The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Guardian Protector of the Temple

Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon

Jing Yan was about to follow into the backyard when a low growl was heard from outside the yard. Following that, a wolf head peeked out! Long slender red eyes with its mouth open, it bared its fangs in an extremely ferocious manner!

Jing Yan had seen her fair share of wolves before. She had also hunted lions and bears, but that was in situations where she had guns and guards! Now, all she had was a cell phone in hand. How could she have the guts to face a wolf? However, she was quick to identify the wolf when its head appeared. Jing Yan jumped in fright and exclaimed, “Wolf! Save me!”

While saying that, Jing Yan turned and ran. She even sent one of her shoes flying.

The others were first stunned before Chen Jing said, “Is that a dog?”

Ah woo!

Lone Wolf let out a forlorn and shrilling wolf howl before charging forward and swiping its claw at Chen Jing!

Upon seeing that, Chen Jing’s feet went limp as he fell to the ground on his b.u.t.tocks. Regardless if this big fellow was a wolf or a dog, he was no match for it! He turned around and began scrambling towards the exit.

Cai Fang was able to identify the creature to be a lone wolf as well. He hurriedly yelled for everyone to run outside.

However, could humans run faster than a wolf?

Lone Wolf swiped its claw at Chen Jing’s b.u.t.tocks. Immediately, he felt the flesh on his b.u.t.tocks turn taut before he heard a tearing sound. He did not know what had happened as he ran outside while wailing.

Jing Yan, who was rus.h.i.+ng out, turned her head and saw Lone Wolf open its jaws as if he was about to bite at Chen Jing’s b.u.t.tocks. As a woman who had hunted lions before, she felt a gush of blood surge through her veins as she took off her other shoe to smack Lone Wolf’s head. Lone Wolf was immediately incensed. He got beaten just because he yawned? Was there justice in this world? Take a swipe of mine!

Lone Wolf pounced over as Jing Yan ran. By a twist of fate, Lone Wolf’s claw happened to swipe across her dress! How sharp was Lone Wolf’s claw?

With a sharp tear, Jing Yan immediately felt her lower body lighten, and her b.u.t.tocks felt a little cold!

She looked down, and-

“Ah!” Jing Yan discovered that her short skirt had been ripped off by the darn wolf! Thankfully, she wore leggings and did not expose herself. However, even the leggings had loose threads hanging because of the darn wolf’s claws. If not for the leggings being thick enough, her b.u.t.tocks would be facing the cold gusts of the wind.

Jing Yan fell into a daze, but Lone Wolf did not. Although he had torn off a short skirt, he had no interest in such things! He leaped once again and was prepared to give the super trumpet a huge fright! With such a loud voice, had she forgotten that a Buddhist land of wors.h.i.+p was meant to be quiet?

Lone Wolf pouncing at her drained the color from Jing Yan’s face. She screamed once again as she stared intently in front of her with eyes filled with terror. She felt as though the smell of death was approaching her!

However, at that moment-

“Amitabha,” a familiar, warm and peaceful Buddhist proclamation sounded. The wolf that was pouncing over stopped in mid-air suddenly. It had opened its mouth wide and had nearly bitten down on her throat! Jing Yan could even smell the hot air coming from Lone Wolf’s mouth.

At the next moment, Lone Wolf slammed to the ground with a plop. Jing Yan finally saw the figure behind Lone Wolf. A white-robed monk had one palm stretched out while his other hand was grabbing onto Lone Wolf’s tail. Then, without looking at Jing Yan, he dragged Lone Wolf by its tail, distancing her from that ferocious and evil-looking wolf!

“You wild wolf. Here you are trying to steal grain again. You still want to commit evil acts. Do you really think that This Penniless Monk will not kill? Today, I will spare you, considering how the heavens care for every living being. Leave quickly!” Fangzheng dragged Lone Wolf outside the door and with a swing of his hand, he threw Lone Wolf out! The wolf that was the size of a calf seemed like nothing in Fangzheng’s hand. It was thrown more than a dozen meters away!

It made Jing Yan, Cai Fang, Chen Jing, and the other three cameramen dumbfounded!

Lone Wolf flipped in mid-air a few times before landing on the ground lightly. It whimpered at Fangzheng a few times. Everyone did not understand what it was saying and thought that Lone Wolf was clamoring or saying things like ‘we will meet again’.

Only Fangzheng knew that the darn wolf was yelling, “You got me to be a guardian, and now you betrayed me in a blink of an eye. Boohoo. I want extra rice for dinner!”

When Fangzheng heard that, he p.r.i.c.ked his eyebrows and said sternly, “Are you not leaving?!”

Lone Wolf quickly ran away with his tail tucked.

Upon seeing this, Jing Yan, Cai Fang, Chen Jing, and company were even more dumbfounded! The weak-looking young monk was actually that formidable?

The group was not made up of fools. Fangzheng’s method of throwing it casually was something even a strongman could not accomplis.h.!.+ It was not something an ordinary person could do to grab a starving wolf that came pouncing at him with one hand! This monk truly had something extraordinary about him.

However, by the time the group jolted back to their senses…


The sound of the door closing resounded. The group turned their heads and saw that the monk was gone. The main door to the temple had been closed shut!

“Hey! Hey! Little Monk, open the door. Don’t close it!” The cameramen were the first to snap out of their dazes. They knocked on the huge metal door and yelled.

As for Jing Yan, Cai Fang, and Chen Jing, they finally snapped out of it too. What a joke! They were there to interview the two sides on this grand calligraphy compet.i.tion. If they could not enter, how could they even take the interviews?

Cai Fang ran over as well and said placatively, “Little Monk, open the door. You are making it hard on us. It’s also beneficial for you if we interview you and introduce your temple. Your temple will definitely become famous because of this calligraphy compet.i.tion. When the time comes, you will receive lots of incense offerings and Buddha will be happy, isn’t that right?”

Jing Yan did not say a word. After seeing Fangzheng’s actions, she also knew that the young monk was not an ordinary person. She no longer dared to belittle Fangzheng and naturally did not speak provocatively.

With Jing Yan silent, Chen Jing believed that she was angry or still relt fright. He believed it was his time to showcase himself as he came over and said, “Jing Yan, don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

However, Jing Yan rolled her eyes at him. You? If not for my flying shoe, you would be wolf s.h.i.+t by now! Who was it that was crying like his parents just died?

Jing Yan did not speak, but the meaning was clear from the way her eyes looked at him. Chen Jing blushed and quickly racked his brains to correct Jing Yan’s impression of him! And the only method was to enter the temple!

At that moment, Fangzheng’s voice sounded from behind the door, “Amitabha. Patrons, a Buddhist land of wors.h.i.+p is meant to be tranquil. It’s not suitable for any compet.i.tions to be held in it. As for promotion, if you are willing, go ahead. If you aren’t, then forget it.”

When he said those words, Fangzheng felt his heart bleeding. He exclaimed inwardly, “System, you don’t even want such a good opportunity?”

“This is a Buddhist land of wors.h.i.+p, so how can it be used as a venue for compet.i.tion?” asked the System.

Fangzheng sighed. To speak the truth, Cai Fang’s words had moved him. He still had the mission of a hundred incense offerings that he had yet to complete. If the media could promote him, it was certain that large numbers of visitors would flock over. Wouldn’t the mission be finished in just minutes? However… The System did not permit it! Hence Fangzheng could only reject it.

When Cai Fang heard that, he said with a bitter smile, “Little Monk, about that…”

The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 68

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