The Famous Millionaire Chapter 272

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Chapter 272: Chapter 266

“Why? Is there any change?” asked Hyunwoo.

Hyunwoo quickly went over to his father. What Duyoung pointed at was the data showing an octane rating.

It was marked as 98.99.

Duyoung then showed him another dataset, where the octane rating was ‘92.11' ‘92.13' ‘92.07' etc.

Hyunwoo's eyes opened wider with big surprise because he noticed a much higher octane rating in that one bucket of gasoline.

Holding Hyunwoo's hands, Duyoung was overjoyed.

“Done! This is a tremendous success if the octane rating went up like this in two months. Maybe I can commercialize the test results.”

Hyunwoo felt good because he knew how much time and energy his father spent on this research.

But it was too early to uncork a bottle of champagne because the gasoline that caused the octane rating was the one contaminated by a battery.

What the heck is this? Hyunwoo mumbled.

Duyoung said, “Let me test it in a separate condition. This time I think I have to have only seven days of testing. I think it's long enough to get the changes in gasoline.”

Insan got a call from someone.

Confirming the caller, he made a satisfied smile as the caller was an a.s.sistant for Duyoung at Haenim School.

The boy gave him a piece of very important information. Insan was surprised

“Are you sure? Got it. If you confirm your bank account tomorrow, you will see that I've wired 500,000 won in your account.”

After the call, Insan called somebody outside. The person Insan called was the manager of the intelligence team of Singyong Co. When he heard the good news from Insan, the manager raced to president Munsik Choi's office.

“Chairman, I've got great stuff about Duyoung Jang.”

Reading a newspaper, Musik opened his eyes wide suddenly. Given the manager's rush to his office, he felt it must be some valuable tip on Duyoung.

“What is it?”

“It seems that Duyoung has discovered some important clue on green oil.”

“Which clue?”

“We have not yet discovered it because he has kept it under wraps. But it looks like he is using microorganisms to test it.”

Munsik was well aware of microorganisms in connection with petroleum. In fact, there existed lots of microorganisms in petroleum, and some of them were used for industrial purposes.

“Who did you say was the informant?”

“A guy called Insan Park. He was Duyoung's right-hand man when Duyoung was in the thick of research on green oil.”

Munsik felt Insan was dependable.

“Don't try to be penny-wise. Just give him lots of money for his efforts. Handle this matter without causing any trouble.”

“Got it, chairman.”

“By the way, did you get any information on the takeover of Bando Oil?”

As if he antic.i.p.ated the chairman's question, the manager gave the relevant file to Munsik. It contained reports about the trend of its stock changes and rival companies' strategic move.

In fact, the manager was busy these days gathering all the tips about Bando Oil. The car fuel market would be greatly affected by who took over Bando Oil.

As a result, Munsik was preoccupied with the issue of Bando Oil these days.

The two most promising firms were the biggest business conglomerate Ohsung and the powerful private US equity firm OneStar.

Regardless of which company would succeed in the takeover, it would be a big danger to Singyong. Given the choice, however, OneStar's takeover would be more beneficial. They would rather sell it for a huge profit instead of running it.

That's why Munsik met OneStar executives often and helped them.

“Did a.s.semblyman Chulmo Kim meet Taesu Ahn again?”

“Yes, sir. It looks like he is mobilizing new female talents to sway Mr. Kim. I guess he must have spent a lot on kickbacks, too.”

It was a foolish thing to compete with Ohsung Group using money. Besides, Mr. Kim was a politician powerful enough to be mentioned as a presidential candidate in the next elections.

So, Munsik had to take extreme caution not to offend Mr. Kim.

How can I stop them?

Lost in thought for a moment, Munsik snapped his fingers.

Yea, let me have OneStar play the role here.

If he presented OneStar as his lobbying agent, Singyong could be safe from any backlash and put pressure on Ohsung Group and Mr. Kim at the same time.

Munsik thought it might be better to drop Mr. Kim from the race if it was possible. Though Kim had no grudge against Singyong, he tended to be overly leaning toward Ohsung Group, which was a headache for Munsik.

Munsik called someone at OneStar.

Duyoung wished ten days would quickly pa.s.s, so he could check the test results as soon as possible.

And when the ten days pa.s.sed, he connected the gasoline with the test equipment and check for any change. Hyunwoo also stayed with him to confirm the results.

About two hours pa.s.sed when Duyoung came up with the test results.

Duyoung and Hyunwoo were so happy as if their hearts were breaking. Finally, they might be able to find the perfect condition to create green oil.


