Warrior's Promise Chapter 1133 - The Combination of Human and Soul

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Chapter 1133: The Combination of Human and Soul

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Su Mohad only practiced the 24 Constellations Sword Formation for several hours.

Even so, and despite it not attaining its maximum power, the formation exerted terrifying power.

This was the dreadful natal swordsman. The legendary natal swordsman who could fight the enemy across two realms was real.

Such a supreme swordsman could kill a Martial Emperor while at the Martial King Realm.

Of course, Su Mo was still a long way off from being this kind of swordsman.

Most importantly, he did not have enough Natal Spiritual Swords. Naturally, he could not learn that sword formation.

Seeing the four Soaring Divine Swords dash toward the wolf, Wu Sen looked solemn.

Su Mo’s strength was beyond his expectation. Wu Sen began to feel pressure.

“Qi of Earth Power!”

As Wu Sen shouted, the wolf’s three heads roared wildly.


Three jet black air currents shot up from the three mouths and formed a big black river.

The black river was powerful and contained intense Qi of Earth Power like rolling fire. It was powerful enough to destroy everything.

The Qi of Earth Power was a special power that was similar to the Devilish Qi contained in the Billion Demonic Sword except it merely had the evil Qi of Earth instead of Demonic Qi.

The Three-headed Wolf of h.e.l.l was Wu Sen’s Fighting Soul, completely controlled by Wu Sen.

In an instant, the black river hit the four huge swords.


There was a loud noise. The four swords carrying mysterious Constellations Force were extremely powerful, but so was the Qi of Earth Power.

Under the attack of sword Qi, the long river shattered rapidly.

The four swords broke up the Qi of Earth Power layer by layer, cut through the long river, and then rushed toward the wolf.

However, while a huge amount of Qi of Earth Power was destroyed, the power of the four swords also weakened.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The four swords pierced through layers of Qi of Earth Power, got close to the wolf, and then thrust into two of the wolf’s mouths.

Boom! Boom!

With two explosions, the Soaring Divine Sword entered the wolf’s mouths.

Howl! Howl! Howl!

The wolf roared to the sky. As two heads were pierced by the divine swords, it became illusory and dispirited.


In the distance, Wu Sen, who was manipulating the wolf, became pale and spat out blood wildly.

The Three-headed Wolf of h.e.l.l was connected to his mind一when it was heavily wounded, he also got hurt.

“How is it possible?” Wu Sen looked sullen. He had always thought he could handle Su Mo easily, but beyond his expectation, he was injured.


Wu Sen immediately retreated and the wolf turned into black lightning as it went back hastily.

The wolf went back to Wu Sen and became suspended behind him.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Sword radiances flashed in the distance. After the four swords. .h.i.t, they immediately separated and turned back into 24 Natal Spiritual Swords flying around Su Mo.

In this battle, Wu Sen was completely defeated. The countless spectators were shocked and looked sullen.

Wu Sen, the Martial Emperor Realm expert, was actually injured! Furthermore, it appeared the injury was not light.

“Ha, ha, ha!”

A loud laughter was abruptly heard. Sikong Yan laughed sardonically and said loudly, “How about it? I was right! Su Mo is freakish and we can’t measure him with common sense. Your eyesight is poor!”

Sikong Yan was high-spirited and vigorous. He was the only one who had not worried even as the others worried that Su Mo would fall into Wu Sen’s hands.

Now, sure enough, his vision should not even be compared to others’. Su Mo had not let him down.

Xi’er, Wenren Tiandu, Cai Yun, and the others had been shocked to see Wu Sen get wounded by Su Mo.

They were speechless upon hearing Sikong Yan’s words.

“Your eyesight is strong?”

“You’re heartless!”

“Ha ha, you can rest a.s.sured! Su Mo can definitely kill that man!” Sikong Yan continued.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Sikong Yan felt a chill running to the top of his head from the sole of his foot.

Sikong Yan shuddered and turned around.

He saw thousands of Netherworld Devil Sect experts looking at him coldly. Countless swift and fierce killing desires had almost condensed into substance.

Sikong Yan felt very guilty, swallowed his saliva, and leaned against Hai Mingjiang.

All of the 5,000 Netherworld Devil Sect experts were at the Martial Royal Realm. In addition, there were Emperor-to-be experts including Second Demon Elders. Sikong Yan could not confront them at all.

Thanks to the two Emperors-to-be, Di s.h.i.+ and Hai Mingjiang, the experts from the Netherworld Devil Sect did not attack.

They knew that the battle between Wu Sen and Su Mo was the key. The winner could dominate the world.

However, at this point, the one with the most unpleasant expression was not someone from the Netherworld Devil Sect but was Yin Zong.

He had thought Su Mo would certainly die, but it was totally different now.

Last time, in Heaven-sea City, Su Mo had been well-matched with him in terms of strength. Only two months had pa.s.sed, and yet he was now able to injure an expert of the Martial Emperor Realm.

This… this was a joke!

Yin Zong hated Su Mo’s guts. If Su Mo did not die today, Yin Zong may never be able to take revenge in his lifetime.

“d.a.m.n… d.a.m.n! How could there be such a talented man in the world?” Yin Zong ground his teeth and muttered in a deep voice.

Just then, the battle situation changed.

“Su Mo, if I don’t kill you today, nothing will stop you in the future.”

Wu Sen had made up his mind that he would kill Su Mo today at any cost.

Otherwise, given Su Mo’s rapid progress, Wu Sen would definitely be killed in the future!

“Play all your cards!” Su Mo was expressionless. Anyway, he was of the same mind and had already decided to kill Wu Sen.

He did not underestimate Wu Sen. He knew that a Martial Emperor Realm expert’s skill had to be greater than that.

“I’ll show you a real Martial Emperor!” With a strong killing desire, Wu Sen immediately shouted. “Combination of Human and Soul!”

As soon as he spoke, the wolf’s Fighting Soul behind him shrank gradually and then sank down and integrated with his body.

A stunning thing happened. Wu Sen’s body swelled up at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Ink black hair like steel needles grew out from his body.

Gruesome knife-like fingernails quickly grew out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wu Sen’s body expanded so much so quickly, his robes exploded.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1133 - The Combination of Human and Soul

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