The Famous Millionaire Chapter 39: Chapter 39

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While looking at Yonggu, Oh Sangho was thinking of an episode several days ago when he had dined together with Park Minyhe, the president's daughter.

At the time, her father, Park Daebong, who was also present at the dinner, said something significant.

"I heard that you were having a hard time because of Park Youngsu. How is it? Can you stand it? If you are not strong enough to endure it, my daughter must be mistaken about you. I understand that you might have ambition when you decided to choose my company, and I know you have great potential. However, you need more than the capabilities you have right now to make your ambitions a reality. Interpersonal relations.h.i.+ps are more important than capabilities to become manager. It is not important for you to endure it by yourself. Enduring it with your staff is important, which is the manager's job. I believe that you will do well. Let me keep an eye on you."

Park's remarks meant that he would watch him closely as a likely husband for Minhye. Though Park never directly mentioned anything related to marriage, he clearly had Oh in his mind as a son-in-law. But for that reason, Oh had no reason to work for Park's company.

At Aurum, there was no middle ground for Oh. Unless he got married to Minhye and took over Aurum, he would quit the job immediately. Given his capabilities, he could get a job at any large company.

If that happened, Aurum would be Oh's enemy. That would also mean the worst endpoint for Aurum.

Oh Sangho and Yonggu looked at each other. Their glares showed their compet.i.tive spirit.

When he got out of the office, Park Youngsu got upset.

The purchasing team members' response was too aggressive. It looked as if they were united to exclude their direct supervisor.

He was disappointed at Kim Yonggu and Oh Sangho, in particular.

If they were interested in Park Minhye, they should gain favor with him, her relative. In particular, Minhye followed him from her childhood days.

What he witnessed a minute ago was them inciting the team members, which made him more upset.

They are clearly ignoring me.

In fact, Park had an inferiority complex.

First of all, he didn't have a lot of work experience because he could not find a job until he was 40. His uncle, Park Daebong, hired him three years ago, and he got promoted to section chief within one year.

He had no expert knowledge about furniture. He was not good at accounting. It was his connection to the president that got him a job and a fast promotion.

As such, he had the habit of dealing with his subordinates with a wary eye.

Is this guy ignoring me?

If he felt like that at all, he used to make an example of the target and trampled on him or her completely. That method of his was effective beyond his expectations. Even a slight bluff by Park was enough to make them be obedient to him.

He wanted to use the same method this time. For his strategy to be effective, he needed uncle's help. Park entered the president's office. While reviewing a report, Park Daebong looked at him with a puzzled look.

"What is the matter?"

"Uncle, let me send one of my staff to the Umsung factory."

"Unsumg factory? Why all of a sudden?"

"For some reasons. Looks like they need some purchasing experience."

He persuaded his uncle with absurd excuses.

However, Park Deabong was not deceived because he knew his nephew's personality well.

He asked his cousin, putting out a feeler about the atmosphere,

"By the way, how about the atmosphere of the purchasing team these days?"

As if his uncle had asked the right question, he shook his head.

"Completely messed up. I don't like anyone in the office. Kim Yonggu and Oh Sangho aren't exceptions exception. They take me too lightly. I don't know their capabilities in business, but basically they behave very badly."

Park Daebong's face was distorted. Just as he suspected, his managing style brought about big trouble. His relations.h.i.+p with his team members was already sour.

Park Daebong felt like his nephew mentioning the Umsung factory had nothing to do with the relevant business. Clearly, it was motivated by his intention to control his staff with discipline.

The president could not understand him at all. Actually, he was a good man and very popular at the company, too. But the problem was he was only popular among the managers above the rank of team manager. He was the worst supervisor among his staff.

"Just tell me honestly. You are going to send one of your men to the Umsung factory for discipline, right?" asked Park Daebong.

His nephew made a stinging expression at that question.

"What was the problem this time?"

Only then did Park Youngsu confess what had happened.

"These guys are leaving me out in the cold."

He then told on them to the president as if he were pointing out their problems one by one.

"...for example, they raised their hands all at once, demanding to go to the construction site. And do you know what they said to me?"

Park Daebong made an annoyed expression initially, but he soon changed his look.

"Wait a minute. Did they raise their hands all together? Even Min Suji and Oh Sangho?"

"Yes, they did. I was stunned, too. And they said, 'I'm one of the members of the purchasing team, and I'd like to chip in this time.' They were saying stuff like that. What do you think their behavior implies? It means they're one team and I'm not a part of it."

He then went on that he had to send one of his staff members to the Umsung factory to establish his authority, singling out one specific name.

Park Daebong came to think about his comment deeply, but he didn't approve of his request.

