Warrior's Promise Chapter 1050 - The Fourth Elder

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Chapter 1050: The Fourth Elder

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In the sky.

Dugu Sheng and Li Fei both stepped way back, staying out of the battle between Su Mo and Dugu Tianw.a.n.g.

The pair held their breath, preparing for a grand battle.

Dugu Tianw.a.n.g’s body was full of the dark force. His aura grews increasingly that heaven and earth were changing colors.

In his hand was a spear with a brilliant radiance circling around like dozens of snakes.

“So close yet so far!”

After a short moment, Dugu Tianw.a.n.g charged. His spear stabbed violently, firing a sharp spear radiance towards Su Mo at an incredible speed.

This beam of spear radiance was fast like a flash, piercing through the void in a flash.

The immense power shook the ground and the sky. The boundless energy soared through the air.

This strike bore a special Ultimacy. The Ultimacy of Speed.

Dugu Tianw.a.n.g was not holding back. He put all his strength into this first attack.

Su Mo was slightly amazed by Dugu Tianw.a.n.g’s advance. The strike was not that powerful but certainly fast.

At this stage, Su Mo’s strength had excelled over his peers by far. He was rapidly narrowing the gap between him and the top martial artists of this continent.

The spear radiance came close at a shocking speed. Su Mo confronted it with a punch casually and a terrible fist radiance shot towards the sky.

This fist radiance was not ma.s.sive but it bore forceful fluctuations that ran violently with a terrifying might.


The fist radiance crushed the spear radiance at once and marched on towards Dugu Tianw.a.n.g like a flash.

“How is it possible?”

Dugu Tianw.a.n.g turned pale. He didn’t expect Su Mo to be so powerful that he could shatter the mighty spear strike this easily.

The fist radiance was getting closer. Without much time to think, Dugu Tianw.a.n.g held his spear in front of his body to block the fist radiance.


The fist radiance reached the spear and gave out an earthshaking cracking sound.


An arrow of blood was fired out of Dugu Tianw.a.n.g’s mouth while his body shot backwards for hundreds of li until smas.h.i.+ng into the ground.

Dugu Sheng was at a loss!

So was Li Fei.

They opened their eyes wide, staring at the scene.


After one bout!

The mighty Dugu Tianw.a.n.g couldn’t handle one strike of Su Mo!

The pair was prepared to watch a great combat. Dugu Tianw.a.n.g might not be a match for Su Mo but the fight should be intense and tight.

As a result, Dugu Sheng and Li Fei were lost.

Inside Dugu Sheng’s heart was a violent storm, stirred up by fear for Su Mo’s rapid growth.

Every time he met Su Mo, he became stronge. His astonis.h.i.+ng progress scared Dugu Sheng the talented Divine Guard.

Li Fei looked stupefied, with dazzling splendour in her eyes for the existence of such a genius in this world.

After a quick glance at Dugu Sheng, Li Fei suddenly realized how ordinary her fiance was.

Compared to Su Mo, Dugu Sheng was so dull without a glimmer of light.

Dugu Tianw.a.n.g was alive. After the heavy fall on the ground, he quickly got up.

However, he didn’t make another move or he dared not make another move.

After one bout, he knew clearly the unmeasured gap between Su Mo and him.

He was very confident that he could hold ground for some time even if suffering a defeat in the end.

The result was very disheartening. Within one bout, his confidence was crushed utterly.

In the sky, Su Mo’s eyes were bright and sharp. After dealing Dugu Tianw.a.n.g a defeat, he looked up suddenly, his face darkened at once.


From above the sky, a ma.s.sive hand was pressing down as if a canopy of heavens.

The terrible strength could move mountains and overturn seas. The void was smashed and loud explosions could be heard all over the place, causing the earth below to crack and sink.

“Has he finally run out of patience?”

Dazzling lights shot out of Su Mo’s eyes. The Billion Demonic Sword appeared in his hands with glaring demonic rays and brilliant sword rays.

“Sky-earth Change!”

A low cry was followed by a powerful slash. The Demonic Sword cut through the skies.


An astonis.h.i.+ng sword Qi rose up high while heaven and earth were both sinking. The terrifying sword Qi destroyed everything, smas.h.i.+ng into the ma.s.sive hand.


As if a piece of cloth were torn apart, the hand was cut in half by the sword Qi, which was exhausted and suddenly collapsed.


The collapsed sword Qi and the torn hand exploded abruptly, creating an earth shattering noise.

The unparalleled shock wave swept across the nine heavens and ten earths. Everything within a thousand miles radius became nothing.


Su Mo retreated quickly, keeping out of the blast wave’s range.

Dugu Sheng, Li Fei, and Dugu Tianw.a.n.g’s face turned pale, seeking escape.

A while later, the blast wave pa.s.sed and middle aged man with a solemn face emerged in a fine brocaderobe.

“Fourth Elder!”

“Fourth Elder!”

The trio screamed out loud upon seeing this middle aged man.

This was Dugu Bo, the fourth elder of the Dugu clan.

“Lv 8 Martial Royal Realm.”

Su Mo locked his narrowed eyes on Dugu Bo. He couldn’t really tell his status but he could sense his aura much weaker than Yan Tai, Hua Taishan and other mighty fighters of Lv 9 Martial Royal Realm.

He figured out this man’s cultivation was of the Lv 8 Martial Royal Realm.

Dugu Bo came down slowly until finally landing in front of Su Mo at a distance of several hundred miles, his eyes locked on Su Mo.

Dugu Bo’s face was very gloomy, apparently disappointed by his last hit missing Su Mo.

“How is it possible?”

How could Su Mo already have the strength to confront him?

Half an year ago, Dugu Bo presented at the Battle of Jade Cloud Lake. He knew Su Mo’s strength.

Su Mo was invincible among the young generation but couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath with him at all.

However, merely half a year later, Su Mo was pretty much on par with him.

Dugu Bo felt heavy hearted. This man’s talent was outrageous. Making him an enemy wasn’t the wise move.

He should either befriend him or wipe him out completely.

Making him an enemy and leaving him alive would be a terrible nightmare for the Dugu clan.

“You’ve already reached the half-way Martial Royal Realm?” Asked Dugu Bo in a heavy tone. Su Mo had been trying to hide his cultivation but his last move revealed his true strength.

“That’s riht!” Su Mo nodded, leaning back to withdraw. He was ready to leave.

He already had a big show here. It wouldn’t take long for other capable fighters of the Dugu clan to arrive.

Dugu Sheng had no determination to kill Dugu Sheng. His life or death simply didn’t matter much.

“Su Mo, if you can take another strike from me, you will be free to leave. I won’t stay in your way!”

Noticing Su Mo’s intention to retreat, Dugu Bo made his condition, his fighting desire bubbling in his eyes.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1050 - The Fourth Elder

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