The Famous Millionaire Chapter 37: Chapter 37

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They could not proceed with the discussion in this atmosphere.

Scratching their heads, they stood up from their seats.

Yonggu approached Oh and comforted him by saying,

"There is a reason he got the nickname 'crazy dog.' Just forget it. Watch your step for the time being so that he can't find anything wrong about you."

Hyunwoo could not sit idle, either.

"Just let what he said go."

The other team members also encouraged him.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d has such a bad character. If this had not happened to you, he would certainly found fault with someone else and hara.s.sed him, so just don't give a s.h.i.+t about it. You'll feel better."

"Just cheer up. We're all on the same side with you."

Only then did Oh smile reluctantly. The other team members smiled awkwardly.

The office atmosphere didn't improve at all. Rather, it was the opposite, tense just like before a storm.

Park was waiting for a chance to go after someone. Whenever he found a chance, he stared at Oh like he was going to chew his a.s.s if he did something wrong.

Hyunwoo quietly sighed.

'Whew! How badly can a manager mangle the atmosphere!'

In the meantime, he finally got a call from Kwon Sangtaek.

"Ah, did you find it? Got it."

Kwon said he found the perfect machines for the N&C factory. He added that the machines were like Heaven's gifts because they were for sale at a very low price, given the excellent quality.

Hyunwoo got the loan by mortgaging his house and withdrawing the 14 million won Yonggu deposited in his bank account to purchase the machines. Then, he asked a customs broker to wire the money to him.

"Phew. They can produce quality parts from now on."

Hyunwoo also heard good news from Yu Nami.

"Really? You were selected as Miss Korea?"

"Yes, brother. I'm the winner of Miss Korea."

Yu Nami was crying, and he heard Jang Dukwoo's voice, soothing her.

Hyunwoo's face brightened.

"Congrats from the bottom of my heart!"

He felt satisfied. Though his heart was heavy because of the new manager, he felt it all disappeared in a moment.

Sure, he is him, and I am me. I can just do what I'm supposed to do.

The manager seemed to control not only Oh but also other members. Hyunwoo was no exception.

As time went by, it looked like the manager was trying to target Hyunwoo.

Whatever the manager said or did to him, Hyunwoo didn't care at all, but he didn't forget to give him the respect that he was due.

In the meantime, Yonggu had a call from someone. As soon as he picked up the phone, he stood up from his seat and said, "Manager, the president is calling for me, so I'll be back in a minute."

Lifting his eyes, the manager looked at him and said in a gruff voice, "Okay."

He then didn't pay any attention to Yonggu.

Yonggu came back to the office about 20 minutes later, but the manager didn't ask anything because he knew what Yonggu and the president had said.

Approaching Hyunwoo slightly, Yonggu touched his shoulder abruptly and said,

"Let's have a cup of coffee."

After they became friends at the recent dinner meeting, Yonggu was trying hard to make things right. Though he still had some lingering feelings of regret about Hyunwoo, he tried to get closer to Hyunwoo whenever he had the chance.

Both of them went to the rooftop.

Yonggu said abruptly, "Hey, learn to play golf."

"What the heck is golf?"

"You might need to play golf soon, if not immediately. It will be too late when you want to play golf later. The new manager, Park, is crazy about golf. If you learn it, you will find it useful."

"Can he play golf with subordinates like me?"

"Who knows? An opportunity can come along at anytime. Just be prepared for it in advance. Also, the more quickly you learn it, the better you'll get rewarded for it. In particular, you had to have learned it when you were younger than now."

"Why did you mention golf so abruptly anyway? Did the president tell you to learn it?"

"Not really. The manager is a close relative of the president, so he asked me to serve the manager well."

"Ah, his relative!"

Now Hyunwoo could understand the situation a bit better.

According to a rumor, Park was not well versed at business, and his relations.h.i.+p with his staff was not good. He could not understand how such a person could get promoted to the position of team manager. Given that he was a relative of the president, that was possible.

"And I feel that the manager seems to have decided to pick you and Mr. Oh as his targets."

Hyunwoo was aware of that, too, but he could not understand it. Oh was naturally his target because of that brainstorming session, but there was no reason for the manager to hara.s.s Hyunwoo.

"Why do you think he picked me? Did I do something wrong?"

"Well, only the manager knows. Is there a reason why a crazy dog bites a man? Maybe you might be easy prey in his eyes. Therefore, just learn golf quickly. If you play golf with him several times, your life will be better. It's best to grovel at his feet in this situation."

Hyunwoo felt that he might have to listen to Yonggu's advice when he talked to him seriously like this.

Still, he was still confused. When they say golf, there was a strong impression that it was the rich man's sports. Actually, Hyunwoo could not afford to learn golf because he had already invested 300 million won in the N&C company in Vietnam. In other words, he couldn't afford to learn an expensive sports.

The Famous Millionaire Chapter 37: Chapter 37

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