“What the heck is this? What's wrong?”

“What happened? Nothing changed in the value of gasoline…”

At his asking, Duyoung couldn't answer because he had no idea at all.

“Was it because the test period was too short?”

Duyoung shook his head.

“The conclusion is just one. There was a difference in conditions in the changed gasoline and the original gasoline.”

Hyunwoo's eyes opened wide with surprise at his remarks. Maybe Mingyu might have put some other stuff in the gasoline, which might solve the puzzle.

Hyunwoo quickly called Mingyu, who was doing an experiment alone.

As soon as he came over, Duyoung asked him quickly, “Jaemin, did you put other stuff than a battery in the gasoline back then?

“No, I put nothing except for the battery.”

Duyoung asked him again because he might have forgotten.

But Mingyu confidently replied, “I can a.s.sure you I didn't put anything else in gasoline. I just put it here on purpose, a.s.suming the battery might be recharged as it had discharged all its electricity.”

“I'm sure you threw something else here. Try to recall it. This is a very important test.”

Suddenly Hyunwoo stopped Duyoung, “Dad, stop it. Mingyu, you can go now. Just let us know if you can recall anything.”

“Got it,” said Mingyu, leaving the room.

Duyoung was surprised at Hyunwoo's sudden intervention.

“Why did you…?”

Duyoung came up to Hyunwoo to ask something but stopped. Hyunwoo was gesturing toward him with his eyes as if he had something to say only for Duyoung's ears.

Only then did Duyoung let Mingyu out.

When he left the room, Hyunwoo locked the door and said in a very low voice.

“Mingyu is right.”

“What do you mean?”

Duyoung also spoke very low.

“Don't you remember what Jaemin said? He said he put a discharged battery there. Which battery did you put in? Was it a new one?”

At that moment, Duyoung's jaw dropped.

Hyunwoo was right. He used a new battery for a more accurate experiment. Maybe he might have failed because of the difference in battery condition.

“Oh, it might be because of the battery. Let me test with discharged batteries.”

“Good, but it's too late now. Just do it tomorrow.”

“Sure, will do.”

Both of them came out of the lab.

They saw Mingyu hovering around over there.

Approaching him, they asked a favor of him.

“Mingyu, the security of our test here is very important. You should keep to yourself what you and we talked today in the lab. This should be shared only among you, me and Hyunwoo.”

With a bright smile, Mingyu nodded, “Got it. I'll keep it secrete absolutely.”

The next day Duyoung resumed experiment early in the morning. This time he tested various batteries ranging from partially discharged to completely discharged ones.

Again ten days pa.s.sed. Hyunwoo and Duyoung checked the test results.

Duyoung yelled for joy before he knew.


And then he quickly lowered his voice, looking around. Fortunately, there was none around the lab.

Hyunwoo, too, checked the value of the gasoline. He couldn't close his mouth at the surprising results.

“The rating of octane is 98.53.”

What was more surprising was the rating of octane went to 98 from 92. The speed of change was quicker than expected.

It was three months after the test that Duyoung called Hyunwoo again. The winter pa.s.sed already, and the spring was just around the corner.

Hyunwoo rant to his father's office.

“Are you done now?”

Duyoung nodded his head, full of confidence and hope in his eyes.

“I've found the best environment in which microorganisms react.”

Duyoung showed him several pieces of research paper.

They contained several numbers and graphs, which Hyunwoo could hardly understand.

Hyunwoo asked only the important points.

“Can you commercialize it right now?”

Duyoung again nodded, “You can build a factory right away. But I would like to solve the last puzzle.”

“What is it?”

Duyoung showed him the wires he used for the experiments. There was lots of debris stuck around the wires discharged by microorganisms.

“Debris like this gets stuck around the wires and stop microorganisms from being exposed to the current. I haven't yet discovered a way to remove it. If I can't remove them, I have to change the wires every time, which is pretty c.u.mbersome and raises the production cost.”

Hyunwoo's face was a bit distorted when he heard of the production cost. No matter how good a product is, it would be difficult to sell it without a good production cost.

But that was something Hyunwoo could not solve.

“Don't be too impatient, Dad. You won't get good results even if you hurry.”

“You're right. Let me take some time to work on that. Can you throw them away when you go out?”

Duyoung asked him to throw away a pile of wires stuck with debris.

Hyunwoo was about to throw them into a trash bin.

But he stopped and looked at them again. He felt he should not dump them for some reason.

“Is there any way I can use them for something?”

The Famous Millionaire Chapter 272

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