Warrior's Promise Chapter 1376 - You are Adorable

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Chapter 1376: You are Adorable

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

After Su Mo had a breakthrough in his cultivation, he went into seclusion for two days to solidify his cultivation before he left Huo Yuan Peak.

As there was still some time on hand, Su Mo wanted to prepare more means and trump cards.

Before long, he came to Instructor Mu Li’s courtyard at the Outer Mansion.

Instructor Mu Li was the instructor for the Outer Mansion and she usually stayed at the Outer Mansion. Before Su Mo made his way to the Outer Mansion, he had used his spiritual senses to look around Huo Yuan Peak and found that she was not in the area. Thus, she must be at the Outer Mansion.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Su Mo came to the beautiful courtyard and knocked gently on the door.

There was silence in the courtyard and after a while, footsteps were heard and the door opened.

“Instructor Mu Li!” Su Mo cupped his fist at Mu Li.

“Yes?” Mu Li asked and sounded indifferent.

“Instructor Mu Li, I have a favor to ask of you.” Su Mo said in a deep voice.

Mu Li looked at Su Mo and did not say a word, waiting for him to continue.

After pondering for a while, Su Mo asked, “Instructor Mu Li, you are a Craftsman. May I know if you have any materials for making weapons?”

“What kind of materials do you need?” Mu Li asked.

“Blood-striped seeds and refined wood.”

Su Mo replied. He wanted to refine a batch of Natal Spiritual Swords and among the main materials to be used, he had a surplus of Divine Jade but was lacking the other two.

“Are you thinking of refining the Natal Spiritual Sword?” Mu Li asked in amazement. The moment she heard the two materials, she knew that Su Mo wanted to refine the Natal Spiritual Sword!

She knew that Su Mo was the Natal Swordsman. Back then when he had fought Leng Jiang at the Fighting World, he had used 28 Natal Spiritual Swords.

Although Su Mo already possessed 28 Natal Spiritual Swords, he wanted to refine more!

“Yes! Are you able to get these two materials, Instructor Mu Li?” Su Mo nodded and did not hide the truth from her.

After pondering for a while, Mu Li asked, “How much do you need?”

When Su Mo heard her question, his eyes brightened up. Mu Li indeed had the materials. The Blood-striped seeds were extinct at the Firmament World but they were still available elsewhere.

“Please give me whatever you have!” Su Mo immediately replied.

“Why do you need so much?” Mu Li asked with a frown. The quant.i.ty was not the main issue but one had to be able to activate them!

An ordinary Martial Emperor Realm martial artist could at the most activate 50 Natal Spiritual Swords and geniuses with a powerful mental strength could activate a little more than 100.

As for those rumored to be able to activate a few thousand or ten thousand Natal Spiritual Swords, those were the special people.

“Instructor Mu Li, I have use of them. Please help me!”

Su Mo flipped over his palm and a storage ring appeared. He pa.s.sed it to Mu Li and said, “These are the Spiritual Crystals for the purchase of the materials.”

Mu Li did not reject it. She took over the storage ring and asked, “Is that all? Do you need other materials?”

“It would be great if you had any of the other materials that are required for refining the Natal Spiritual Swords!” Su Mo replied.

“All right!” Mu Li nodded. She then shut the door and left in a flash.

When Su Mo heard Mu Li’s reply, he heaved a sigh of relief. He had been perturbed at the thought Mu Li would not help him as she was not a friendly person, but he realized that she was a helpful lady.

Su Mo then went to the Academy’s marketplace to purchase some materials.

After he returned to the immortal’s cave at Huo Yuan Peak, he started to think of the places where he could get the other materials for the Natal Spiritual Swords.

He only managed to get more than 10 materials from the Academy’s market place and they were not enough for him to refine the Natal Spiritual Swords. He would have to get out of the Academy and go to the nearby city to get the rest of the materials.

Time was running out and he might not be able to make it on time.

As Su Mo was about to leave Shenwu Academy and head for the nearby city when Instructor Mu Li came to look for him.


Mu Li had a white top and she flew to the entrance of the immortal’s cave.

“Take it. Here are all the materials that you need to refine the Natal Spiritual Swords!” Mu Li waved her hand and a storage ring shot out.

“All the materials?” Su Mo was shocked when he heard that and he stretched out his hand to catch hold of the storage ring. He then looked into the storage ring with his mind and he was completely stunned.

