The Famous Millionaire Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: Chapter 231

The best gift would be cash rewards. They would like 10,000 won in cash rather than gifts worth 100,000.

But he felt 10,000 won was too low.

“What about lotteries worth 10,000 won?”

“If they fail to win, they are just pieces of waste paper. There are not many who like lotteries,” said Hyonjong.

“What about making the 10,000-won note a lottery?”

“What do you mean?”

“Any note has a serial number on it. So, give them 10,000-note as a lottery ticket. Then draw lots later and let the winners claim the big gifts.”

She thought about his idea and nodded.

“Sounds very good.”

As soon as Hyunwoo and Sonjong decided the basic framework on the free gift, other staff also presented their own feedback.

“We have the customers' information but have yet to sort it out. Also, we have to distinguish between VIP and VVIP members.”

Hyunwoo knew who was the right fit for the job.

“Leave it to a.s.sistant Manager Yenam Noh.”

“Oh, yea, perfect!” said Sonjong with joy, clapping her hands. Though Yenam was not good at dealing with customers, he was excellent in organizing and a.n.a.lyzing data.

As soon as he was a.s.signed, Yenam immediately got down to work.

In the meantime, Sonjong hired two more young cute ladies.

She gave them training on their basic job descriptions related to KOVE DREAM. In particular, she sent them to a professional counseling school, so they could learn how best to deal with customers.

When they came back after training, there was created a VIP event on KOVE DREAM's homepage and Yenam also finished work on VIP customer segmentation.

Based on their purchases for the latest three months, 1000 biggest buyers were selected as VIP members.

The female staff called each of them to check out the level of their satisfaction and then sent them 10,000-notes as lottery tickets when they purchased KOVE items.

Several days later KOVE drew lots for its VIP members. The drawing was done on its internet homepage, and the winning numbers were also announced officially.

When the winners' gifts were known, everybody was surprised.

The top winner's gift was a golden calf weighing 70g. Typically such a golden calf was empty inside, but KOVE's gift was small but stuffed with real gold inside.

KOVE selected ten more winners of the lottery and gave them a golden key weighing 5g.

VIP members' reaction was enthusiastic. All of them said they like the gifts. Those who didn't win the lottery didn't express any big complaints.

Several members presented their own opinion on the lottery event. They argued that the more VIP members purchased, the more lottery tickets they should receive.

For example, if KOVE sends one lottery ticket to its VIP member who makes a purchase of products worth 100 million won, two tickets should be sent to the VIP member who buys products worth 200 million won.

That made sense.

With a smile, Hyunwoo said he would think of such a solution.

As time went by, Hyunwoo felt more at ease. Though he was stressed because of Suji, he felt better now, and KOVE DREAM Blue overcame a big challenge and was stabilizing gradually.

Obviously, the crisis was an opportunity for KOVE. KOVE proved it in the process of creating KOVE DREAM Blue.

There were more than 200 mistakes, but on such occasions, KOVE aggressively addressed them. Even at the risk of big financial damage, KOVE s.h.i.+pped more free gifts to reduce the complaints of its customers.

Thanks to its dedicated efforts, KOVE enhanced its image and as the consumers got the perception that KOVE was a responsible company, its credibility was raised.

Hyunwoo was not satisfied with this, though.

He thought the life of a company was its image, and its image could be further enhanced through publicity. And the best way to realize the promotional effect was through a special TV program in the form of a doc.u.mentary.

He visited Korean Broadcasting to see reporter Jaeyol Song.

Jaeyol greeted him gladly. When he heard about Hyunwoo's idea of a special program, he welcomed it with open hands.

“You're my savior, brother. Actually, I was desperately looking for some exclusive story. Thanks.”

“By the way, I wonder if it's okay to rerun KOVE DREAM programs like this. In fact, I have a couple of program ideas related to KOVE.”

One was about KOVE Blue, and the other was about recruiting technicians.

Without further thought, Jaeyol nodded, “This is about warm stories, as you know. And they are different from the previous programs. I don't see any problem even if we rerun this kind of program.”

“If you okay it, let me notify Real Film about this so that they can prepare in advance.”

“Sure. Just stay tuned. Let me get back to you as soon as I discuss with my boss on this.”

On the occasion of his visit to Seoul, Hyunwoo met producer Mansoo Kim, Dukwoo Jang and his girlfriend Nami Yu.

Nami was pretty excited because her contract with AT Entertainment was finally over. Though she was having a time of restraining herself over the alleged scandal involving Taesu Ahn of AT Entertainment, she was full of determination to recover her lost image and come back.

Hyunwoo also cheered her up.

“Let me give you full support.”

His strong a.s.surance might look like an empty promise in the past, but as the owner of several companies, he could fully support her activities by using Ani & Funny.

“Can I sign a contract with Ani & Funny? As I was completely blocked by AT Entertainment, I wonder if broadcasting companies could accept me.”

