The Famous Millionaire Chapter 30: Chapter 30

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"...Me?"asked Yongggu.

Hyunwoo nodded his head and said,

"Yes, you're the core member of the purchasing team. I would appreciate it very much if you could help me because I am an inexperienced new hire."

Yonggu was frozen. He could never figure out Hyunwoo's intentions. What would he want to do with him once he arrived in Vietnam?

Yet, he could not reject Hyunwoo's request. Though it hurt his pride, he could not throw away this great opportunity.

"Okay, then."

The team manager approached Yonggu and grabbed his shoulder firmly, saying,

"To be honest, I hoped you could go with him. Set up your schedule so that you can leave as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir."

Yonggu was still absent-minded.

'Why did Hyunwoo choose me?'

On the other hand, Hyunwoo refreshed his determination.

Let me hash it out with him this time.

Incheon International Airport one week later.

Hyunwoo was looking around the departure area for some time.

Looking at him with an annoyed expression, Yonggu asked him,

"What's the reason?"

"What reason?"

"I know you hate me as much as I hate you. Then, you must have a reason why you picked me."

Reason? Of course Hyunwoo had one. It was none other that 'Yonggu' himself.

Unless one of them left Aurum, they would have to work at the same team at the same company. In addition, Yonggu got hired much earlier and had a higher rank than Hyunwoo. Instead of making him an enemy, it would be better for Hyunwoo to make him his ally even if that meant more sacrifice on his end.

However, wasn't the process and the method as important as the outcome?

Hyunwoo had no intention of kneeling down to Yonggu for reconciliation. Rather than asking Yonggu for his generosity, Hyunwoo would leave Aurum.

Hyunwoo wanted to make Yonggu reach out to him for reconciliation first. The simplest way was to push him to the brink of the precipice, where he badly needed Hyunwoo's help. Then, he would hold out his hand to Hyunwoo willingly, and Hyunwoo already had such a situation in his mind.

Grinning at him, Hyunwoo replied,

"I told you already, didn't I? I asked you to guide me because I'm inexperienced. That was my sincere request."

Yonggu didn't believe him, though. However, he didn't ask any more because he knew Hyunwoo would not reveal his real motivation.

Whatever the reason, Yonggu got a free ride on a project that guaranteed huge outcomes thanks to Hyunwoo. Though there was no way he could find out what kind of conspiracy Hyunwoo had in mind, Yonggu had to be thankful to him.

Yonggu said smugly as if he was helping Hyunwoo, "You don't have to use honorifics just between you and me."

If Yonggu would allow it, Hyunwoo had no reason to stick to using honorifics for him. Hyunwoo found it more comfortable to treat him as a friend, not as a superior at a company.

"Okay, shall we talk like this until we come back from the Vietnam trip? Oh, they have just arrived."

Hyunwoo waved his hand gladly at them. They were Kwon Sangtaek's family, including his son Jungsu and his wife.

Yonggu opened his eyes wide at them.

"Why are they bringing so many bags? Are they moving?" Yonggu asked.


Replying briefly, Hyunwoo rushed to Kwon's family.

"Let me hold the bags."

"Thanks. There are lots of things for me to take care of."

Kwon Sangtaek still wore a rigid expression. He seemed to think his departure for Vietnam would be taken as his escape there because of his failure in life. Kwon's wife didn't look happy like Kwon. She wore a wide-brimmed hat and dark, and she also covered her face with a mask.

On the other hand, Kwon Jungsu had a bright expression. Though it might be forced smile, he shook hands with Hyunwoo's team members one by one.

"When I visit Vietnam this time, I'll stay there until I get my visa renewed. That's why I have so many bags."

"I see. Give that to me."

Hyunwoo helped them with Yonggu, and they took them to the departure area.

Though Kwon Jungsu tried to cheer up his parents, their looks were dark.

Watching them, Hyunwoo renewed his determination.

Don't worry. You'll smile even though you don't want to. Then, I can heartily laugh, too.

Na Sungji, the president, came out to welcome them at the airport, holding a big piece of paper that said, 'Kim Yonggu Manager.'

"Mr. Na!"

When Hyunwoo shouted at him, Na rushed toward him with a very happy expression.

However, he was looking at Kwon Sangtaek, not Hyunwoo.

Looking Kwon up and down, Na said cautiously,

"Are you president Kwon by any chance?"

"Except for the t.i.tle 'president,' I'm just Kwon Sangtaek."

This time he asked, looking at Hyunwoo, "Is this the person you mentioned…?"

Hyunwoo nodded his head, saying, "You're right. He's the expert in Korea who can make your products more perfect. Also, this is his wife and son. His son is also a veteran in the field. He'll be a big help to you."

Hyunwoo introduced Kwon's family members to Na in detail, with some exaggeration. Kwon tried to interrupt because Hyunwoo's introduction was exaggerated, but Na said first,

"Oh, I see. Thanks for coming this far. You made a really difficult decision. I'll do my best to make you comfortable here."

When Hyunwoo took a glance at Yonggu, he had an unpleasant look on his face. Though he was the core member of Aurum's purchasing team Na had to pay attention to, he felt offended when Na showed interest in Kwon Sangtaek only.

Hyunwoo quickly stepped in, though, saying,

"This is a.s.sistant manager Kim Yonggu, the core member of our purchasing team. He is responsible for concluding the contract with you."

At that moment, Yonggu looked at Hyunwoo. He looked a bit surprised because of Hyunwoo's unexpected nice introduction of him.

Only then did Na grovel to Yonggu as if he thought he had treated him like dirt.

"Ooops! I'm so sorry for not recognizing such an important person, sir. My name is Na Sungji. I heard a lot about you from Hyunwoo. I hear you control the purchasing team…"

Na made flattering remarks to him. Of course, that's what Hyunwoo asked him to do. It was also Hyunwoo's idea that he held a sign that said 'Kim Yonggu Manager' at the airport.

