Warrior's Promise Chapter 1121 - Self-recommand

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Chapter 1121: Self-recommand

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Days later, Su Mo, Di s.h.i.+, the Dragon King of the East Sea, and Hai Mingjiang returned to the Firmament Palace.

Nothing changed here. Every disciple had been cultivating madly.

Su Mo was surprised that Long Teng was here.

Long Teng and his father left the East Sea together.

But on their way to the Firmament Palace, the Dragon King and Di s.h.i.+ went to the Heaven-sea City.

Long Teng came to the Firmament Palace alone.

In the Firmament Hall, Su Mo sat on the Emperor’s Throne, while the Dragon King and Long Teng sat on the right as Di s.h.i.+ and Hai Mingjiang on the left.

“Brother Su, you’ve changed so much in just a few months! It’s unbelievable!” Long Teng smiled as his eyes contained a sense of shock.

Su Mo sized Long Teng up carefully and said with a smile, “Brother Long, you are no slower!”

Long Teng was now at Peak Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm, and his combat strength was close to that of a Lv 6 or 7 Martial Royal Realm experts.

“It’s not worth mentioning compared to you!” Long Teng shook his head.

Su Mo smiled and looked at the Dragon King of the East Sea. “Senior Dragon King, what’s the issue?”

The Dragon King sighed slightly as his dull face looked serious.

After some deep thoughts, the Dragon King looked at Su Mo and said, “We have to uproot the Netherworld Devil Sect as soon as possible!”

Su Mo nodded and said, “Of course! I hate them so much, and I’ll never let them go!”

“This is not about hatred!”

The Dragon King shook his head and said, “The sect master of the Netherworld Devil Sect is the descendant of the Sorcerer Tribe. He will be a disaster to the Firmament World!”

“The Sorcerer Tribe?” Su Mo was shocked. No wonder they said that the Netherworld Devil Sect was connected to the Trial Tester.

“Wu Shan!”

It reminded Su Mo this name because of the surname Wu.

“Yes! The Trial Testers will kill us all if we don’t destroy the Netherworld Devil Sect.”

“They know too much about us and the other superpowers. n.o.body can escape when the time comes!”

“Got it!”

Su Mo asked, “When should we do this?”

“Su Mo, there is an uncertainty!” said Di s.h.i.+ seriously, “the sect master of the Netherworld Devil Sect has not shown up in a dozen years.”

“Is he strong?” asked Su Mo.

“His name is Wu Sen. He stands on the top among the Emperor-to-be martial artists. The thing is, we have found out that he’s trying to upgrade to the Martial Emperor Realm!”

“The Martial Emperor Realm!” Su Mo was shocked upon hearing the words. They would be really in trouble when Wu Sen reached the Martial Emperor Realm.

However, it was not that easy to upgrade to the Martial Emperor Realm!

Di s.h.i.+ warned, “So, we have to destroy the Netherworld Devil Sect as soon as possible!”

Su Mo was deep in thoughts. Currently, even they sent all of the Firmament Palace members, the Flood-dragon tribe members, the Sky-sea Pavilion members, and the Emperor Xuan Palace residuals to eliminate the Netherworld Devil Sect, they did not stand a chance.

At the very least, it was very difficult to kill the First Demon Elder and the Second Demon Elder.

Even if they killed all other creeps, it would not solve the fundamental problem.

Moreover, if there were only those Emperor-to-be experts left, it would be even harder to kill them.

“Everyone, can you give me two months?” After a few moments of silence, Su Mo looked at them and said.

“Two months?”

Hai Mingjiang asked, “Palace Master Su, are you going to upgrade to Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm in two months?”


Su Mo nodded heavily and said, “As long as I break through to Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm, I think that I’ll be no weaker than senior Dragon King. It will be easier to destroy them! by then!”

Su Mo was very confident to be stronger than the Dragon King after reaching Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm.

He said “no weaker” was just being conservative.

“Upgrade in two months!”

Di s.h.i.+, Dragon King of the East Sea, and Hai Mingjiang fell silent.

They did not believe this if someone else said this. But when it came to Su Mo, they did not doubt that at all.

This was totally not a problem with Su Mo, a miraculous man.

They were just worried about the limited time. One more day meant one more danger.

After all, if Wu Sen really reached the Martial Emperor Realm, he could destroy this world easily.

n.o.body in the Firmament World could stop him.

By then, even the Water Curtain Formation of the Firmament Palace could not stop him.

“Su Mo, I’ll give you two months!”

The Dragon King agreed because he had to.

Because with their present strength, they could only defeat the Netherworld Devil Sect, not uproot them.

“Su Mo, the sooner the better!” Di s.h.i.+ sighed.

“Okay!” Su Mo nodded. He had looted so many resources from the Yin Family. Two months were definitely enough.

“Uhh… Brother Su, I’ve looked around in the Firmament Palace!” At this point, Long Teng suddenly interrupted with a meaningful smile on his face.

“Oh? What do you think?” Su Mo asked with a smile.

Gold One knew that Long Teng was close to Su Mo, so he opened the Water Curtain Formation and let Long Teng stayed in the Firmament Palace.

“Haha! Brother Su, the Firmament Palace is indeed the dominant power in ancient times!”

Long Teng laughed and continued, “I’ve heard that every palace has a descendant. Is it true?”

“Yup!” Su Mo nodded his head.

“Haha! What do you think about me?” Long Teng stood up straight and said with a smile.


Su Mo was a bit shocked at this. He had not expected a self-recommendation at all.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1121 - Self-recommand

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