The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 1105 - Who Shot?

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Chapter 1105: Who Shot?

Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon

“Legend has it that the brothers of the same surname from Water Margin eventually fled to Vietnam. Of course, they might have only spread their seeds, with the veracity of the legend unknown…

“After Vietnam became an independent country, it had the Lý and Trần dynasties. The Lý dynasty ruled for more than two hundred years. This made many of the old guards continue having their allegiance with the Lý dynasty while viewing the Trần dynasty with animosity even after the latter grew in power. To the ruler of the Trần dynasty, he believed that since these people like Lý that much, they should just all change their surname to Nguyen.

“Of course, that’s just one story. As for the actual reason for the change in surnames, it’s uncertain. Perhaps it was a spur of the moment decision by the Trần dynasty emperor or perhaps he had a screw loose, or maybe there was some other reason. In any case, the changing of surnames is a true historical event.

“Later on, maybe the subsequent rulers also all went nuts, but this ended up turning into a custom. In subsequent dynasties, they would change the previous dynasty’s surname to Nguyen, and this continued until the early nineteenth century.

“With entire generations of people changing their surname, can you imagine how many people with the Nguyen surname there are when the ancient survivors of the previous dynasty naturally tried their best to bear children? Later, the Nguyen families started thinking, ‘Since there are so many people with the Nguyen surname, why should we be ruled? We might as well establish a Nguyen dynasty.’ Hence, there was a call to arms, and a dynasty fell as a new one arose. Back then, the dynasty was overrun, and the Nguyen dynasty was established.

“But the good times didn’t last. After the western countries completed their first Industrial Revolution, they began colonizing Asia. The French colonized Vietnam in the 1880s. And once this happened, a question arose:

“How many people are there in the colony?

“This was truly a problem. There were many countries in Asia, such as Korea, j.a.pan, Vietnam, where the royalty had surnames, but the ordinary commoners didn’t. Even the t.i.tle of some reigning dynasties were conferred by the rulers in China.

“Without the liberty of naming their own dynasty, how could the commoners have a surname?

“But things were different now. The French needed to know how many people they ruled over. Hence, they gave everyone a surname.

“The French didn’t like trouble, so they decided to just give people without any surnames the Nguyen surname since the Nguyen dynasty had been the last one. Hence, the Nguyen family name completed its biggest expansion. Until this day, the Nguyen family name occupies forty percent of the entire country.”

Upon saying this, Chen Daoyuan drank his beverage and whispered. “That’s why, although there are many people with the surname Nguyen, they aren’t blood-related. Much of it is due to historical reasons. However, having the same surname still makes their kins.h.i.+p stronger among each other than with people who have a different surname. That’s also why Nguyen The Thao can be close to the Nguyen family.”

After Chen Xiaoxun heard that, she marveled. “This is quite an interesting country!”

Chen Daoyuan was just about to say something when he heard a thunderous applause. He had no idea what the Nguyen family head, Nguyen Vo Hong had said, but since everyone was clapping, the two of them clapped as well.

Amidst this thunderous applause, a voice suddenly sounded. “Thank you for your applause. We never expected to be so welcomed!”

The voice was also broadcasted by the speakers. This sudden voice left everyone stupefied, including Nguyen Vo Hong as he subconsciously looked towards the door.

At the entrance, a few attendants had already been pushed inside with a group of militarized men walking in. Leading them was a man in a suit with a white s.h.i.+rt. His hair was combed back, and he smiled warmly. Every action he performed was filled with elegance and the air of a gentleman.

“Who are you!?” A cold glint flashed in Nguyen Vo Hong’s eyes as he asked with extreme sternness.

“I don’t care who you are. This is the Nguyen family’s territory. Leave immediately!” A bald man walked out of the crowd and berated.

The man smiled in response. He bowed like an elegant gentleman, picked up the microphone, and said, “From the looks of it, no one seems to know me yet. In that case, please allow me to introduce myself.”

“There’s no need to. Do you think you can speak here because of a few guns? Don’t think too highly of yourself!” The bald man clapped and immediately, the attendants pulled out their guns and stood in a standoff with the man with slicked-back hair.

The baldy continued. “Once there’s a gunshot, more attendants and security will rush here within a minute. This small group of people you brought isn’t enough!”

The man with the combed hair laughed. “Can’t deny that! There were quite a number of your men while we were coming up. But now… Are these attendants really your men? Are you sure you know them?”

The baldy’s expression fell as he turned to look back, only to see those attendants turning their muzzles at him and all the guests present!

At the same time, there was a gunshot with more than ten attendants collapsing to the ground. Blood splattered everywhere.

Some of the guests turned agape from shock before they were coerced to shut up by the murderous attendants.

The baldy’s heart palpitated upon seeing this. On a careful look, the attendants all had unfamiliar faces! His trustworthy henchmen had already been finished off in the previous gunfight!

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” Clapping sounds sounded as the man with the slicked-back hair said, “Alright, alright. Calm down. Since there are no more troublemakers, let me introduce myself.”

“You…” Just as the baldy made the utterance, the other man raised his palm to gesture for his silence. Then, he said with a warm smile, “I don’t like others interrupting me.”

Just as he finished his sentence, a man behind him raised his gun and shot.


The baldy’s head splattered apart as he collapsed and died!

Only then did the man with the slicked-back hair bow slightly. “Sorry for alarming all of you. Trust me, as long as everyone cooperates, this won’t happen a second time. Of course, if anyone wants to hold onto the illusion that there’s still a chance of things taking a different turn, I’ll have to reunite you with this brother of yours.”

With that said, he straightened his suit, walked to the stage and came to the podium. Looking at Nguyen Vo Hong, he said, “Mr. Nguyen Vo, might I borrow your microphone and site for a bit?”

Nguyen Vo Hong gave him a serious look. “You dare kill me?”

“In fact, I do. But I’m afraid keeping you alive will be a lot more useful. Of course…”

With that said, he waved his hand, and two gunshots rang. Nguyen Vo Hong’s legs burst with a splatter of blood as he fell to the floor with a grunt. Members of the Nguyen family immediately rushed over, but they were held up at gunpoint.

The man waved his hand again, gesturing for calm. Then, he asked in all seriousness, “Who gave you permission to fire? Who did it? Step forward!”

Two subordinates behind him obediently stepped forward upon hearing that.

He said with a look of anger, “Do you know who Mr. Nguyen is? He’s an uncrowned emperor in Vietnam, the head of the Nguyen family! Is this how you treat someone as distinguished as him? What are you waiting for? I think you owe him an apology.”

The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 1105 - Who Shot?

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