Warrior's Promise Chapter 1378 - The Virtual Ship

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Chapter 1378: The Virtual s.h.i.+p

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The entrance of Shenwu Academy was bustling with noise as more disciples arrived.

When the sun rose up, there were already 6,700 people at the entrance.

Some of them wanted to obtain the True Sage Qi and leave their names on the True Sage Stele whereas the rest were just there to join in the fun.

The opening of the True Sage Territory was a great event among the younger generation in the Ancientspirit Galaxy and thus those who had nothing going on would head to the True Sage Territory.

Su Mo looked around and sized the people up. He realized that there were many powerful people in Shenwu Academy.

There were more than 200 people who were at Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm and among these people, some of them were as powerful as You Tianhan.

As the people were chatting and waiting, the number of people had reached around 10,000 by the time the sun rose.

At this moment, a group of instructors walked out from the Academy. There were around 16 of them and two middle-aged instructors were walking in front of the rest.

One of them was a man and the other, a woman. The man was burly and looked rough whereas the lady was pet.i.te and thin.

The two of them had withdrawn their aura and they looked profound.

“It is Instructor Wu Jin and Instructor Tang Wan!”

“Wow, these two powerful instructors are leading us to the True Sage Territory!”

“There are quite a number of instructors coming along with us!”

When the people saw the two instructors, their eyes brightened up. The two instructors were from the Inner Mansion and their cultivation level was at the Martial Honored Realm.

Su Mo’s eyes brightened up when he saw that Instructor Mu Li was one of the instructors accompanying them.

He had never thought that Instructor Mu Li would come along with them. When the group of instructors reached the entrance of the Academy, Instructor Wu Jin and Instructor Tang Wan looked at the crowd and waved their hands.

Suddenly, the sky darkened and two large wars.h.i.+ps appeared in the sky.

The two wars.h.i.+ps were humongous and light circled around them. The aura was imposing and oppressive.

Su Mo widened his eyes and stared at the two wars.h.i.+ps. What are these? Are these the flying vessels for their trip?

He had made the right guess. At that moment, Instructor Wu Jin shouted.

“All the disciples who are going to the True Sage Territory should get into the s.h.i.+p now!”

The moment Instructor Wu Jin finished his statement, all the disciples started to move. Shadows flashed around and air-rending sounds broke out continuously.

The disciples flew up toward the two wars.h.i.+ps.

“Brother Su, let’s get going!” Xie Bin called out to Su Mo and flew to one of the wars.h.i.+ps together with the disciples of the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction.

Su Mo followed them and flew into the wars.h.i.+p.

After just a short while, the two wars.h.i.+ps were packed with around 10,000 disciples.

Instructor Wu Jin and Instructor Tang Wan each took a few instructors with them and boarded the wars.h.i.+ps as well.

The two instructors then activated the arrays in their respective wars.h.i.+p and covered the wars.h.i.+ps with a light screen.

With a swoosh, the two wars.h.i.+ps shot up to the sky and pierced through the clouds of Star Guzhou and disappeared into the stars in the sky.

Su Mo was in the wars.h.i.+p controlled by Instructor Wu Jin and its speed was extremely fast.

He saw that there was emptiness outside the wars.h.i.+p and they were in the void. When the speed went against the horrifying airstream, dazzling flames shot out from the light screen outside the wars.h.i.+p.

They had traveled a few hundred thousand kilometers in the twinkle of an eye. Although the speed could not be compared to the Grand Priest’s Spatial Leap, it was not far from it.

When Su Mo turned his head to look back, he could no longer see the other wars.h.i.+p controlled by Instructor Tang Wan, together with Instructor Mu Li and the rest.

Although the two wars.h.i.+ps set off together, a slight difference in the speed made a great difference in the distance between the two of them.

This is amazing! Su Mo exclaimed and looked amazed.

“Brother Su, have you seen this kind of wars.h.i.+p before?” Xie Bin asked with a smile when he saw Su Mo’s amazed look.

“No. I have never seen one before!” Su Mo shook his head.

“This kind of wars.h.i.+p is known as the Virtual s.h.i.+p. Only Grand Master Huoyuan can refine this kind of wars.h.i.+p in the entire Shenwu Academy!” Xie Bin explained.

“I see. It is Grand Master Huoyuan who has refined it!” Su Mo was enlightened. The wars.h.i.+ps were unique and only a Sage Cla.s.s Craftsman could refine them.

“That’s right. The Virtual s.h.i.+p is like a Sacred Weapon. It possesses the speed of those martial artists who are at the initial stage of the Martial Sage Realm!” Xie Bin said.

“It is so powerful!” Su Mo exclaimed. If he could get hold of such a wars.h.i.+p, he would be able to travel in the sky and even to the faraway stars.

However, given his strength, he would not be able to prevent the wars.h.i.+p from being stolen from him.

The True Sage Territory was far from Star Guzhou. Even with the Virtual s.h.i.+p, they needed three to four days to reach the True Sage Territory.

After Su Mo had chatted with Xie Bin and Ren Yundu for some time, they went back to their respective cabins and started to meditate in a cross-legged position.

Ever since Su Mo had had a breakthrough, he had been refining the Natal Spiritual Sword and practicing the Natal Spiritual Sword Array and had not been able to solidify his cultivation.

He could now use this period to do so for his new level of cultivation.

As Su Mo spent his time in seclusion, four days pa.s.sed by quickly.

The Virtual s.h.i.+p seemed to have crossed over half of the Ancientspirit Galaxy in these four days.

As Su Mo was cultivating, he suddenly felt a jerk and realized that the Virtual s.h.i.+p had reduced its speed.

He quickly got up and walked out of the cabin.

“We should be reaching our destination soon!”

“Finally, we will be reaching the True Sage Territory!”

“Hahaha! This time around, I must make myself famous in the Ancientspirit Galaxy!”

Many disciples gathered at the deck and they were extremely noisy. All of them looked excited.

Su Mo looked out and realized that they were above a star. The star was huge and it was larger than Star Guzhou.

However, the star was not functioning well. The Spiritual Qi was weak and there was barely anything living on it, with only wild gra.s.s around.

The Virtual s.h.i.+p lingered in the sky of this star and reduced its speed.

“Everybody, we will reach the entrance of the True Sage Territory in another two hours!”

Instructor Wu Jin stood tall at the front and shouted. When the disciples heard him, light glittered in their eyes and they were filled with a strong fighting spirit.

Su Mo took a deep breath. He had to face his challenges soon.

He then turned to look behind and found that the other wars.h.i.+p that was controlled by Instructor Tang Wan was following closely behind them. The two wars.h.i.+ps then moved on together.

“What is that?”

Suddenly, a disciple shouted out as he pointed to the side.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1378 - The Virtual Ship

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