Warrior's Promise Chapter 1127 - 24 Constellations Sword Formation

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Chapter 1127: 24 Constellations Sword Formation

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As his strength continuously improved, the speed at which he traveled on the sword also increased.

He only took just over three days to arrive near the Emperor Xuan Mountain Range.

When he was 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers away from the Emperor Xuan Mountain Range, Su Mo activated the Ghostly Magic Sight’s Martial Soul and looked toward the Emperor Xuan Mountain Range.

A dense ma.s.s of people was gathered there.

There were so many people it was like a black forest covering the Emperor Xuan Mountain Range.

The ruins of the Emperor Xuan Palace was particularly full. Martial artists blotted out the sky and covered the earth. It appeared that everyone in the Firmament World had come to the mountain range.

The Emperor Spiritual City under the mountain range was now overcrowded. It had been depressed ever since the Emperor Xuan Palace was destroyed, but now, its population had boomed. In the city, there was an endless stream of people like a long dragon.

There was one day left. As he muttered to himself, Su Mo sank and descended into a small lake.

Upon reaching the bottom of the lake, he immediately went inside the Divine Map.

He took out the crafting furnace and all craftsmans.h.i.+p materials and then prepared for craftsmans.h.i.+p.

Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian and the puppets had prepared all the materials for crafting the Natal Spiritual Sword. The quant.i.ty was sufficient.

Besides, he had the Divine Jade and the Blood-striped Seed, which were hard to find.

Although he had plenty of Divine Jades, he had limited Blood-striped Seeds.

He had obtained 24 Blood-striped Seeds in the Divine Martial Country. He had consumed nine seeds to craft nine Natal Spiritual Swords. Now, he still had 15 seeds.

“I need to craft 15 Natal Spiritual Swords, and I can’t fail even once.” Su Mo took a deep breath.

There were many kinds of Natal Spiritual Sword Formations in the Natal Swordcraft Techniques, but, without exception, the more powerful the sword formation was, the more spiritual swords it would need.

He only had nine Natal Spiritual Swords, so he could only display the Nine-death Sword Formation, which was not powerful enough. Aside from that, there were the “12 Sky-devil Sword Formation”, “Sky-derivation Sword Formation”, and so on.

Twenty-four Natal Spiritual Swords could form a kind of sword formation called the “24 Constellations Sword Formation”.

According to the Natal Swordcraft Techniques, it had extraordinary power that was at least more than ten times stronger than the Nine-death Sword Formation.

This was why Su Mo wanted to practice this sword formation. When crafting the Natal Spiritual Swords, he could only succeed, not fail.

Fortunately, he already had nine successful experiences. He already had an apt.i.tude for crafting the Natal Spiritual Sword.

As he waved his hands, the sorted materials flew into the crafting furnace.

He pressed on the burner of the crafting furnace to activate the divine elixir of fire property. The Dark Force of fire property immediately surged out and turned into flames.

The fire property cultivation skill that he cultivated was an upper Imperial-level skill. During this period, he had focused on improving cultivation. However, as he constantly improved his cultivation, his attainments in the imperial cultivation skill of five properties gradually deepened. It was no longer what it was.

His Dark Force of fire property was more powerful than before. Besides, it was purer and more condensed, which was more suitable for craftsmans.h.i.+p.

The crafting materials were ablaze with raging flames.

Everything was in order including refining, casting, and quenching.

There was almost no suspense. Su Mo successfully crafted the first Natal Spiritual Sword faster than before.

Then, he continued crafting Natal Spiritual Swords.

The second one!

The third one!

The 10th one!

The 11th one!

The 12th one!

Having spent 20 hours, Su Mo crafted 12 Natal Spiritual Swords in one go without any failure.

Then, he took a deep breath. He temporarily suspended craftsmans.h.i.+p and sat cross-legged in meditation.

He looked a little dispirited because crafting the Natal Spiritual Sword needed his blood essence. After he had crafted 12 Spiritual Swords, he had consumed a lot of blood essence, so he felt exhausted.

He rested for two hours to restore himself before continuing to craft the rest of the swords. He successfully crafted the last three swords in less than six hours.

He had consumed all of the Blood-striped Seeds so he could not craft anymore.

Fifteen brand-new Natal Spiritual Swords had been crafted. Together with the original nine swords, he had a total of 24 Natal Spiritual Swords.

Twenty-four Natal Spiritual Swords could form the 24 Constellations Sword Formation.

“I hope the power of the formation won’t let me down!”

He took a deep breath. Although he looked a little tired, his eyes were bright.

He had a hidden card now. Perhaps he could turn the tables with it.

He stopped resting and began to practice the 24 Constellations Sword Formation.

His time was running out. Today was the appointed date.

He had to learn the sword formation within the shortest time.

Compared to the 24 Constellations Sword Formation, 28 Constellations Sword Formation was bigger.

Although it was a small Constellations Sword Formation, its power was far stronger than the Nine-death Sword Formation.

In the sword formation, each Natal Spiritual Sword corresponded to a constellation. While attacking, they could borrow the force of the constellation, which was very powerful.

The sword formation was extremely complex, so the practice was more difficult.

Since time was limited, he asked to display some of its power instead of mastering the sword formation.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

With that thought in mind, the 24 Natal Spiritual Swords shot to the void like streaks of lightning. In an instant, the 24 Constellations Sword Formation was arranged, covering an area within a radius of more than 50 kilometers.

Under his control, the Natal Spiritual Swords shuffled back and forth in the sword formation, carrying a strong killing aura that contained mysterious and unpredictable forces.

He was not familiar with the sword formation, so he could not use it skillfully, and its power was not formidable.

As he practiced repeatedly, he became more familiar with it and its power became stronger and stronger.

It was willpower-consuming to control 24 Natal Spiritual Swords at the same time. So, the control of willpower was strictly required.

Perhaps because Su Mo was a time traveler, he was born with unparalleled willpower. This was no problem for him.

As if he never knew fatigue, he practiced the 24 Constellations Sword Formation again and again. Sword radiances flashed in the whole sky, which was shocking.

A few hours later, he stopped practicing and took the 24 Natal Spiritual Swords into the consciousness ocean.

“Wu Sen from the Netherworld Devil Sect! Come on!”

His eyes flashed like lightning as he murmured. After a while, he left the Divine Map swiftly.

Later, he flew out of the lake. His figure was tall and straight like a pine. He stepped into the void and strode toward the nearby Emperor Xuan Mountain Range.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1127 - 24 Constellations Sword Formation

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