“Well, I don't have a good connection in the broadcasting field. But if you want it, I can accept you.”

“Got it. I feel rea.s.sured as I have insurance with you. Hoho.”

After heading back to Ansan, Hyunwoo put spurs to stabilizing KOVE DREAM. He kept hiring people while recruiting technicians who could join the local Korean companies in Vietnam.

In the meantime, he received a call from Jaeyol.

His proposal was a half success.

They didn't adopt his idea on the recruiting of technicians, saying it was the same as the previous one.

“What about KOVE Blue?”

“We have decided to proceed with that as soon as possible. But our managers' reaction was not that enthusiastic this time because this was like a rerun of previous KOVE programs. So, we decided to outsource this program.”

Hyunwoo thought even that was a big success. Without spending a penny on his end, he could enjoy the promotional effects through Korean Broadcasting's special program on KOVE Blue.

“Great. Let me notify Real Film about this with a special request that they should produce it as good as the last one that hit gold.”

“Sounds good.”

After the call, Hyunwoo talked with Kw.a.n.gsu, the head of Real Film, about the new feature project on KOVE Blue.

Hyunwoo felt if Real Film was given the job, it would be much better to produce two programs, namely KOVE Blue and the recruiting of technicians for local Korean companies in Vietnam. Though Korean Broadcasting rejected the one on technician recruiting, they might decide to broadcast it if the program on KOVE Blue generated lots of attention.

And the two programs were inseparable.

Kw.a.n.gsu was of the same opinion.

“I guess the two programs can't be treated as separate, given the nature of the topic.”

“As you know, they could broadcast the program on recruiting technicians only when its commissioned program on KOVE Blue makes a big hit. So, try to produce it better than the last one.”

“Hey, you can't make the program with strong enthusiasm only. The concept of KOVE Blue is very important. Let me think about it more.”

“Got it, brother.”

As soon as he hung up the phone, he began to ponder over the concept.

Several days later, he received a call from a stranger in Vietnam.

The stranger introduced himself first.

“My name is Sungmin Jin, and I run a factory called Dynamic near Ho Chi Minh City.”

As for Dynamic, Hyunwoo once heard about the factory. Recently it joined KOVE Blue, whose products KOVE DREAM was selling in Korea.

As KOVE DREAM was dealing with so many products of its member companies, he could not recall correctly which product it was specializing in.

Sungmin continued, “I am not sure if you remember. My factory is producing tools for family use such as pliers and drivers as well as electric drills.”

Only then did Hyunwoo brighten his face and said, “Yeah, I remember you. There were many people out there, so I couldn't recognize you at that time.”

That was true. More than 100 CEOs tried to exchange name cards with Hyunwoo at the time.

Sungmin must be one of them, of course.

But the purpose of Sungmin's call was not just to say h.e.l.lo to Hyunwoo.

“To be honest with you, I'm a bit disappointed with KOVE DREAM.”

Hyunwoo could figure out why he called. Most of those who were included in KOVE Blue had one complaint in common.

And Hyunwoo's expectation didn't go amiss.

“Why can't our factory join KOVE DREAM with its excellent technical skills? I am really frustrated.”

“Mr. Jin, that's not what I can't judge by myself. I have delegated the criteria for joining KOVE DREAM to the CEOs of local companies in Vietnam with KOVE members.h.i.+p.”

“I know, but it is you who's the central figure of KOVE DREAM. If there is a serious problem in KOVE at the moment, I think you should come forward to fix it.”

“Well, you have just mentioned KOVE's serious problem, but I don't feel it. If you don't like the way KOVE operates, you can defect to a different consortium. As you know, KOVE is a group of interests, not a charity organization. I can't change the application criteria for you,” said Hyunwoo strongly, which made Sungmin flinch.

“It looks like you have misunderstood. I am not dissatisfied with that kind of stuff.”

“Don't beat around the bush. Cut to the point, then. What do you want exactly?”

“Well, my point is that KOVE has no technical capability to judge the products of its member companies. That's the reason why my company has failed to be included in KOVE DREAM.”

Hearing his explanation, Hyunwoo felt as if he had the back of his head hit.

Sungmin's explanation was quite detailed and objective. He was not slandering the capabilities of KOVE DREAM. Obviously, some companies like Dynamic were receiving discrimination despite their excellent technical skills.

Come to think of it, that was understandable.

KOVE DREAM became bigger in size with the increase in member companies, but it was basically a consortium of mid-sized companies. For that reason, there was a clear limitation to their technical capability to judge their fellows' products.

In particular, when it came to the products basically different from those they produced, their judgment tended to be arbitrary because they were not so sure.

That's why they didn't include companies like Dynamic.

When he thought as far as that, Hyunwoo hit upon a good idea at the drop of a hat.

Hyunwoo said to Sungmin, “Why don't you whistleblow it?”

The Famous Millionaire Chapter 237

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