Warrior's Promise Chapter 1305 - Dragon! Tiger!

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Chapter 1305: Dragon! Tiger!

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Wu Ren w.a.n.g’s strength was far from Su Mo’s expectations. If he did not use his Fighting Soul, even if he used the Heaven Combining Ghost Skill, he would still be at a disadvantage. Even though he had cultivated the Sage Cla.s.s Heaven Combining Ghost Skill, with his low cultivation, the Ghost Skill was only in the first rank. Its strength was only comparable to an Honourable Realm Skill.

With the Great Dragon’s claw once again extending out, Su Mo quickly mobilized the Ghost Force within his body and awakened the Long Sword Fighting Soul of Guo Jian Qing to defend himself with another strike. With the Long Sword Fighting Soul, Su Mo’s strength was greatly increased and his sword power jumped to five times stronger.


The swift and fierce Sword Qi dazzled brightly and, as though it would cut the heavens, violently slashed the Great Dragon’s claw.

Boom boom boom!!

A loud explosion cut the Great Dragon’s claw in two. With the Sword Radiance slicing through, the Great Dragon’s body was also ripped apart and it collapsed shortly after.

“Nine Dragons sky!”

Wu Ren w.a.n.g roared again, his earth shattering attacks not giving any room for Su Mo to even breathe. A punch was once again thrown forth and a terrifying radiance shone like the Heavens. Turning into nine great dragons, it roared as it flew towards Su Mo.

Every dragon in the Nine Dragons formation was stronger than the one preceding it. The vast and boundless dragon force covered the earth extensively. Its strong force seemed to carry everything away and its strength was momentarily immeasurable. Furthermore, the nine dragons’ aura connected with one other, increasing the strength of the attack.

Looking at this scene, Su Mo’s face was completely dark. This Wu Ren w.a.n.g was worthy of being the Sorcerer Tribe absolute genius, he was truly in a completely different cla.s.s than all the other regular geniuses.

Wu Ren w.a.n.g’s martial skill was definitely strong. Minimally, it would be a lower Martial Honourable Realm skill.


Su Mo did not dare to block this attack head on. As he retreated backwards, he quickly drew out his sword. Sword Radiance dazzled brightly as he slashed continuously. This time, aside from using his Devouring Fighting Soul, he had almost used the full extent of this body’s power. The Ghost Force within his body circulated to its peak. Not only did he use the Long Sword Fighting Soul, he also used ten other sword-based Martial Souls.

Since they were all sword-based souls, and under his deliberate manipulation, the aura they exuded was the same. Even the Grand Priest and the other key members of the Sorcerer Tribe would not find any discrepancies. And if they did, the most they would realise was that his Fighting Soul’s strength was exceptionally strong! They would never think that he had many different sword souls!

After using the ten other sword-based souls, Su Mo’s sword power once again exploded out and morphed into a large, powerful sword form. It was as though his entire being had become a long sword that stood towering from the ground to reach the heavens.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Jet black Sword Qi rolled with Ghost force and surged violently as it attacked the nine great dragons.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

A roaring sound filled the air and shook the starry skies. The great dragons were one by one cut apart, and then both the dragons and Sword Qi exploded.

Tumultuous waves rolled through the skies and the dense thick Ghost Qi surged up to the heavens. Within a kilometer radius around the initial explosion, everything had been destroyed and the area became a barren land.

The Grand Priest as well as the other spectators watching the fight widened their eyes surprise. This Wu Chen’s strength was actually quite strong! What sword based Fighting Soul did he use? Its power was immense!


Once Su Mo sliced apart the nine great dragons, he stopped retreating and dashed towards Wu Ren w.a.n.g. He already had an idea to counter Wu Ren w.a.n.g. Without using the Devouring Fighting Soul, he thought he could defeat him. Of course, he could only beat him in theory, he had to try it out to know for sure.

Not using the Devouring Fighting Soul to defeat Wu Ren w.a.n.g would be ideal. The risk of his ident.i.ty being exposed would be completely minimal.

“You are seeking death!”

Seeing that Su Mo no longer retreated, but dashed forward to attack him, Wu Ren w.a.n.g’s eyes glistened with a sinister, cold smile.


