Warrior's Promise Chapter 1123 - Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm

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Chapter 1123: Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm

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The 10th level of the Thick Earth Pavilion.

Su Mo slowly hunkered down at the entrance of the 10th level.

Under the ma.s.sive gravity, he almost could not run the Dark Force in his body. With great effort, it began to slowly s.h.i.+ft inside.

However, its speed was countless times slower than usual.

Although it was many times slower, the refinement of Dark Force had increased a lot.

Dark Force would be more condensed as it ran a Macrocosmic Orbit.

In this way, Su Mo abandoned all of his distracting thoughts and immersed himself in cultivating.

It was time-consuming. Time pa.s.sed quietly during cultivation.

One month slipped by.

On the 10th level of the Earth Tower,

The Dark Force constantly circulated inside Su Mo. After a month, he had adapted to the gravity of the 10th level.

The Dark Force now ran more than ten times faster than when he had just entered the 10th level.

“It’s not enough!”

Su Mo whispered. He felt the Dark Force inside was very condensed, but it was still a long way for him to break the bottleneck.

As he continuously improved his cultivation, it would take more and more time to refine the Dark Force.

Right now, he was in the gravity field of the Thick Earth Pavilion. If he practiced in the outside world, he would need at least half a year.

He continued to practice. After half a month, he stopped.

As he released his spiritual consciousness, he disappeared and entered the Divine Map.

In the Divine Map.

He sat cross-legged on a flat rock and meditated in silence.

As he turned his hands, the pseudo Dragon Ball with little remaining energy appeared in his hands.

He was going to devour it first and then improve his physical strength.

The more powerful his physical strength became, the more madly he devoured the Spiritual Qi. He did not have to worry that his body could not bear devouring too much Spiritual Qi.


He did not release the Devouring Martial Soul but drove it inside his body instead.

The energy in the pseudo Dragon Ball suddenly rushed into his body along his palms.

He glowed with a golden light and his physical strength began to rise suddenly and sharply.

There was a crackling sound from his body, and his flesh and blood constantly trembled.

His physical strength, which had already been comparable to that of an Lv 5 Martial Royal Realm martial artist, broke through to a higher level.

There was not much energy left in the pseudo Dragon Ball. After he completely devoured the energy, his physical strength rose to a higher level—equal to that of an Lv 6 Martial Royal Realm martial artist.

Then, he prepared to break through to the Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm.

As he waved his palms, all kinds of Spiritual Stones, Spiritual Herbs, and Spiritual Medicines emerged and heaped up around him.

He was almost buried by endless cultivation resources.

The Upper Spiritual Stone and Supreme Spiritual Stone stacked around him added up to no less than a billion, and the Spiritual Herbs and Spiritual Medicine came to several tens of thousands.

He had gotten these cultivation resources after exterminating the Yins. There were still a lot of resources in his storage ring.

“It’s an instant success!”

He took a deep breath. He had promised Dragon King of the East Sea and the others that he would break through within two months. A month and a half had now pa.s.sed.

This time, he had to succeed with a single strike.

“Devour!” He immediately released the Devouring Martial Soul as he spoke harshly.

The huge Devouring Martial Soul was like a giant vortex suspended in the void. Its strong devouring power swept all directions.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Suddenly, a myriad of spiritual consciousness burst open, and numerous Spiritual Herbs and Spiritual Medicines rapidly withered as their efficacy wore off.

Their efficacy mixed with the Spiritual Qi to form rolling waves. His figure was instantly submerged as the waves surged toward him.

He sat cross-legged on the ground. The area within thousands of meters around him had become a sea of Spiritual Qi.

The intense Spiritual Qi was so thick that it was almost liquid. It was amazing.

The area above the giant sea of Spiritual Qi abruptly collapsed and a vortex appeared.

As if through a drain on the floor, the Spiritual Qi flowed downward through the vortex.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Inside his body, there were earsplitting waves and loud noises.

Like great rivers, surging Spiritual Qi dashed around madly inside his body.

The Grand Chaos Five Elements Skill had reached perfection. A huge amount of Spiritual Qi was refined into five kinds of Dark Forces that flew separately into five kinds of divine elixirs.

This cultivation situation was astonis.h.i.+ng. In the entire Firmament World, n.o.body had cultivated like this before.

Certainly, the Spiritual Qi he needed for cultivating was tens of times greater than what other people needed.

When he devoured numerous members of the Yins in Tianyin City, he had reached the peak of Lv 3 Martial Royal Realm. Right now, as the Spiritual Qi flowed into his body, he immediately started to break through to Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When Ma.s.sive Dark Force flowed into the five divine elixirs, they violently vibrated and emitted dazzling light.

Their vibration caused a terrible fluctuation, causing him to shake.

He had devoured too fast, so now the Spiritual Qi and Dark Force were in an upsurge.

He disregarded this and clenched his teeth as he continued hitting the bottleneck.

Time went swiftly by. Four hours later, the giant sea of Spiritual Qi was halved.

Eight hours later, only an area within a 16-meter radius was left.

Just then, a vast aura abruptly rose from the sea and swept over all directions like the autumn wind sweeping away withered leaves.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the aura swept through, s.p.a.ce exploded continuously. The little that remained of the sea areas were destroyed.

In the span of a single breath, the ma.s.sive aura was gone.


Su Mo, who had been sitting cross-legged, appeared. He heaved a long sigh. Like arrows, the murky Qi shot out over 33 meters.

“Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm!” With sparkling eyes, he muttered and slowly stood up.

He finally broke through to Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm. If the Netherworld Devil Sect master had not broken through to the Martial Emperor Realm, n.o.body would be able to match him in the Firmament World.

Now, he was confident enough to fight real Martial Emperor Realm experts.

Of course, he did not know how powerful a real Martial Emperor Realm expert was.

“It’s time to destroy the Netherworld Devil Sect!” With strong killing desire, he immediately left the Divine Map and went out of the Thick Earth Pavilion.

As he exited the Thick Earth Pavilion, he discovered a man sitting cross-legged in front of the gate.

“Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian!”

Su Mo gazed intently at the man. He was the Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian of the Sky-sea Pavilion. Last time, he had been heavily injured and had almost died.

“Su Mo, you’ve finally come out!” Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian looked anxious as he stood up hastily upon seeing Su Mo.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1123 - Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm

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