Sword And Love Volume 1 Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 Spirit upgrading skills

"It's too fast, I can't do it. If it continues like this, I will be exhausted when I reach the foot of the mountain." Zheng Zinuo thought of it. But he still forced himself to follow Feng Ziyan. Even though his body was too tired, he didn't ask for Feng Ziyan's help.

Feng Ziyan also meant to test Zheng Zinuo. So she carried on running down the hill without looking back. She even secretly used her spirit power to fasten her speed. But nearly halfway, she found Zheng Zinuo was still following her closely without asking for help. She felt a little p.i.s.sed in her heart and sped up again. But she didn't run out for more than 10 meters before she heard a 'dang'.

Feng Ziyan hurriedly stopped and looked back. She saw that Zheng Zinuo fell onto the ground complete and was rolling over to her. Though in such a situation she didn't hear Zheng Zinuo yell.

"Stop!" Feng Ziyan was stunned. She hurriedly jumped to the front of Zheng Zinuo and pushed with her internal power. A soft force pulled up Zheng Zinuo's tumbling body, stopping him from rolling right away.

"Haha...hahaha..." She helped Zheng Zinuo up. Feng Ziyan looked at him and found his hair scattered and his face was full of dust. She burst into laughter all of a sudden.

"Why do you lauch? Huh...Huh..." Zheng Zinuo gasped and got up. He patted the dust, organized his messy hair and complained "You…You ran too fast…You ran too fast that I couldn't catch up with you…I can only roll up and roll down from the hill. It saves my energy and helps me catch up with you."

"It turned out to be this." Feng Ziyan stopped laughing when she saw the seious look of Zheng Zinuo. She kind of admired his bold thought "You actually don't need to try that hard. Just shout out to me and I will stop to wait for you."

"Thank you for your kindness." Zheng Zinuo's face turned cold slightly and said "I don't want to hold him back. Let's go."

He didn't wait for Feng Ziyan to answer and continued rolling down the hill.

"Wait..." Feng Ziyan shouted. She dragged Zheng Zinuo and said again "Let's take a break. You are actually doing great. Without the help of your spirit and only level three strength, it's already amazing that you could keep up with me." Zheng Zinuo would rather she didn't say any comforting works. Now with her comfort, Zheng Zinuo felt bad. After all, Feng Ziyan was only a ten-year-old kid, how well could she comfort others?

Zheng Zinuo tried to ignore what Feng Ziyan said. What Feng Ziyan said was a factor and indeed he needed her help to do physical practice. So he didn't want to offend her. In the worst case, he could just ignore her.

Without extra talk, Zheng Zinuo shook his head and started running forward. This time he didn't roll down the hill anymore.

"Hey, what a stubborn little brother!" Surprisingly, Feng Ziyan did not get mad. She caught up with him and said, "Little brother, it would be very tiring for you if you only rely on your physical strength. How about I teach you a set of martial movements?"

Zheng Zinuo was overjoyed hearing that and then slowly stopped. But there was no change on his facial expression. He asked, "Can I start martial cultivation without reading through those entry level books?"

"Yes, this is what my father told me." Feng Ziyan smiled with two pretty dimples. She continued, "I teach you martial skills. n.o.body will know it if both of us keep the secret to ourselves. Moreover, it only requires little martial strength for you to master this set of kills. You should be able to master it."

"Oh? Really? Sister, are you really willing to teach me?" Zheng Zinuo could no longer suppress the joy in his heart and hurriedly turned to ask.

"Oh... You finally called my sister." Feng Ziyan laughed again. She looked like a little angel in his eyes now. She continued, "Since you have called sister, then I have to teach you. But you seriously have to keep it to yourself. Don't let other brothers know about it. Otherwise both you and I will have to pay a price."

"Good!" Zheng Zinuo said without hesitation, "You can rest a.s.sured, sister. I swear to G.o.d." "Well, okay, let's sit down and talk." Feng Ziyan turned to a rock and sat down.

"Look at how eager you are, huh, huh…" Feng Ziyan said in a smile. Her parents used to tell her about it. She didn't quite understand what they meant. Now she could use it to Zheng Zinuo.

"Let's start now." Feng Ziyan said, "I will tell you a code. It would be a little esoteric. But it has a strong effect. With this code, your strength will continue increasing. Of course it also requires your continuous cultivation and hard work. Understand?"

"Well, I understand to some extent." Zheng Zinuo listened attentively, feeling a little nervous. He didn't want to miss any word.

"That's good. I hope after you learnt the code, you will still answer me you understand. Then that will be good." Feng Ziyan obviously heard that Zheng Zinuo had a weak martial spirit. Otherwise she wouldn't have underestimated him.

But when she was teaching Zheng Zinuo about the spirit upgrading code, she was extremely shocked.

It only took Zheng Zinuo less than the time of two hourgla.s.ses to remember all the profound code that was more than one thousand words long. This was not the most surprising part. Even more, Zheng Zinuo's strength level upgraded from level three to level four after one hour of learning and continued to level up. Feng Ziyan was so surprised that she asked "Brother, are you sure your martial spirit is only an orange level? I suspect you should have a purple martial spirit."

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Sword And Love Volume 1 Chapter 27

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