Warrior's Promise Chapter 1001 - To The East Continent

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Chapter 1001: To The East Continent

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Long Teng stopped, turned around and glanced at the Prime Minister Turtle. “Prime Minister Turtle, Su Mo did me a favor. Just let this pa.s.s!”

Long Teng’s words were an order. After saying so, he strode out of the Punishment Hall.

The Prime Minister Turtle was stunned. The Prince didn’t even give him a chance to say anything!

Now he would never have the chance to execute Su Mo.

“Prime Minister Turtle, see ya!” Su Mo smiled, saluted to the Prime Minister Turtle and left with Long Teng.

“You…!” The Prime Minister Turtle was furious upon seeing Su Mo’s smile but could not do anything.


He shouted out loud after they had gone far.

Su Mo and Long Teng arrived at the Prince Mansion soon.

This was a big mansion with colorful corals in the garden.

In the garden, Su Mo and Long Teng sat opposite to each other at a stone table.

Long Teng said in a deep voice, “Brother Su, you saved me, and I’ll say no more about you killing our men!”

“I’m sorry!” Su Mo nodded. No matter what, he did kill those men.

“It’s fine. They’re just some outer cl.u.s.ter and side cl.u.s.ter members. I won’t be able to protect you if you kill an inner cl.u.s.ter member!” Long Teng shook his head.

“Su Mo, you’ve captured Wu Shan. Are you going to declare war to the Netherworld Devil Sect?”


Su Mo nodded and said in a deep voice, “I hate them so much! It’s either they die or me.”

“The Netherworld Devil Sect is something, and also a big problem to the Firmament World! I hope you can handle it well!” said Long Teng.

“I will be careful. Thanks!” Su Mo saluted with both hands.

“The major calamity is coming. You are a true talent of the humans. I hope we can fight together by then!” Long Teng stared at Su Mo and looked solemn.

“Do you mean the Trial Testers?” asked Su Mo.

“Correct! The Trial Testers!”

Long Teng nodded and continued, “The Netherworld Devil Sect is closely related to the Trial Testers. I’ll tell you a secret. Before they come, the superpowers will possibly wage war against the Netherworld Devil Sect.”

This was a secret, but Long Teng still told Su Mo.

“Oh? Wage war against them?” Su Mo’s eyes lit up upon hearing this. This was great!

Long Teng sighed. “This is still in progress. The relations.h.i.+ps between the superpowers are complicated. This is not a done deal yet!”

Su Mo nodded. It was not a minor issue to fight against the Netherworld Devil Sect.

“I’ve heard that you and Zhan luan will have a fight at the Jade Cloud Lake. They may be there to hunt you down!” The Netherworld Devil Sect probably knew this too.

“I’ll be careful!” Su Mo nodded and said.

They then had a chit-chat for a long time. They talked about global trends and exchanged cultivating experiences.

Long Teng personally saw Su Mo out of the East Sea Dragon Palace after six hours.

“Su Mo, in ten years, I’ll be the strongest of the Demons. I hope you can also be the strongest of the Humans. Then, we’ll fight the major calamity together!”

At the front gate of the palace, Long Teng looked at Su Mo and said proudfully.

Su Mo was surprised at Long Teng’s confidence.

Was Long Teng confident to be stronger than his father, the Dragon King of the East Sea, in ten years?

“It won’t take ten years. One year is all!”

Su Mo chuckled and left immediately.

“One year?” Long Teng was shocked. He thought that Su Mo would not believe him to achieve that in ten years.

“How was this possible? In one year?”

“Interesting. He’s even more arrogant than me!”

Long Teng shook his head and did not believe Su Mo could do this.

Tens years was promising though.

Su Mo was the only Human talent he could not see through. Su Mo’s sedateness and temperament did not suggest that he was a 20-year-old youth.

Su Mo dashed out of the ocean and headed for Central Continent.

The fight with Zhan Luan was close, yet he was still far away from the continent. He had to speed up.


Su Mo frowned slightly as he realized that the Billion Demonic Sword in his storage ring was shaking uncontrollably as if it wanted to break out of his ring.


He immediately took out the Billion Demonic Sword.

“Kid, how many people have you killed? Where is the blood-shed that you promised?” The Demonic Spirit’s voice rose in Su Mo’s mind again.

“When I have the chance! I can’t kill for no reason!” Su Mo said helplessly.

“A chance? When will it be then?”

The Demonic Spirit yelled, “You little innocent kid has mercy. You will die miserably!”

“Haha! I’m always lucky enough to survive!” Su Mo chuckled.


The Demonic Spirit snorted and said, “You have no idea how horrible the Trial Testers are! How many times had I told you that you can survive the major calamity only if I’m fully recovered!”

Su Mo was shadowed again. Was the Trial Tester really so horrible?

“Kid, you are not weak now. You can go destroy some small powers and loot them!” The Demonic Spirit was tempting Su Mo.

Su Mo was speechless about this spirit.

Something flashed through his mind when he was about to speak. Destroy some small powers?

The Cold-blood Hall in the East Continent was a piece of cake!

But, if he went to the East Continent, he might miss the duel in the Jade Cloud Lake.

After a short deliberation, he decided to go to the East Continent even if he would miss the duel.

Because that fight was meaningless!

Moreover, he was now in the East Sea. He would pa.s.s by the East Continent if he was going to the Central Continent. It was just a quick detour.

“Fine, since you want blood so badly. I’ll give you the bloodbath you want!” said Su Mo.

“Really? Where to?” The Demonic Spirit was overjoyed.

“You can just wait!” Su Mo chuckled as he put the Billion Demonic Sword into his storage ring and continued flying.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1001 - To The East Continent

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