Warrior's Promise Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: Super Combat Force

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Zuo Qiu traveled like lightning. With one step, he instantaneously moved more than a dozen meters and appeared before Su Mo.

Chain-like sword Qi burst out immediately, like fleeting flashes that pierced through the air and struck down upon the earth.

At that moment, Zuo Qiu’s imposing manner rose sharply and his entire breath was changed immediately, making a showy display of his ability.

He looked like a totally different person now.

With this attack, Zuo Qiu finally exerted his extreme power.

This attack was enough to kill martial artists at Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm.

Su Mo sneered as a wisp of killing desire flashed across his eyes. He punched again, with Genuine Qi surrounding his fist, to take on the oncoming Sword Qi.

The Qi blood all over his body flowed rapidly, and all of his bones let out some loud cracking sounds.


The fist crashed into the Sword Qi, which was immediately smashed by the intrusive fist force and then dispersed.

“Breeze Blowing Flower Swordsmans.h.i.+p—Breeze Blowing Willows!”

The attack failed. Zuo Qiu shouted, and changed his sword momentum. The sword traveled at a lightning-like speed and as light as the wind.

A cool breeze blew as the misty sword radiance appeared in front of Su Mo’s eyes.

“Swordplay of the Wind System?”

Su Mo chuckled. When his mind blended with the wind, he could clearly see the trajectory of the enemy’s attack and the waves of Sword Qi.

Su Mo understood the movements of the wind because he was cultivating the Divine Wind Swordplay.

Even his sword will had that wind-like property.


Su Mo shouted, and attacked with the fist radiance. The fist force was as powerful as roaring waves, layer upon layer.

The sword radiance was again destroyed by the fist force.

“He’s incredibly powerful!” Zuo Qiu frowned.

He had used 80 to 90% of his strength, but Su Mo remained calm, which really shocked Zuo Qiu.

“I’d really like to see how powerful you are!”

Zuo Qiu shouted, with the imposing manner of his body rising again. He attacked Su Mo again, and the sword radiance flashed unceasingly.

“Breeze Blowing Flower Swordsmans.h.i.+p—Rain of Flowers!”

“Withering and Flouris.h.i.+ng!”

“Breeze Blowing Leaves!”


Sword Qi spread into the vast universe, fist radiance surged in all directions, sand and stones flew, and the aftermath affected a circ.u.mference of more than 333 meters.

The two men continued to fight and, in an instant, 20 movements had been exchanged.

No matter how Zuo Qiu attacked, Su Mo remained stationary. All the attacks were destroyed by his powerful force.

This situation was similar to the duel between Zuo Qiu and the disciple of Gale Isalnd, Xing Feng.

However, this time was the exact the opposite.

Su Mo remained calm with no change on his face, while Zuo Qiu attacked madly with no effect.

Everyone from the two camps remained focused on the fight in the field.

Many people were stunned.

At first, the people of Skymoon Country were shocked, but were later filled with joy.

There was finally a super genius from their side. This was an opportunity to comeback—to defeat Zuo Qiu and wash away the humiliation.


Yuan Zhan laughed wildly, no longer looking gloomy.

He looked at Su Mo on the field and nodded his head.

“He’s a rare genius.”

“People have said that the individual combat strength of the Gale Island disciples is the weakest among the Four Sects.”

“That doesn’t seem to be true!”

“At Gale Island, there are other super geniuses besides the reputable Duan Jingtian from Skymoon.”

One’s joy was another’s sorrow. Yuan Zhan was in a good mood, but the Great General of Ironforest, Mo Tie, looked terrible.

200 Outer Disciples of the Ulti-mystery Sect had gathered for the battle.

More than 10 of them were super geniuses of the Ulti-mystery Sect’s Outer Gate.

They had come here to defeat the disciples of the Four Sects of Skymoon Country.

Firstly, to let the disciples hone themselves.

Secondly, to destroy the faith of the martial artists of Skymoon Country.

By then, when the morale of the troops of Skymoon had hit the rock bottom, he would send his army to take over Guanwu City and march into central regions of Skymoon Country.

In the first two rounds, the two disciples of the Ulti-mystery Sect did excellently and brought joy to Mo Tie.

And in this round, at first, there was no suspense.

But now, a disciple with powerful combat strength stepped out from the Four Sects, and that made him very angry.

“It seems like Zuo Qiu will lose to Su Mo. Is there anyone at the same rank whose combat strength is higher than Zuo Qiu’s?”

Mo Tie was silent for a while, and then turned and asked the disciple of the Ulti-mystery Sect who was beside him.

The disciples of the Ulti-mystery Sect were all stunned by the combat in the field.

All of them regained their composure upon hearing Mo Tie’s voice.

After a moment of silence, a disciple with a high cultivation said, “Junior Brother Zuo won’t be easily defeated. His combat strength can be even more powerful.”

“Exactly! Senior Brother Zuo has unique talents and has not shown his full power. He may turn the tables at any moment.”

“Take it easy, Great General! No one at the same rank as Senior Brother Zuo can kill him, let alone defeat him!”

Other Ulti-mystery Sect disciples spoke up in agreement.

They had unwavering confidence in Zuo Qiu.

They all believed that Zuo Qiu could certainly save the day.

Upon hearing this, Mo Tie felt a little relieved.

He had little understanding of these Ulti-mystery Sect disciples. He just knew that Zuo Qiu was one of the top eight geniuses in the Ulti-mystery Sect’s Outer Gate, and a pro-disciple of the Ulti-mystery Sect’s Inner Gate elder.

About other things, Mo Tie had no idea at all.

But now, what these Ulti-mystery Sect disciples said made him feel relieved.

On the field, Zuo Qiu wildly attacked Su Mo with 30 continuous movements. But it had no effect, so he stopped.

Zuo Qiu’s face looked terrible, and his handsome features looked grave.

He was a talent. To challenge one at a higher level than him was no big deal, but now he failed to defeat a martial artist at the same rank as him.

It made him feel so uncomfortable.

Zuo Qiu stared at Su Mo, who was standing opposite, and said coldly, “Your strength is really beyond my expectations.

“But it’s impossible for you to defeat me!”

Zuo Qiu sneered with haughtiness on his face.

“Show me your strength now!”

Su Mo shook his head and said disdainfully, “If not, you won’t get another chance!”

Having fought with Zuo Qiu for so long, Su Mo had some ideas about his strength.

Zuo Qiu’s strength was as powerful as an ordinary martial artist at the Peak Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm, or even higher.

Aside from himself, Su Mo had not come across a person with such a powerful combat strength.

But he no longer had any interest to combat with Zuo Qiu.

It was time to end it!

“What arrogance!”

Zuo Qiu’s face turned dark. As a super genius, n.o.body dared to despise him.

“Since you can’t wait to die, I’ll give you a hand!”

Zuo Qiu shouted, “Spirit-blasting Skill!”

Having said that, the Genuine Qi in Zuo Qiu’s body became wild, and the rising Genuine Qi coiled up his body.

Just then, Zuo Qiu’s breath climbed wildly.

Instantly, he broke through the limit of Lv 3 Spiritual Martial Realm and entered into Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm.

“Martial Soul, come out!”

After his breath rose sharply, Zuo Qiu did not stop, releasing his Martial Soul.

Nine dazzling lights immediately rose into the sky.

Rank 9 Human Cla.s.s Martial Soul!

Warrior's Promise Chapter 112

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