Warrior's Promise Chapter 109: Defeat After Defeat

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Sure enough, the result didn't stray from Su Mo's expectations.

w.a.n.g Chuhe's first kick had already forced Ma Yue ten steps backward.

His leg became even stronger as he kicked once again with a bang.

"Mountain Leg Techniques! Shaking Mountain with One Kick!"

He jumped and used his strength to pull his leg down from high above.

Shadows of the leg suddenly appeared all over the sky, pressing against Ma Yue.

As the shadows approached Ma Yue, they converged into a giant green leg abruptly and struck his head with a heavy force.


Ma Yue yelled, releasing his Martial Soul. He hit the giant leg transformed from genuine Qi with his two palms.


The giant leg with genuine Qi pressed down on Ma Yue and knocked him down into a kneeling position, blood spewing from his mouth.

"Impossible! We both have the same cultivation but how could you be so powerful?" Ma Yue yelled in rage.

As a disciple of the Scorching Sun Sect, he had never met anyone within the same cultivation rank who could suppress him so easily.

Even if Su Mo knocked him out with a punch the last time, he thought it was because Su Mo had a higher cultivation.

At that moment, he started to regret!

He regretted being so short-sighted!

He regretted accepting the challenge!

He roared on, but what answered him was the shadow of a leg.


The leg smashed Ma Yue's head into pieces like a watermelon, killing him.

Those from the Skymoon Country were dumbfounded once again.

It was yet another crus.h.i.+ng defeat. Were all the disciples of the Ulti-mystery Sect this powerful?

It wasn't only Liang Chuan who was powerful, so was w.a.n.g Chuhe.


Just as Ma Yue died, another man decisively jumped over the city wall to join the battle.

This time it was a disciple of the Sky Rapier Sect!

The Sky Rapier Sect disciples finally couldn't hold themselves back.

As the sect that led the four sects in the Skymoon Country, their disciples had far stronger combat strength than disciples of the three other sects.

But the Sky Rapier Sect were so strict with the selection of their disciples that they had fewer disciples compared to the rest. Otherwise, the sect would have doubtlessly dominated the Skymoon Country alone.

Their representative this time was a tall and lean young man, who carried a huge black sword on his back.

The design of his sword was incredibly exaggerated, as long as two meters with a very wide and thick blade.

Even if the sword of this size made of ordinary iron, it wouldn't be any lighter than 250 kg.

Further, the young man's sword was obviously not an ordinary weapon, but a Medium Lv 2 sword.

It was anyone's guess how heavy it was!


The young man stepped into the arena and slashed w.a.n.g Chuhe without any hesitation or words.

The black sword radiance gleamed as he made his strike, with his cold sword Qi scattering everywhere.

"Boom! Boom!"

w.a.n.g Chuhe once again used his Mountain Leg Techniques again. Very soon, they started fighting at close range.

The swordsmans.h.i.+p of the Sky Rapier Sect disciple was unyielding and unrestrained.

w.a.n.g Chuhe's use of his leg was mighty and invincible.

For a moment, the arena was full of sword Qi and shadows of the leg. They were so well-matched that it was difficult for either to win.

Su Mo was surprised to see how skilled this Sky Rapier Sect disciple was.

Everyone, whether from the Skymoon Country or the Ironforest Country, was silent as all their attention was focused on the fight.


The attacks from both sides were incredibly violent, continuously colliding with one another. The strong blast from their collision sent dust flying everywhere.

The two soon fought for almost 50 movements but there was still no clear victory in sight.


Both began to get serious and released their respective Martial Souls.

The Sky Rapier Sect disciple's Martial Soul was a sword.

w.a.n.g Chuhe's Martial Soul was very suitable for his martial arts technique. It was a long boot.

Their Martial Souls were both of the Rank 8 Human Cla.s.s.

After releasing their Martial Souls, their strength increased by several folds as they continued their mad fight.

After 100 movements, something finally changed in their battle.

After overextending his stamina, the offensive capability of the Sky Rapier Sect disciple started to weaken.

Yet w.a.n.g Chuhe continued on with his powerful momentum, without any decrease in his combat strength.

Another 10 movements went by.

w.a.n.g Chuhe swept his opponent with his leg, hurling the Sky Rapier Sect disciple dozens of meters away.

"It's my defeat!"

The disciple steadied himself, expression grim.

"Humph! It's impressive enough you managed to fight hundreds of movements against me!"

w.a.n.g Chuhe sneered.

He stopped attacking now that his opponent had admitted defeat.

That was because he knew their strengths didn't differ by much. If his opponent wanted to flee, he wouldn't be able to stop him.

The Sky Rapier Sect disciple sighed and immediately turned to leave.

On the arena, w.a.n.g Chuhe swallowed a Qi-rehabilitation Pill to recover some of his genuine Qi. He then once again turned his gaze toward the Skymoon Country camp.

"Who else wants to answer my challenge? I'll play along!" He shouted loudly.

This time, no one from the four sects replied.

Everyone had seen clearly how the Sky Rapier Sect disciple lost in w.a.n.g Chuhe's hands.

And the strengths of both martial artists were similar.

Now that even the Sky Rapier Sect disciple was defeated, the other Lv 2 disciples had even less confidence to win against w.a.n.g Chuhe.

Yuan Zhan didn't send any more martial artists because no Lv 2 martial artists in the entire Black Scale Army had the ability to win.

His face was now as dark as the scorched bottom of a pan.

Though the Skymoon Country only lost one person in the second round against the enemy, it was undeniably still their loss!

What a great humiliation this was.

There weren't any same-level disciples who could defeat these two Ulti-mystery Sect disciples in the great Skymoon Country with its ten thousand soldiers and hundreds of disciples.

If this news became known, it wouldn't only be him who would lose face. So would the four sects.

"Humph! You're all a bunch of cowards!"

w.a.n.g Chuhe scoffed when he saw no one responded to his challenge and turned to return to his camp.

When he stepped out this time, he had been planning to get even more attention than Liang Chuan.

He thought he would at least kill dozens of people but who knew he would only kill one and defeat another. That made him feel dejected.

Though he had won and no one within the same level dared to fight him, his record was still far inferior compared to Liang Chuan's.

When they returned to their sect, it was likely he would also receive far fewer rewards than Liang Chuan.

How could he not be upset?

After returning to the Ironforest Country camp, he went up to a handsome young man.

"Senior Brother Zuo, the rest is up to you!"

He smiled at the man.

The handsome young man gave a gentle nod, smiling as he walked up to the arena.

"Senior Brother w.a.n.g, don't worry. Based on Senior Brother Zuo's strength, it'll a piece of cake for him to wipe out same-level martial artists from the Skymoon Country!"

Beside w.a.n.g Chuhe, another Ulti-mystery Sect's disciple laughed.

That disciple added after a pause, "I only worry that when Senior Brother Zuo shows his strength, the martial artists from the Skymoon Country will be too scared to fight. How boring would that be?"


Many Ulti-mystery Sect disciples who overheard him laughed and nodded in agreement.

With Senior Brother Zuo's strength, he definitely had no same-level rivals.

If he showed too much of his strength in the beginning, the Skymoon Country disciples would certainly be so frightened that n.o.body would dare to accept the challenge.

So even if he won, he probably wouldn't have too high a record.

"Don't you all worry! Junior Brother Zuo knows what to do," another disciple with high cultivation said, smiling meaningfully.

Everyone nodded. Senior Brother Zuo wasn't only someone with extraordinary talents. He was also a meticulous person.

This time, he would definitely create an impressive record.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 109: Defeat After Defeat

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