The Famous Millionaire Chapter 254

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Chapter 254: Chapter 248

Hyunwoo just scratched his head. He felt as he had been kicked out by his father.

He didn't feel any regret about it, though. He was just worried that his father might lose his health by being overzealous.

Let me take care of his health more often.

Since then, Hyunwoo visited his father's research room a couple of times per week

In particular, he made sure his father eat dinner by all means.

“Let me wait here until you finish the meal.”

“Oh, you're bothering me too much these days.”

Though he was bothered, he gave in,

Even after the meal Hyunwoo still bothered him.

“You have to have rest at least 30 minutes after eating.”

“I've got something to experiment with. Let me go back quickly.”

“No, you can't. Rest at least 30 minutes. If you don't want me to bother you, you have to take care of yourself well.”

After all, Duyoung gave up. What was important in experimentation was not how long he could do it but the timing of his experiments. If Hyunwoo held him at the right timing of experiment and he couldn't complete his experiments, that would be a big loss to him.

“Okay, son. Let me promise. So, don't hara.s.s me any more.”

“You promise that you will have a meal and go to sleep on time, right? I'll check with mom on this every day.”

“Got it, son.”

Only then did he let go of his father. In order not to be caught by Hyunwoo, he took 30 minutes' rest after a meal and slept at a regular hour.

Hyunwoo found it hard to wrestle with his father on that, too.

It was not just because of his father but because of Yu Zuung.

Ah, I can't wait to see her.

Maybe he wanted to see her to quench his s.e.xual desire.

Whenever he thought of her, he wanted to hold her tight rather than just seeing her. He just thought of her naked body, which turned him on all the more.

He couldn't stand it. He couldn't go to sleep when he thought about her.

But his father stood in the way. If his father would not have given in after three days, Hyunwoo would have done so first.

Finally, he was freed from his father.

Hyunwoo checked out Yu Zuung's schedule immediately.

She is done at eleven tonight. And she starts working at ten am tomorrow.

That was enough. He drove to Seoul early in the morning.

There were lots of people who wanted to see him in Seoul. He split his time to see them from noon till evening during his stay in Seoul.

And when it struck 11 pm, he was done with his appointments for the day and sent her a text message.

His heart began to pound. He quickly bought canned beer and snacks and headed for her studio.

She was waiting for him, in a pretty dress. As the dress was short and too revealing. Apparently, she wanted to tempt him s.e.xually.

He gladly responded. After having some beer, he approached her with the exuse of putting some snacks into her mouth and then got her down quickly.

“Oh my G.o.d, what are you doing?” she whined.

But she was all happy. Though she was pus.h.i.+ng him with both hands, she was actually caressing him.

“Stand still. Let me check out what you're hiding beneath your clothes.”

“What am I hiding? Oops, you're tickling me,” she said, guffawing.

“Look at this! I see you are hiding this good stuff. Let me take it out.”

As if her body were a treasure, he meticulously began to lick her body from head to foot, taking off his clothes piece by piece.

She was also enjoying his touch. Whenever she had a chance she touched his naked body and hugged him very tightly.

Her attraction was too strong, to say the least.

Who said if a woman was too beautiful, she could cause the downfall of a country? He heard that the emperor or king often ruined his country because of a woman.

When he heard such a story in the past, he thought it was no more than an exaggeration.

When he experienced Yu Zuung, however, he felt he could understand it. Once anyone got infatuated with a woman like Yu Zuung, he could not get out of it.

Sometimes, Hyunwoo thought of Suji.

It was not because he missed her. Why didn't he feel any strong longing for her then?

Of course, there was some difference in the situation then. Suji's house was right next to his, so he could see her anytime he wanted. But Yu Zuung was far away in Seoul, and he could not see her anytime.

Obviously, Yu Zuung had some special spell he could not find in Suji.

He carefully checked her schedule, and whenever he had free time, he drove to Seoul to see her and made love to her until he was exhausted.

But as time went on, he saw her less and less. Initially, he saw her every other day, but these days he could not see her twice a week.

It was not because his love of her cooled off. She was simply too busy because of Temptation. The song had finally ranked on top of the music chart. Based on the total rankings of the three major broadcasting companies, Temptation was the top winner.

It also received a good reception in China and j.a.pan.

Thanks to this, Yu Zuung was on a very tight schedule that Hyunwoo could not control at all.

The more popular the song became. The more it generated the viewers' interest in the ident.i.ties of the masked dancers. As expected, one of the dancers Jiah was already identified by netizens.

Now, only two masked dancers were the subject of intense attention. The media was calling for the disclosure of the two.

Hyunwoo weighed that decision.

Can I disclose Yu Zuung first?

At that moment, he received a call from Producer Kwon with Seoul Broadcasting.

