The Famous Millionaire 312 Chapter 306

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Although all the wild rumors about him were groundless, the experts' a.n.a.lysis was very sharp. According to their a.n.a.lysis, Hyunwoo's development of Toughtex meant the end of internal combustion engines, which meant the downfall of the oil-producing countries in the near future.
In particular, the shock was devastating to the Middle East and Russia. As the oil prices were falling, their economies were sliding into chaos, too.
Even a worm would turn.
Russia was once a mighty military power that was on a par with the United States. When driven into a corner, Russia could do anything to save its economy.
Besides, Hyunwoo was now developing a new concept for an energy source called solar cells. n.o.body knew when he would succeed, but its success would drive down oil prices further.
They had to prepare for such a devastating situation very quickly.
Hyunwoo had no reason to stop the trip and return home because of the wild rumors about him.
Back to his normal vacation state, he cut himself off from the world affairs and focused on enjoying the trip.
The 15 days that Hyunwoo promised her pa.s.sed quickly.
It was really a wonderful time for them in the sense that they took it a turning point in their marriage life.
"Let's have another wonderful trip like this soon. It doesn't have to be a long trip like this."
"Sure, will do. Let's enjoy a trip like this once a month," said Hyuwnoo.
"Really? I'm so happy now."
Hyunwoo was serious about translating his words into action.
Checking the dates on the calendar, he set up travel plans in advance.
He even set aside three days every week for a trip with her.
"Don't you think that's too much?'
"Don't worry. If something really important comes up, I can cancel it then. But I don't see anything like that."
"Thanks so much, honey."
Yu Zuung hugged him, and Hyunwoo hugged her. From now on he was going to tailor his daily life to her schedule.
Of course, that didn't mean he would neglect his duties. He just wanted to delegate as much as possible to the managers of his companies.
Hyunwoo first convened a meeting of executives at Samryong Motors.
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An executive briefed Hyunwoo about the latest operation status of Samryong Motors.
"Currently Samryong Motors is producing ten thousand luxury cars, two million popular cars, and fifteen million affordable cars every year."
The of car models were divided into the same price zones. Luxury cars cost over 500 million won, popular cars over 200 million won, and affordable cars over 20 million won.
Thanks to this ma.s.s production the net profits of Samryong Motors were almost 50 trillion won last year. This was a spectacular growth that Samryong Motors achieved only four years after the successful development of the Paekdu Project, which was so innovative in the auto world.

