The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 990 - Explanation

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Chapter 990: Explanation

Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon

The woman felt that Fangzheng was. .h.i.tting on her, so she said angrily, “You… You perverted monk!”

Fangzheng asked the rest with a look of innocence, “What did This Penniless Monk do? Can’t the truth be said? This Penniless Monk was being very honest.”

Everyone couldn’t hold it in as they laughed out loud when they saw Fangzheng’s adorable look of innocence.

The woman rolled her eyes in exasperation. At this point in time, she couldn’t tell if Fangzheng was actually so pure or just acting anymore. In short, the darn baldy’s pureness was almost impenetrable. No matter how she cursed or what she did, she felt the setback of not being able to take him down.

Seeing the woman fail at making any progress, the sallow-skinned man clamored. “That’s right. You are a monk who fakes compa.s.sion. What kind of monk stands by idly without providing any help?”

“Sorry, but This Penniless Monk has been a monk since a young age. As an adult, This Penniless Monk is still a monk. This Penniless Monk doesn’t really wish to be a monk, so if you have any means to let This Penniless Monk renounce asceticism, This Penniless Monk will really have to thank you,” Fangzheng still said with a look of sincerity.

The sallow-skinned man sneered. “That’s simple. Violate the precepts! Do that, and you will quickly be able to renounce asceticism.”

Fangzheng said in all seriousness, “Not a bad idea. Let This Penniless Monk think about it.”

When everyone present—be it the crowd or the trio—saw Fangzheng seriously consider it, they felt like laughing for some baffling reason. This was because it was clearly impossible for Fangzheng to renounce asceticism! He was famous, and his monastery was popular. Which fool would choose to renounce asceticism at such a time? Yet Fangzheng still wore a look of serious contemplation as though it was written on his face: “I’m seriously teasing you, so please wait patiently!”

With this in mind, everyone laughed again.

Fangzheng was rather exasperated seeing their reactions. He was really contemplating the matter seriously! Furthermore, he had asked the System.

“Dream on. Violating the precepts would only increase your negative karma which would cancel out your merit. Are you sure you want that?”

Fangzheng decisively shook his head when he heard that. What a joke. Was it easy for him to earn merit? If it was canceled out, wouldn’t everything he had done end up having been for nothing?

Hence, Fangzheng continued looking seriously at the trio. “This Penniless Monk has considered the matter, but doing so would only increase the negative karma on This Penniless Monk. It would be harmful without benefits. It cannot be done. Patron, do you have any other suggestions?”

The sallow-skinned man rolled his eyes, cursing inwardly. F**k you, Bald Donkey. You are openly teasing me! You darn pervert!

With that, the sallow-skinned man couldn’t be bothered to waste his time with Fangzheng. He directly asked, “Are you treating him or not!?”

Fangzheng shook his head and said seriously, “No!”

“Why? I’m sick. You must have a reason for not saving me, right?” the sick man asked.

Fangzheng glanced at him and activated his Wisdom Eye, only to see a black aura lingering around him. Hence, Fangzheng said, “That’s because you are plagued by sin. This Penniless Monk doesn’t treat people like you.”

“Monk, what are you saying? Everything needs evidence. What evidence do you have to claim that I’m plagued by sin and a bad person? Do you think I won’t sue your for slander?” The sick man didn’t believe Fangzheng had the ability to tell that he was bad. He believed that Fangzheng was putting his emotions in the matter, but this was good for him. After setting up the trap all day, this was precisely what he had been waiting for.

The woman immediately said, “That’s right. Monk, without evidence, you claim that someone is bad at a glance. Are you telling me that you decide who’s good and bad based on one look?”

The sallow-skinned man added. “That’s right. Abbot Fangzheng, isn’t that too unreasonable? You must provide some proof if you say that we are bad people. Who doesn’t know how to sully others with empty words? But if everyone were to do that all the time, would there be any justice and fairness left in this world? Everyone here is an adult, so words must be spoken with responsibility!”

The sick man continued. “That’s right. Our country’s laws say that slander is an offense. Everyone has seen you do it. We might not have done certain things well and offended others, but one should deal with each matter based on its individual situation. How can you say I’m a bad person with just one look, that I’m plagued with sins? Would anyone be able to accept this kind of careless talk that slanders others?”

Everyone was taken aback when they heard that. They had believed that Fangzheng would refuse treatment, but they never expected Fangzheng would use such a reason! Such a reason was just too forced.

Just like the trio had said, they were all adults that needed to be responsible with their words. To determine that a stranger was a bad person at a glance was a little too much.

Hence, everyone looked at Fangzheng with a suspicious look as they waited for his explanation.

Seeing the tide reverse, the trio had the glint of a smile deep in their eyes.

Meanwhile, the two jacket-donning men secretly huddled together as the man in the gray down jacket whispered. “Director, these people you found are quite reliable! So all that fuss they were making before was to setup the trap!”

The two were none other than Putian Hospital’s Director Xu Pu and the freckled man.

When Xu Pu heard that, he harrumphed and said with glee, “Fangzheng is ultimately too young. The rules he set up are filled with loopholes. This time, Xizi and the rest only found one loophole to attack, yet it’s already enough to make him suffer.”

The freckled man whispered. “Let’s see how he gets out of this! He basically dug a trap for himself… Hehe, this is what you call a modern version of digging one’s own grave, isn’t it?”

Xu Pu laughed as well.

At this point, Fangzheng pressed his palms together. “Oh? You really want to see proof?”

“How would you feel if you were in our shoes?” the sick man said angrily.

“Monk, you have to explain yourself for slandering us in front of so many people! If the explanation is lacking, we’ll let the police and law deal with you!” the woman clamored.

The sallow-skinned man shouted. “Police! Police! Are you not going to do something about this? Don’t tell me you are covering up for each other? There are so many policemen and reporters here. Can you cover it all up?”

The two policemen in the crowd exchanged looks when they heard that. They saw in each other’s eyes: “F**k, do these fellows know no end?”

Anyone could tell that Fangzheng was standing on the side of reason and that the trio was there to cause trouble. However, at this point in time, Fangzheng had unknowingly fallen for their trap and was at a disadvantage.

The police originally didn’t wish to deal with the matter, but with the trio calling them out and with so many people watching, with there even being reporters on scene, they couldn’t do anything apart from mediating the situation now that they had been summoned.

Upon seeing the police come, the woman felt more emboldened. She glared at Fangzheng and asked, “Abbot Fangzheng, the police are here. Will you still not give us an explanation?”

“Yes, give us an explanation!” the sallow-skinned man shouted.

“We need this redressed!” the sick man roared.

The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 990 - Explanation

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