Hyunwoo rightly thought of the Ani & Funny program he promised to him, whose production was underway with Kw.a.n.gsu Han, the representative of Real Film, fully engaged as the film director.

But the reason Kwon called him was outrageous. He didn't mention Ani & Funny at all.

“Hyunwoo, I want to ask you about the masked dancers. Can you reveal them to Seoul Broadcasting?”

As for the masked dancers, he already promised to give it to Jaeyol Song with Korean Broadcasting, so there was nothing he could do.

Hyunwoo flatly rejected it.

“Sorry, I can't do so.”

Kwon didn't easily give up. Just like a reporter he persistently kept at it.

But Hyunwoo rejected his request without hesitation.

“Can you stop talking about the masked dancers? It's my judgment call, as you know.”

Only then did Kwon let out a sign and said, “Phew, as you insist, I can't force you anyway.”

But this time Kwon's question was even more preposterous.

“By the way, I've got a question. Do you know anyone who lives in Dongsung Villa?”

Suddenly, he felt a sting in the heart. Dongsung Villa was a place where Yu Zuung had a studio.

On the other hand, Hyunwoo was suspicious about Kwon. Why did he suddenly bring up Dongsung Villa? What's more surprising was Kwon knew he sometimes visited that place.

When Hyunwoo thought as far as that, his eyes sparkled sharply.

Pretending not to know anything about it, Hyunwoo replied, “What the h.e.l.l are you talking about? Dongsung Villa?”

“Well, I had a tipoff that you often visited that place. Do you have a lover there by any chance?”

Hyunwoo felt as if the back of his neck stiffened. Hearing his questions, he felt intimidated. Jaeyol's warning about him was correct.

Now Hyunwoo turned on a recorder, just in case. And he responded in a chilly voice, “I don't care about such a tipoff. I'm just curious why you're so interested in my personal affairs. I don't think you are close enough to me to ask that kind of question.”

At that moment, Hyunwoo felt Kwon flinched. But Kwon cleared his throat and tried to bluff again.

“Don't misunderstand me. As I'm a reporter, I can't stand it. I see lots of beautiful women entertainers at my place, but I've never seen such beauty. Did you see her at Dongsung Villa?”

Hyunwoo's face hardened. His eyes were s.h.i.+ning coldly and the bridge of his nose was slightly trembling. Now Kwon's purpose was clearly to negotiate with him with the threat that he knew Hyunwoo's weak point.

“I think you are wasting your breath. I don't want to talk to you anymore. Let me hang up now.”

“Don't you think if I know about the rumor already, others also know that, too? I'm not going to make a report on that, but others may think differently. Why don't you release the ident.i.ties of the masked dancers to Seoul Broadcasting? Let me try my best to stop the story about Dongsung Villa and your alleged affiliation with the woman there.”

In short, Kwon was threatening him. If Hyunwoo didn't disclose the masked dancers to Seoul Broadcasting, he would let the story about Yu Zuung come out through other outlets.

“I'm very disappointed. In my mind, I gave you a nice scoop for you and Seoul Broadcasting, but you stabbed me in the back like this.”

“Oh, no, this is not a stab in the back. I'm saying this for you. You are going to disclose their ident.i.ties in time, right? If you disclose it to us and forge good relations with us, isn't it good for you and our broadcasting company?”

Kwon tenaciously tried to have Hyunwoo give in, thinking his weak point would force him to do so.

But that was Kwon's miscalculation. Hyunwoo had no reason to reveal his affair with Yu Zuung on purpose, but he wouldn't care even if it was disclosed.

Hyunwoo and Yu Zuung were in love anyway. Hyunwoo would take care of her to the end no matter what happened.

Hyunwoo asked bluntly, “What if I refuse your request?”

“Oh, no. If someone saw me talking with you like this, he would a.s.sume I am trying to negotiate with you regarding your personal affairs.”

“Isn't it that what you're doing now? I think so.”

“No way, how dare I …?”

“Enough. Let me stop there. The thing is I won't reveal their ident.i.ties through Seoul Broadcasting..”

When Hyunwoo said that, Kwon intensified his pressure on him gradually.

But that was something that would bring trouble upon himself. Hyunwoo now gave him an ultimatum.

“I don't know which woman you're talking about now, but just go ahead and reveal her ident.i.ty if you want. I have nothing to do with that.”

Kwon was trying to respond, but Hyunwoo didn't stop yet.

Hyunwoo thought he should give a gift to someone like Kwon who stabbed him in the back for his favor.

And he gave him the gift Kwon deserved.

“I'm going to end my a.s.sociation with Seoul Broadcasting as of today. And I'm going to give my special program on Ani & Funny to Korean Broadcasting.”

Stunned at his announcement, he asked, “Why are you giving the program to Korean Broadcasting?”

The Famous Millionaire Chapter 254

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