Then, mirages once again appeared behind him. This time, a black tiger that was almost a hundred feet long materialized. This fierce tiger’s entire body was also jet black and its fur stood up like sharp needles. Its eyes were bloodshot and completely terrifying.

This black tiger’s name was Sky Demon Tiger and it was a heaven-earth beast, a much stronger creature compared to the previous dragons. The Sky Demon Tiger was one of the strongest Fighting Souls on the Archean Martial Souls list. It was ranked 2795th. With this, both of Wu Ren w.a.n.g’s Fighting Souls had been displayed. It was the Purple Flood Fighting Soul and the Sky Demon Tiger Fighting Soul.

Both of his Fighting Souls were beast souls that specialized in attacks.


Wu Ren w.a.n.g yelled and the Purple Flood Soul and Sky Demon Tiger Fighting Soul howled. He punched out with both fists and two majestic streaks of fist radiance instantly morphed into a dragon and tiger as they flew towards Su Mo. The strength of this dragon and tiger fist could crack mountains and split oceans. With its vast power, it caused a violent wind to sweep through the area.

Swoos.h.!.+ Boom!

The dragon and tiger firsts converged with each other and, within a split second, were right in front of Su Mo.

Su Mo immediately felt his hair stand on his head. This attack was very strong, and it terrified him. It was close to making his Heaven Combining Ghost Skill collapse. Not daring to block it directly, Su Mo s.h.i.+fted himself continuously, his body seemed to blink as he evaded the attacks at lightning speed.

The great dragon flew past Su Mo and didn’t hit him. However, the fierce tiger’s ma.s.sive claws stretched out to shred Su Mo’s head.

Boom boom boom!

Before the sharp claws managed to grasp Su Mo, a strong force caused the s.p.a.ce to shatter and a terrifying force pressed down on Su Mo’s head.

“Not good!” Su Mo’s heart jumped. At lightning speed, he used his entire strength to guard himself and no longer tried to attack.


A large, black s.h.i.+eld appeared in his hands and he immediately raised it to guard himself. This s.h.i.+eld was what he obtained from his victory over Zhao Cheng. Although it wasn’t an Honourable weapon, its quality was good and provided a solid defense.

In the next second:

An explosion sounded as the fierce tiger’s sharp claws violently scratched the black s.h.i.+eld. Immediately, as though a meteor had landed on the ground, the entire s.p.a.ce shook violently.

Su Mo’s body took a large blow of the impact and he flew downwards.


Su Mo fell like a meteor rus.h.i.+ng through s.p.a.ce. In the blink of an eye, he had flown over a ten kilometers away.

“Ha, ha! Wu Chen, you will definitely lose!” Wu Ren w.a.n.g laughed madly out loud. With a slight movement of his body, he flew towards Su Mo. He completely had the upper hand, it would be easy to crush him. Everything was within his reach.

Su Mo tried hard to steady himself, the force and blood within him rolled uncontrollably and gushed up his throat. The flesh on his arms and legs tore open, revealing his white bare bones beneath. Blood gushed out from his wounds.

Looking at Wu Ren w.a.n.g das.h.i.+ng towards him, Su Mo immediately thought of using his Devouring Fighting Soul, but he withheld himself. This wasn’t a life or death matter yet, and he definitely could not use the Devouring Fighting Soul. If there were any cracks in his ident.i.ty, his whole plan would fall apart.

Not only could he not use the Devouring Fighting Souls, the other Fighting Souls that he had devoured could not be used either.

Who was the Grand Priest? What foresight did he have? If he used too many Fighting Souls, even if he didn’t release them, it wouldn’t escape the Grand Priest’s eyes. Hence, for his safety, he could not over use his skills. He could use only one more Fighting Soul for this fight!

The Fighting Soul he chose wasn’t the Devouring Fighting Soul, nor was it Wu Lie’s Fierce Blaze Stone Fighting Soul or Zhao Cheng’s Gold Ape Fighting Soul. It was the Fighting Soul he obtained not too long ago – the Dream Realm Fighting Soul!

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1305 - Dragon! Tiger!

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