Hyunwoo and Na contacted each other either through email or international calls. The news that the wheel failed to pa.s.s the test, as well as the news that he succeeded in persuading Kwon Sangtaek, was conveyed to Na almost on a real time basis.

Thanks to their close consultation, Na had already prepared a house Kwon's family could live in, and he took the unusual step to find a housemaid for them.

In fact, even Na had no housemaid at his house. In other words, Kwon was given special treatment.

"Let's go. As you're hungry, let's have a meal first."

"Shall we?"

Na's heartwarming hospitality made Yonggu straighten up his shoulders. There was an air of arrogance in his gait while following Na.

Hyunwoo grinned in spite of himself, looking at the appearance of Yonggu from behind.

Just like Na did to Hyunwoo, he showed Yonggu and Kwon around his factory facilities with pride.

Yonggu and Kwon were surprised not only at the size of the factories but also the excellent research equipment.

Showing his chest, Na said proudly, "Though we're in financial difficulty at the moment because we lost some buyers, we're proudly listed on the stock exchange in Vietnam."

"I see."

Yonggu nodded his head as if he was impressed a lot.

However, Kwon stayed silent. Instead, he visited the various places around the factories and checked the machines and research equipment carefully. The rest of the team members followed Kwon.

Checking out the factory facilities, Kown looked at Hyunwoo.

At that moment, Hyunwoo felt everything was alright, for Kwon's eyes were glittering brightly. That meant he saw some kind of hope in the research equipment and machine equipment.

Hyunwoo asked cautiously, "How do you feel?"

Kwon nodded and said, "Wonderful. The products are of better quality than I thought. If I add my skills, I think we can make better quality products than I produced in Korea."

Hyunwoo's face lit up brightly.

Hyunwoo's careful observation of Kwon showed that he was a very picky person who wouldn't boast or praise needlessly. If Kwon made a comment, he must be serious.

Yet, Kwon had some more to talk about.

"Just introduce several more machines. Then, I can guarantee we can make the products that satisfy you."

"What kind of machines do we need?"

"First of all, the current hydraulic systems for injection molding machines are too old. Even if you have the best raw material, you can't make the proper molding products. The kind of machines they use in Korea…"

Kwon explained about the necessary machines. What Na needed to introduce was a total of three machines.

However, when Kwon talked about the new machines, Na's expression became dark. When Kwon was done. Na said in a low-spirited voice, "Those machines are too expensive…"

"You can buy used machines. If you try, you can find some great used machines in the market."

Still, Na's expression was dark.

"I know that. I was looking for an opportunity to buy such machines, but even used machines are over 40 or 50 million per piece. Right now, our financial situation is…"

"If you buy three machines, 150 million won is enough. Can't you make the loan of that amount?"

Na nodded his head, crestfallen.

Kwon made a embarra.s.sed expression and said, "Even if you have the best skills, you can't produce quality products with bad machines. You have to bring in the machines by all means."

By any stretch of the imagination, Hyunwoo felt Na could not make a loan at the moment. The financial situation of Na's factory was such that Hyunwoo had to worry about its potential bankruptcy while Hyunwoo was staying in Korea.

That was the same case for Kwon Sangtaek, given the miserable situation where his daughter-in-law deserted the family.

Of course, Hyunwoo could not use his own money to buy the machines. He felt stuffy suddenly at the unexpected turn of events.

Then, Kwon looked at Yonggu suddenly. At the delicate timing, Yonggu also made a surprising expression.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Please offer us financial aid in purchasing the three machines. Then, I'll pay back with interest within one year."

"What did you say? Financial aid by Aurum?"

Yonggu bounced with consternation.

Kwon's demand was way beyond Yonggu's work boundary. Yonggu came to Vietnam to make a contract on the parts, not to seek an investor. Also, he didn't have the guts to report this to his boss. He was scared about being scolded by his boss for faffing around.

But Hyunwoo was different from Yonggu. As soon as Kwon mentioned Aurum, he thought 'that's what I want!' Also, he had no reason not to talk to the manager or the president about it. In the worst scenario, all he would get was get some sort of scolding like "Don't fribble around."

The situation could unfold favorably. Aside from the team manager, the president might probably think favorably of Kwon's suggestion.

If things worked out well, the effects would be enormous. Mr. Na could revive his factory, and Kwon's family could start a new life. Aurum could bring about a huge cost reduction, too.

As it is certain that all the parties involved could get such enormous benefits, Hyunwoo thought it would not make any sense not to make the suggestion for fear of a scolding.

Hyunwoo looked at Yonggu.

"How about telling the team manager about it?"

Again, Yonggu bounced with disapproval.

"Are you crazy? We're not here to do that kind of work. Just focus on your original task instead of interfering with stupid things," Yonggu said.

"If the factory is operating well, we can expect a huge cost reduction. Strictly speaking, this is our task," Hyunwoo said.

"Hey, don't set up a strange logical argument. That is out of the question. Even if you report to the team manager, he will intercept it. And even if I told you to talk comfortably to me without using honorifics, it will cause trouble if you take care of things in your own way. Don't forget that I'm the head of the team here."

Yonggu rejected Hyunwoo's suggestion firmly, but Hyunwoo didn't relent. The case was too serious for him to give up easily. With a strained expression, Na and Kwon were looking at them.

"I know that, of course, but Kwon's suggestion is too valuable to give up. Can't you just report this to just the manager? You could do that."

"You do it, then."

Younggu s.h.i.+fted the responsibility on Hyunwoo.

He seemed to think Hyunwoo didn't have the guts to do so.

The Famous Millionaire Chapter 30: Chapter 30

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