed in serious discussion with Chan Yun about 'Animoon.'

'Animoon' was the tentative t.i.tle of the animation serial site that was to be separated from Story Mecca.

The debate was between Hyunwoo and two team managers who accompanied Chan. One of them, Jaeyun Hong, was a smart guy.

When Chan introduced Jaeyun to Hyunwoo, he said Jaeyun was like a treasure to Story Mecca.

Hyunwoo felt that was true.

“How are you going to generate profits? Are you going to charge the fee per serial like we do in Story Mecca?”

Hyunwoo shook his head at his question.

Actually, he spent lots of time finding out the best solution. And he concluded that billing per serial was not the proper method.

For animation could not have the continuity of a story like genre novels. Like a genre novel, the previous piece of animation should stimulate the readers' curiosity before moving on to the next, but that was impossible because each piece has its own completeness in animation.

That's why Hyunwoo hesitated to switch Garbage World as well as Tuti & Angelica to a paid subscription system despite its popularity.

Besides, he had to take into account the fact that the main consumers of animation were children.

“I think monthly pay is better than billing per piece. We maintain a free members.h.i.+p as the basic system but invite the consumers to pay a premium for high-quality animation works.”

“I think it's better to insert brief ads at the beginning and end of the animation like TV programs. The ads can be as short as ten seconds so the consumers will not feel bored.”

“As for the ads revenues, I think it's good to divide between the owner of the animation and the site administrator at a given ratio.”

As they saw eye to eye, there popped out numerous good ideas among them.

Suddenly, Hyunwoo checked the time on his watch. Already one hour and 30 minutes pa.s.sed quickly.

He thought of Suji, who might be lonely walking inside the department store, waiting for him, but he didn't call her at all.

Phew, that's why I'm blamed all the time.

He left the meeting room on the excuse of going to the restroom then quickly called her.

He heard the bell ringing on Suji's phone, feeling nervous. As soon as she picked up the phone, obviously she would throw a tantrum at his indifferent att.i.tude.

Finally, she answered the phone.

Contrary to his expectation, her voice was cheerful.

“Oh, it's you!”

It looked as if she had a nice att.i.tude. There was a smile on his face because he felt pretty nervous at the moment. He wanted to make an apology first.

“Sorry, my meeting is dragging on.”

“It's alright. Take your time.”

“I think I have to wrap it up quickly as you're there alone…”

“I'm not here alone. I met a college friend, my senior, I'm shopping with him. I'm alright, so don't worry.”

“Really? Good for you. Let me contact as soon as I'm done.”

After the call, he let out a sigh of relief then went back to the meeting.

The meeting lasted more than an hour after that.

Chan left in the middle, saying he had another appointment, and Hyunwoo continued to discuss with Chan's two staff members.

Hyunwoo also stood up at the appropriate time.

“Sorry, but let's wrap up our meeting now. Someone is waiting for me.”

“Got it. Let me write down our discussion today and show it to you.”

After the meeting, he went back to the department store and called Suji.

She was still with Jungsu. Hyunwoo didn't know who he was, but he must be a savior to Hyunwoo.

When he arrived there, however, Hyunwoo felt a bit strange. He even felt tense when he saw the man.

Wow, this guy looks nice.

If Hyunwoo were a woman, he might fall in love because of Jungsu's appearance. Besides the fact that he looked rich, when Suji introduced him, Hyunwoo felt something like an inferiority complex.

“He says he has just been commissioned as a prosecutor. He was a.s.signed to the Hwasung branch of Suwon Prosecutors' Office and is staring working there next week.”

“Oh, you're a prosecutor! My name is Hyunwoo Jang.”

Hyunwoo felt a bit intimidated to hear the word 'prosecutor.'

But Jungsu was a very polite man.

“How do you do? My name is Jungsu Pae. I hear you're two years older than me. Please talk down to me.”

It seemed that Suji told Jungsu about him. He was aware Hyunwoo was the representative of the famous KOVE DREAM and Ani & Funny.

“You're gorgeous!”

“I'm flattered.”

“Let me take my leave now. I was worried as I had lots of stuff to buy, but I think I did the shopping well thanks to Suji. Thanks, Suji.”

Jungsu waved at her, who also waved her hands with that peculiar smile with eyes.

“Thanks, Jungsu. I wasn't bored as you were with me. See you back in Hwasung!”