The storage ring was filled with the materials for refining weapons and all of the necessary materials for refining the Natal Spiritual Swords were there. There were more than 500 materials in the storage ring.

The quant.i.ty was enough for Su Mo to refine a few hundred Natal Spiritual Swords.


Su Mo was elated. He had never expected Instructor Mu Li to get all the necessary materials for him and she was able to get all of them in less than an hour.

With these materials, he could start working on the Natal Spiritual Swords immediately and did not have to waste time searching for them.

“Hahaha! Instructor Mu Li, you are adorable!” Su Mo said and laughed aloud. He suddenly found Mu Li to be a pleasant person.

“What did you say?” When Mu Li heard that, her face turned cold and she blushed.

“Erm…what I mean is, you are fantastic. I am so grateful to you!” Su Mo said and looked embarra.s.sed.

“Ha!” Mu Li ignored Su Mo. She turned around and flew off.

When Su Mo saw that, he laughed. Although Mu Li looked cold and unapproachable, she was quite a nice person.

Shortly after, Su Mo went into the Bangle s.p.a.ce and started to refine the Natal Spiritual Swords.

He took out all the materials and sorted them out. He portioned them accordingly as this process was extremely delicate. The amount had to be exact.

“These materials look different!” Su Mo looked at the Blood-striped seeds on the floor, the refined wood, and the rest of the materials and realized that they were different from those that he had used at the Firmament World.

He picked up one Blood-striped seed and studied it carefully. This Blood-striped seed was bigger than the one at the Firmament World and its color was darker.

“It is from a different year!” Su Mo’s eyes lit up. This type of Blood-striped seed had been cultivated.

The year from which these Blood-striped seeds came from made them older than those that he had obtained from the Firmament World.

It was similar to those herbs like ginseng whereby a thousand-year-old ginseng is better than a hundred-year-old ginseng.

After Su Mo had checked on the rest of the materials, he realized that they were all of top-grade.

If I use these materials to refine the Natal Spiritual Swords, they should be more powerful! Su Mo thought happily.

He was happy that he could refine higher grade Natal Spiritual Swords as it would mean that they would be more powerful.

Although the quality of the Natal Spiritual Swords that he already possessed were not of top-grade, after he had nourished them with energy for so many years, the quality had been enhanced.

Any one of the Natal Spiritual Swords that he possessed was comparable to the grade and power of an Imperial Sword.

The power of these Spiritual Swords grew together with him and they could be used for a long time.

After some time, Su Mo took out a furnace and started to refine the Natal Spiritual Swords.

As some of the materials were different, with the year and the higher grade, Su Mo was unable to control the heat well. He continuously failed at three attempts.

At the fourth attempt, he then successfully refined the first Natal Spiritual Sword.

When the Spiritual Sword was out of the furnace, cold light shone all over and the sword ray was so sharp that it could pierce through any object.

“The quality is indeed top-notch!”

Su Mo nodded as he studied the Natal Spiritual Sword. Although the Natal Spiritual Sword had just been refined, its power and quality were better than the ones that he had nourished for several years.

He then continued to refine more Spiritual Swords. He had to increase his speed as time was running out.

Su Mo was proficient in refining the Natal Spiritual Swords. Moreover, after he had cultivated the Middle Honorable Fire Based Cultivation Skill and the Three Thousand Flame Skill, his Fire Based Dark Force was extremely powerful and his speed in smelting the materials had enhanced tremendously.

This had helped him increase his speed in refining the Spiritual Swords.

Day after day, more Natal Spiritual Swords had been refined and after Su Mo had refined more than 40 Natal Spiritual Swords, he rested for a day.

He could not take it anymore. Every Natal Spiritual Sword required a drop of his Blood Essence and he had lost more than 40 drops in a row. Any other martial artist at the Martial Emperor Realm would not have been able to take it.

After resting for a day, Su Mo continued to refine the Natal Spiritual Swords. He had refined more than 30 Natal Spiritual Swords after a few days. On top of what he already possessed, the total number of Spiritual Swords that he currently possessed was more than 100.

Enough! Su Mo sat on the ground, looking tired and smiling wryly. How did the ancient people manage to possess 10,000 Natal Spiritual Swords?

Those must have been ordinary Spiritual Swords and not Natal Spiritual Swords! If it was a Natal Spiritual Sword, no one would have been able to take it!

We will be setting off for the True Sage Territory two days later!

Shortly after, Su Mo sighed. He then sat cross-legged and regulated his breath to regain his strength.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1376 - You are Adorable

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