Xiaobei's Life As A Proud And Respected Woman Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Wolfblood Expedition

Li Xiaobei, female, twenty-three years old, graduated from medical school for one year. Now she is an intern who has had her interns.h.i.+p for nearly two years now. She is a delicate and beautiful woman. There is still a big gap between being a n.o.ble beauty. Xiaobei has a wide range of hobbies. Her hobby is to survive in the wild, often with a group of friends who trek together, going to some undeveloped areas to take risks.

Xiaobei's father is a retired worker. Her mother died many years ago. Xiaobei has neither brothers nor sisters. She came to the city to study and then went to the hospital for an interns.h.i.+p. With the help of her tutor, she also went to the hospital as an intern after graduation. She did not choose a public hospital. There are several reasons for this. She doesn't have a relations.h.i.+p. The public hospitals are under great pressure and compet.i.tion. The private hospitals are also well treated. There are many holidays so you can have time to explore. Naturally, her father in a small town does not know. If the traditional father knows that Xiaobei, often runs to go to the mountains and forests with a group of people she is not very familiar with. It is estimated that he is going to be angered half dead!

Xiaobei is usually very lazy, and her personality is sloppy. Only when she is working, that she is active and serious. After all, the profession of a doctor is related to life and death. She said that she is lazy because she doesn't like to go shopping, she doesn't like dressing up, she never wears makeup, she likes neutral clothes, she doesn't like to stay. Her long hair, is at most over her shoulders, directly tied to a high ponytail, which is convenient, her clothes are casual everyday wear, with jeans, her hair is never dyed, it is considered plain, compared to the elegant and delicate way her colleagues dressed every day, she is really lazy, in addition to work, after her s.h.i.+ft is over she will immediately turn into a lazy kitten. On weekends, colleagues go shopping. Unless she had to buy something, she would never go out. She would rather read a book in the dormitory or water her flowers.

She will have a holiday on the first day of the fifth month. In seven days, how can Xiaobei waste a good holiday? As early as half a month ago, she contacted a group of friends, Xiaobei the female adventurer will explore it! Three days ago, she packed up her backpack tent and all the equipment that survived in the wild.

The first day of the fifth month they will officially set off, together with people who love outdoor sports, who are also known through outdoor adventures, there are men and women, plus Xiaobei, there were exactly seven, four men, three women. The second purpose is an unmanned mountainous area. It is planned they will cross the mountain for three days, and make the journey back in three days, then rest at home on the last day. Seven people have already gone out together for more than ten times. They are already very familiar with each other.

This mutual care, the captain is a 34-year-old man, the youngest is a 19-year-old boy with small tiger’s teeth, he entered the team at the latest, this is a folk expedition, everyone gave it a domineering name, the wolfblood expedition team, the seven people live in the city, they are white-collar workers, there are salesmen, the captain is a professional outdoor sports coach, everyone is also rus.h.i.+ng to him, with a backbone of experience.

The seven men each carried a heavy bag and spent three days in the care zone of the mountain. In another half of the day, they should be able to reach their destination. Everyone was somewhat tired. At this time, the weather was cloudy and the captain looked at the sky: “It's going to rain, we're going to speed up, and we'll find campsites before dark."

Everyone nodded, took a break, or had something to eat, and the seven people continued on. The road ahead was difficult to walk. The captain always told everyone to be careful. The road was narrow and on the other side, there was a cliff. They dare not look down, trying to stick themselves to the stone wall. This is a light rain with a slippery foot. Under the leaders.h.i.+p of the captain, everyone is very careful, as long as they walk the road with care.

So careful that they had walk for fifteen minutes, seeing tens of meters of s.p.a.ce is a relatively open mountain road, suddenly, a girl’s foot slips in front, her body tilts toward the cliff, she instinctively wants to adjust the body, but how can her 30 kilogram backpack let her move easily, she realize that Xiaobei instinctively grabbed the girl’s backpack bag and wanted to pull back the girl, but the girl weighed more than one hundred kilograms, plus the backpack on her back, where was there to pull, but a person’s life was in danger, she shouted, “Be careful!” She ran and pulled hard on the back the girl, this caused a slip under her feet, carrying a backpack, while holding a backpack, she saw the boy in front of the girl, but she fell like a meteor, in addition to the wind, only a few people shouted, and when they were finished, she only finished playing at the age of twenty-three. She still has an old man at home, if she is dead, who would care for the old man, there was regret in her heart, if she had known earlier, she would not have gone exploring, or how important life is, but everything is too late!

Xiaobei sadly waited for the death to come, but felt that his body was heavy and falling, instinctively clenched his backpack, “plop”, splas.h.i.+ng! have water! Her body was sinking quickly

Going down, although it was very painful, Xiaobei was very happy, it is most important that she survives! The two backpacks are very heavy, and Xiaobei sinks to the bottom of the water. Fortunately, her swimming skills are good, her air is closed, and she is quick upstream. Fortunately, the buoyancy of the water in the backpack is not heavy. Soon she came out of the water and looked at the backpack. The girl, also saved her backpack? She still has a life to live, let her continue! Xiaobei thought about it, while smas.h.i.+ng her backpack to the sh.o.r.e, these backpacks are professional equipment, all waterproof, as long as it is not in the water for a long time, the inside will not be wet, Xiaobei looked at it, and she fell to this place is a lake, the sh.o.r.e was not too far away, she secretly rejoiced. When she grabbed her backpack and went ash.o.r.e, she was a little exhausted. The three days of trekking, her physical strength was exhausted. After all, she was a girl. She threw her backpack aside, lying on the gra.s.s and gasping for the rest of her life. At this time, She was scared. she was really a contemporary Lei Feng. She saved people but didn't even lose her bags. I almost getting herself killed? Who is so kind? No way, there is no equipment in the wild, it is a loss of half a life, all fathers are good at educating their children, Xiaobei boasted her father in her heart, she is the only child of her father, he really has three long and two short, what would her father do? Although he is in good health, he is still old. If he is really upset, this is the life of her father! She will not take any risks in the future, or she will not be able to spend more money and take her father to travel.

Xiaobei was really tired. After lying for half an hour, she got the strength to climb up, find the bottle, she drank a few sips, and found an apple looking over the lake clear, she went over and washed the apple, and thanked him. “Lake water! You saved me! I must thank you for saving the day!”

How can the lake water speak, Xiaobei took the apple to the side of the backpack, with no care for her image of how she eat, she was not a lady after all, she had an apple, ate a chocolate bar, which is more conducive to restoring physical strength, and she fell into this wilderness alone, she is afraid that she can’t find a way out herself, but she will call the police. She hopes that the great and lovely police uncle will come to save her. She doesn’t want to stay here alone, but since she survived. she still has to find a way. Her clothes are all wet, and it is very uncomfortable. Anyway, with no one else around, Xiaobei decided to change her clothes first.

Little Ramblings

I hope you will enjoy this, it is a very light-hearted story about a young woman who finds herself in a society where women are respected.

Xiaobei's Life As A Proud And Respected Woman Chapter 1

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