Hyunwoo looked at both of them.

He felt thankful to Jungsu because he stayed with Suji while he was in the meeting, but at the same time, he felt somewhat uneasy. He felt as if a piece of her heart broke off to join Jungsu's side.

But he shook his head.

d.a.m.n it, this useless inferiority complex. Let me just ignore it.

On Friday in the office of Ani & Funny, Myunghoon called him urgently, pointing to the computer monitor, “Hyunwoo, please take a look at this!”

When he quickly came and checked it out, the serial of Tuti & Angelica in Story Mecca appeared on the monitor. It was Season 2 in which the existing characters were completely changed by Yu Zuung.

The content was also different from the first series. Season 2 took American history as the main material because it was intended for the US market. All the conversations were dubbed in English, to say the least.

The consumers' reaction was remarkable. The number of hits on the first piece of Season 2 was already over one million, and the visitors' replies were overwhelming, totaling already ten thousand.

And the replies were all the more satisfying. Mostly composed in English, they were positive in tone, praising Season 2 for its better quality in terms of characters and content, compared with the previous season.

Hyunwoo looked at Yu Zuung with a satisfied expression. Everybody could claim their credit for the success, but it was thanks to her decisive help that Season 2 could make its debut.

“You deserve the credit, Yu Zuung,” said Hyunwoo.

“I haven't done anything, hohoho,” she answered humbly.

Come to think of it, Hyunwoo never treated her properly since she arrived in Korea. She commuted to the office by riding a bike, and he didn't give her a bonus.

Hyunwoo felt he should pay more attention to her wellbeing.

“I think you deserve the most credit for the success of Season 2. I want to give you a prize. Which prize would be good for you?”

“Really? Let me think about it. Hohoho,” she said with a bright smile.

Her presence in the office brightened the atmosphere, and the male staff were full of enthusiasm to curry favor with her.

I think it was good to have brought her here.

It was time to get off work. Hyunwoo asked the staff to leave work early. He set the example.

“Why don't you get off work now? Let me give you a ride.”

“Oh, I rode a bike to come here.”

“I've got a minivan. So, you can attach it to the back.”

“Got it.”

Then she cleaned her desk and left with Hyunwoo. The male staff looked at him with a look of envy.

In particular, Jihoon and Myunghoon felt jealous. They wished she could feel comfortable about them at least as half as the could toward Hyunwoo.

But Yu Zuung drew a line. Though she smiled at the office staff including Jihoon and Myunghoon, she didn't go further than that.

Sometimes, they wanted to know how she felt about them. She might like Hyunwoo, and she might be hiding her affection for him because of Suji.

But Yu Zuung was too beautiful for Jihoon and Myunghoo to give up yet.

n.o.body knows the relations.h.i.+p between a man and a woman. Let me try my best to the end.

Yu Zuung was taciturn as a rule but talkative whenever she sat next to Hyunwoo.

It might be natural because only Hyunwoo could speak English fluently. Some of the staff could speak some English but not fluently enough to talk with her.

Was that the reason? Her voice was uniquely bright when she was with Hyunwoo alone.

When she got in his minivan today, her voice became bright instantly.

“What are you doing tomorrow, Hyunwoo?”

“I have a date with my sweetheart,” said Hyunwoo brightly.

At that moment, she looked sad suddenly.

“Oh, I see…”

Turning his head toward her, he looked at her.

She seemed composed, but he could clearly notice her mood change.

“What's wrong?”

“No, nothing.”

She smiled brightly again. But Hyunwoo knew her smile was feigned, given the abrupt change in her mood.

“Tell me. What's the matter?”

“Oh, nothing particular. By the way, I think I have to buy a motorbike.”

She changed the topic as if she wanted to change the awkward atmosphere.

“Why? Is your bike too hard to ride?”

“No, I'm scared at night. I can't work late at night in the office.”

That was true. She left work exactly on time these days.

He was afraid to ask why because she would misunderstand he was pus.h.i.+ng her to work at night. Now he seemed to know the reason.

“Don't you think riding a motorbike is dangerous?”

“No, not at all. I used to ride it in Vietnam every day.”

“Sure, let me buy you one as a gift for your coming to Korea. Take care when you ride it.”

“Really? Thanks so much!” said she, folding her hands before her chest and looking at him with a happy look.

The Famous Millionaire Chapter 216

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