When his uncle showed no response at all, he came close to him and shook his hands.

That was one of his strengths. He was a good mixer. If he had a goal in mind, he didn't care about something like saving face, etc. As long as he could achieve his goal, he would try to make friends with anyone.

That was why Park Daebong hired him. Even though Park Youngsu felt his uncle hired him because he had no job, the real reason was that Park Daebong highly appraised his impudence and sociability.

Park Youngsu was a middle-level manager, and as such he should play the role of communicating between management and the rank-and-file employees. Park Daebong wanted to fix his nephew's problem as a middle-level communicator.

"Uncle, you're going to approve my plan to send one to the Umsung factory, right?"

Park Daebong looked at him with generous eyes.

"Youngsu. Let me ask you this as your uncle. Which do you think I value more, my company or your company life?"

"Say again? Why are you suddenly asking it?"

"Let me put it this way. Do you think I am more worried about the company going bankrupt or you losing your job?"

"Hey, uncle. How can our good company go bankrupt?" asked Park as if he were flattering him by pulling his collar.

However, Park Daebong's expression became sterner.

"Let me tell you this clearly. In my opinion, the atmosphere of the purchasing team is the best. If you don't get accustomed to it, that's your own problem. This is the last opportunity I give you, so do your job well."

"Oh, please don't keep saying 'this is your last opportunity.' Are you serious about firing me?" asked Park Youngsu.

At that moment, Park Daebong's eyes sparkled sharply.

In fact, mentioning 'last opportunity' came out of his mouth unintentionally. Still, Park Youngsu was astonished to hear that, which made Park Daebong come to think of it suddenly.

Everybody has a talent. However, their success depended on whether they could find and develop it.

Park Daebong felt his nephew clearly had potential, but he was lacking in his efforts to develop it.

When he was driven to the extreme, though, Park Youngsu would have no choice but to try to survive. Park Daebong thought that he could help his nephew develop his potential by a.s.signing him to the purchasing team.

On the other hand, it was a good opportunity for him to appraise Kim Yonggu and Oh Sangho accurately. If both of them were pitted against Park Youngsu, they could reveal their true colors.

With a frozen look, Park Youngsu nodded, staring at his uncle.

"Okay, if you don't get accustomed even at the purchasing team, you're going to be fired."

"Uncle!" cried Park Youngsu.

"Listen to me silently," Park Daebong said sharply.

"The manager position of the purchasing team is the last chance given to you. If you show your bad characteristics and dampen the atmosphere…"

Park Youngsu smacked his lips, scared about what his uncle had to say further.

"I mean, let me fire you in that case," Park Daebong said, standing up abruptly and expelling him out of his office. He then added, "I'm tired. Just get out. You know my character, right? Did I ever break a promise after I made it? I swear by my name on that. Do your job right, okay?"


"Shut up! Don't even call me uncle."

"Then, please do me just one favor, uncle."

"Favor?" shouted Park Daebong as if he told him not to say any nonsense.

"I would like to work as the general manager of the dry sauna construction."

"What are you plotting this time?"

"Plotting? No way, uncle. I don't have anything to do in the office. Don't you think I can save face by working like that? I also want to reduce your work, too."

He smiled at his uncle as if he was sincere, but Park Daebong got more suspicious about it.

"Are you serious? If you're at it again, you're fired then."

"Don't say 'fired' any more, uncle. Don't you think you're treating me too badly when I'm trying to help you?"

"Just think about what you have done so far."

"Got it. Anyway, I believe I will be in charge of building the dry sauna."

Park Daebong let out a sigh, looking at his appearance.

He then thought about the purchasing team.

In fact, the former manager, Yang Suchol, was not that talented. The only strength he had was making an ally and then supporting him or her.

That's why he let Yonggu be a.s.signed to that team. He felt Yonggu could develop his potential 200% under Yang.

Since the day Yonggu was a.s.signed to the purchasing team, it achieved remarkable performances. Thanks to that, Yang took the place of the existing manager, who had been transferred to the Umsung factory.

Park Daebong expected the purchasing team to solve Park Youngsu's problem. It was out of his own convictions that he took the risk of a.s.signing Park Youngsu to the purchasing team as its manager.

Unaware of the president's intentions, the purchasing team might think a wolf went into the chicken coop, but it was the opposite because Park gave the chicken of the purchasing team a tiger's teeth and claws. This time, he was ready to give them some tiger leather so that they could drive his nephew forcefully.

Park Daebong pushed the interphone. As soon as the bell rang, he heard Kim Yonggu's voice.

"Yes, president."

"Come and see me."

A little later, Kim Yonggu went into the president's office.

The Famous Millionaire Chapter 39: Chapter 39

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