Hyunwoo presented his own vision about the future of Samryong Motors.
"I am going to change the internal combustion engines found in trucks, motorcycles and agricultural machines to Toughtex engines in the future. I have the same goal when it comes to the engines of aeroplanes, s.h.i.+ps and even military weapons like tanks."
"Well, it might be easy in the case of trucks and agricultural machines as they have the existing infrastructure, but other areas have nothing to do with what Samryong Motors is involved in. You will have to spend lots of time and money."
"Well, I'm going to take over many overseas companies related to that field. If that's hard, I think you can develop the type of Toughtex engines that fit s.h.i.+ps and tanks."
Actually, Hyunwoo had enough capital funds to invest. When all combined, the net profits of Hyunwoo's companies exceeded 80 trillion won, and the return on his investments was over 10 trillion won annually.
The executives at the meeting showed enthusiasm about pursuing his vision.
"Got it. We're going to work on the action plan and report to you."
As for the management of Ani & Funny, Hyunwoo also delegated his authority to its founding members. Kyungsu Han and James Lee took turns serving as its CEO for two years, and Sonjong Kim, Juhwan Moon and Sungrak Sohn served as CEO of KOVE DREAM on a rotational basis.
The only company that Hyunwoo directly managed was Bule Sky as it was one of the core future industries.
Blue Sky was in the red when Hyunwoo took it over, and it couldn't turn to the black for some time with continuing losses of one billion won every year. But after the Toughtex engine was developed, Blue Sky began to generate profits for the first time. It made ten billion won in net profits last year, with this year's profits projected at 30 billion won.
But Hyunwoo was not satisfied. So, he changed his vision about the direction of Blue Sky completely.
"I plan to install a remote-controlled device on the model airplanes and drones made by Blue Sky by using automatic flying devices and satellite."
The executives looked embarra.s.sed at Hyunwoo's intention because the model airplanes and drones currently made by Blue Sky were nothing more than small airplanes that could be called 'toys' in the eyes of the global leaders in the field.
"It is impossible to install such devices on our current products."
"Right. You have to make the current models five times as large to install such devices."
They were strongly opposed to his idea, but Hyunwoo didn't budge a bit.
"You're right. That's why we need to have everything ranging from designing to the production line overhauled completely. What we have to aim for is a super large model airplane. With all the devices installed on it, it should be able to fly more than ten hours without charging, loaded with freight of over 30 kg."
Their jaws dropped at his words. How large a pilot plane would they have to make to carry a load of over 30 kg?
Of course, it was not impossible to make it as long as they invested enough time and money.
They were still in doubt.
"If you want to make that kind of model, it should be at least 3 meters long. I wonder if you can sell it on the market."
Hyunwoo said, "Let me create consumers' demands for it. You guys just focus on developing such a model. We don't have much time. We have to produce pilot planes by next year and produce 5000 every month in the spring two years from now."
They were surprised again at the timetable.
"Oh, we're pressed for time."
"It will take at least two years to develop the necessary technology."
But Hyunwoo said resolutely, rejecting their opposition.
"We have to ma.s.s-produce them in the spring two years from now. Master the technology from j.a.pan's Air One and China's Chiangkuo. If you fail, you should be ready to resign."
At that moment, all the executive members shut their mouths. For they knew that Hyunwoo would try his best to keep the promise that he once made. If they failed, they should really offer resignations.
One of the executives asked, "By the way, how are you going to sell such airplanes? How can you sell 5,000 per month?"
Hyunwoo giggled at his question.
He had already identified his future clients, but he couldn't tell them at this point. It was a top secret that only the President, Defense Minister and a few politicians kept to themselves.
"Let me take care of that. I am confident of selling them all."
"Got it."
After he presented his vision to the executives, he met CEOs of other companies.
And he met President Wonju Ha and other politicians.
The Korean political scene was changing fast. The young politicians of both ruling and opposition parties joined their hands and drive out corrupt politicians.
He met the President, politicians, young businessmen and reporters alike and talked about the future of Korea in ten, twenty years later.
That made Hyunwoo busy again. He started to work early in the morning and came back home very late, even during the wee hours.
But he didn't make any appointments from Friday to Sunday to spend time with his wife.
And on Friday night they went on a trip, forgetting about his daily completely.
Yu Zuung also adjusted her own schedule to Hyunwoo's. Though she didn't appear on TV shows any more, she helped her mother-in-law Jisook's food business.
And when Friday came Hyunwoo and Yu Zuung went on a trip without planning an organized schedule. They just wanted to spend the time, forgetting about work and everything else.
While they were enjoying a trip like that one day, Hyunwoo had a sudden call from his chief secretary.
"Sir, Shanghai Motors announced that they developed their own Toughtex engine."
At that moment, he recalled the Toughtex scam by Morgan Energy some time ago.
At that time, Morgan Energy announced fake news about it.
Shanghai Motors was in a bad financial situation, namely on the verge of going bankrupt. Other carmakers were in a similar situation with the new models equipped with Toughtex engines made by Samryong Motors dominating the world car markets.
No matter how good cars they produced at a competent price, they were hardly sold because the consumers tried to buy Samryong cars only.
Of course, there was one exception to this trend.
Some carmakers purchased the Toughtex engines made by Samryong and installed them on their own cars.
In fact, Samryong Motors sold its Toughtex engines to other car makers with one condition.
The condition was that Samryong Motors would own 30% of their companies.
That was a tough condition for these companies to accept, but they had no other choice.
Accordingly, they transferred 30% equities of their stocks to Samryong Motors to buy Toughtex engines.
But Shanghai Motors couldn't. Though they begged for the purchase, Samryong Motors rejected their request.
So, the chairman of Shanghai Motors might have tried to announce the fake news about their own Toughtex engines and make money by fabricating the stock prices.
But when Hyunwoo looked into the situation closely, Shanghai's announcement was not fake.
In no time, there came out a shocking news about Shanghai Motors.

The Famous Millionaire 312 Chapter 306

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