Warrior's Promise Chapter 1049 - Su Mo?

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Chapter 1049: Su Mo?

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“Hahah… Hahah!”

Dugu Sheng couldn’t help laughing out loud. How ridiculous this Lv 7 Martial King Realm martial artist must be for attempting to rob the three of them!

This was too funny!

The trio had no words to express their feelings since they had never encountered anything ridiculous like this.

In their opiniion, Su Mo was courting death.

“Have you lived enough?” Li Fei sneered with disdain. What kind of a fool would attempt to rob the three of them?

Dugu Tianw.a.n.g kept his face straight while his spiritual consciousness carefully watching around for any mighty fighter’s sudden arrival.

He believed Su Mo must have his reasons to act this recklessly. They hadn’t spotted any ambush but they must be cautious about it.

“Shut up and hand over your storage rings within three breaths or I won’t have mercy for you.”

Su Mo’s face darkened and his eyes grim like blades. The trio was in his hands as if meat on a chopping board.

“You’ll be dead too soon!”

Dugu Sheng was enraged. One of the brightest talents in the Firmament World, he had never been threatened like this.

Dugu Sheng was ready to finish this square face young man with one palm.

At this very moment, something changed abruptly!


After a loud explosion, Dugu Sheng’s storage ring suddenly broke open, a cold beam of light emerging and flying towards Dugu Sheng in a flash.

“What?” Dugu Sheng turned pale with fright. This happened all too fast and the cold beam of light was too close to dodge.

Between crackles, Dugu Sheng twisted his body as hard as he could to guard his vital parts.

One breath!


The cold beam of light pierced through Dugu Sheng’s body instantly, shooting out a stream of blood.


Dugu Sheng cried out in pain. His body retreated quickly and violently.

After injuring Dugu Sheng, the light flew straight to Su Mo and vanished in a flash.

“Brother Sheng!”


Li Fei and Dugu Tianw.a.n.g were both startled by this sudden change. The frightened pair hurried to check on the Dugu Sheng’s wound.

“Are you Su Mo?”

Dugu Sheng’s face looked terrifying. He ignored the concerned Li Fei and Dugu Tianw.a.n.g, keeping his eyes fixed on this square face young man.

He was just injured by Su Mo’s Natal Spiritual Sword. It had to be Su Mo who manipulated this attack.

It didn’t take him long to figure out who this young man really was.

“Su Mo?”

“He’s Su Mo?”

Dugu Tianw.a.n.g and Li Fei were stunned by Dugu Sheng’s question and screamed out.

This had gone way beyond their expectation. Didn’t Su Mo enter the Mist Mountains? How did he get out?

How could he be this bold and reckless to come all the way to the Lone City!

Dugu Tianw.a.n.g narrowed his eyes, glancing Su Mo from head to toes. His fighting desire was boiling.

After defeating Zhan Luan, Su Mo had become the No. 1 warrior in the Firmament World. This excited Dugu Tianw.a.n.g to fight and dominate him.

In his 30s, he was no longer considered one of the youngster but his desire to excel over others was as strong as always.

Li Fei measured Su Mo with her eyes. For her, Dugu Sheng used to be the greatest man in this world.

There were a handful of fighters in the Firmament World slightly better than Dugu Sheng. Among them, Zhan Luan was the one taking the lead.

However, Zhan Luan was several years older than Dugu Sheng and his seniority explained his superiority.

In front of her, this Su Mo was a total wild card. The reputation of a man is like the shadow of a tree. His name was too well known in the Firmament World these days.

He rose so rapidly all the way to the peak as if a meteor star returning to the sky, giving others absolutely no time to respond.

Li Fei longed to see Su Mo’s demeanour but never had a chance until now.

She didn’t expect her longing would come true today.

In the void.

Su Mo looks at Dugu Sheng gently. The Spiritual Sword just attacked without the Dark Force. Its limited power and speed spared Dugu Sheng’s life.

“Dugu Sheng, long time no see!”

As his true ident.i.ty was revealed, Su Mo put on a smile. His facial muscles wriggled and his real appearance was restored in a split second.

“It’s you!” There was fire in Dugu Sheng’s eyes. Earlier it was only a guess. Now, faced by Su Mo without any disguise, he was certain.


All of a sudden, Dugu Sheng burst into a laugh with slight disdain. “Su Mo, how bold you are! How dare you come to the Dugus’ territory?”

“Where can’t I go in this wild world?” Su Mo shrugged his shoulders without giving an answer.

Su Mo had got his Natal Spiritual Sword back but he was in no rush to leave as there was someone else with them.

He could sense a very thin stream of air above the clouds.

A strong fighter. A very strong one. Unsure about his strength, Su Mo didn’t want to leave blindly.

“Hmm! You took the Dugus’ Billion Demonic Sword. Return the Demonic Sword today and I’ll spare your life!” Said Dugu Sheng grimly.

“I took? You are funny!”

Sumo looked disdainful. “How can you prove you Dugus’ owners.h.i.+p of the Billion Demonic Sword?”

Su Mo knew the Billion Demonic Sword belonged to Dugu Shang, who might be an ancestor of the Dugu clan. However, the sword was out drifting about in the wild and he happened to acquire it by his true strength. The Dugus had no say in this.

“It is known to all that the Demonic Sword was a wespon of the ancestor of the Dugu clan!” Shouted Dugu Sheng loudly.

Dugu Sheng attempted to stall, buying time for the elder to arrive so they could catch Su Mo and take back the Billion Demonic Sword together.

“Su Mo, Dugu Tianw.a.n.g would like to see how great you actually are!”

Dugu Tianw.a.n.g took one step forward, facing Su Mo at the distance of just over 1,000 zhang.

“Cousin!” Dugu Sheng was shocked by this challenge. He didn’t think Dugu Tianw.a.n.g could handle Su Mo alone.

Dugu Tianw.a.n.g was must stronger than Dugu Sheng but still not powerful enough to conquer Su Mo.

“Cousin, don’t worry!”

Dugu Tianw.a.n.g waved confidently. “I’ve improved quite a bit lately. The outcome is yet to know.”

Dugu Sheng heaved a sigh. On a second thought, if Dugu Tianw.a.n.g could stall Su Mo longer until the elder arrived, Su Mo would have no way to escape.

Li Fei gazed at Su Mo with her beautiful eyes. She couldn’t wait to find out if Su Mo was as impressive as the legend went.

Su Mo was only at the Lv 7 Martial King Realm, much weaker than Dugu Tianw.a.n.g’s cultivation at the the peak of the Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm.

If Su Mo could excel over Dugu Tianw.a.n.g, he would really live up to the t.i.tle “all-time talent”.

Li Fei was very excited. She never believed anyone could manage a fight with a rival so many levels higher. But rumors spread wide and wildly that she had to give it a try.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1049 - Su Mo?

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