Warrior's Promise Chapter 142: Blown Into Pieces!

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Like volcanic eruptions, the rage in Su Mo's heart was overwhelming. It nearly filled his heart.

He had known Li Feng for so long. Although Li Feng was sometimes annoying and proud, he was actually good to Su Mo. So Su Mo treated him as a brother.

However, at that time, Li Feng was half beaten to death.

His cultivation was ruined, his limbs were shattered, and he was completely crippled.

All of this completely enraged Su Mo.

In that moment, Su Mo had the impulse to kill everyone in Sky Alliance.


Su Mo suddenly swung his fist towards the tall young man, wanting to kill him with one blow.


Just then, the First Elder stood up on the Spectator Stand, and a terrifying power immediately burst from his body.

This giant power was as strong as a mountain and instantly enveloped Su Mo.


Su Mo could not help grunting under that power, and his attack was forced to stop.

The power was too strong.

Even with Su Mo's abilities, he was unable to breathe or move because the power that overwhelmed him was heavy like a mountain.

So strong! This First Elder definitely wasn't a regular martial artist of a low level of the True Spirit Realm.

He was at least a high level martial artist of the True Spirit Realm.

"First Elder, are you trying to protect this person?" Su Mo said to the First Elder with a cold glint in his eyes.

He thought that his attack was blocked because the First Elder wanted to protect this person.

"I'm not trying to protect him. He violated the sect's rules. So there's no doubt that he will get the corresponding punishment!" said the First Elder coldly. "However, it's not your place to intervene!"

Then the First Elder looked toward the tall young man and said, "You openly injured someone of the same sect and violated sect rules. After this Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion, you'll spend a year in Regret Cliff."

"I understand, First Elder, and I'm willing to pay the penalty!"

The young man seemed to have already predicted this punishment and did not care at all.

It was normal that an expert at Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm would be locked in seclusion for months at a time.

Seclusion for a year?

That was just a slightly longer sentence than usual!

"Alright! You may step down!" said the First Elder with a slight nod.

He gave the tall young man a very light sentence.

This was because that disciple was in Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm and was about to enter inner gate, which meant he was an important talent in the sect.

So, in contrast, it was not a big deal that he destroyed a disciple in Lv 3 Spiritual Martial Realm.

He could not heavily punish this person over a disciple who was already ruined.

Therefore, the reason why the First Elder intentionally protected that disciple was not because he belonged to the Sky Alliance, but because he was strong.

With his abilities and position, there was no need for the First Elder to pay attention to the Outer Disciples of Sky Alliance.

Upon hearing this, the tall young man nodded his head.

Immediately, he glanced at Su Mo with a mocking smile.

Then he turned around and left the fighting ring.

Seeing this, Su Mo frowned in disbelief.

"Am I going to just stand by and watch this person leave?"

"Am I going to let him off so easily?"

"No way!"


Just as the tall young man was about to step out of the fighting ring, Su Mo shouted.


The tall young man stopped and looked at him disdainfully.

"I want to challenge you!"

Su Mo stared at him coldly with a harsh light in his eyes and flatly said, "Do you dare to fight to the death with me? Do you dare?"

Upon hearing these, that man raised his brows, and a light flashed in his eyes.

"Of course! Let's fight to the death!"

The tall young man burst out laughing. He had a cultivation of Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm, so he naturally was not afraid of Su Mo.

Su Mo nodded lightly and looked toward the first elder, who was sitting in the spectator stand.

"First Elder, we have both agreed on a battle to the death. Please give us your approval!" he said expressionlessly.

The elder frowned.

"How could a battle to the death happen on the fighting ring of the Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion!"

However, since both sides were willing, he could not stop them.

With many elders as witness, this voluntary battle to the death was the same as what happened in the Decisive Struggle Hall.

"Since you both agreed, I won't stop you!" said the First Elder, shaking his head.

After hearing this, Su Mo finally smiled, but it was a blood-curdling smile.

Su Mo and the tall young man stood in the fighting ring across from each other.

Li Feng had already been taken away by Niu Xiaohu and Zhou Xin.

In that moment, the Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion stopped.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on Group Nine's fighting ring.

They were all shocked.

"Someone is actually challenging a Sky Alliance expert to a battle to the death in the Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion!"

"How reckless!"

"Does this person not know that Sky Alliance experts are everywhere?"

"Number one, two, four, seven, and nine of the outer gate are all Sky Alliance members!"

Elder Wei stood on the spectator stand blankly and silently watched without saying anything.

However, by comparison, w.a.n.g Hui's expression showed slight worry.

He quietly sighed and shook his head helplessly.

His Junior Brother was generally very calm, but when he was enraged, he was very reckless.

The members of Sky Alliance laughed.

They were surprised that Su Mo was looking for death.

However, the result was predictable.

Su Mo would die.

Although he managed to defeat a Sky Alliance disciple in Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm just by one strike, Lv 5 and Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm were two separate levels, which are vastly different.

In the fighting ring, that young man looked at Su Mo and said with a scoff, "I will turn you into a piece of trash, just like what I did to that guy before!"

Then, the young man's body was surrounded by strong Qi that shot into the sky and ruffled his clothes.

The power of a martial artist at Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm was completely revealed.

"Go to h.e.l.l!"

Su Mo's eyes were cold. Without nonsense, he rushed out towards his opponent instantly and swung his fist forcefully.


The fist force was as powerful as a mountain.


With one strike, blood rain spilled everywhere.

After one punch, Su Mo turned around sharply and left the fighting ring.

The audience was completely silent, and everyone was staring at the fighting ring in shock.

There was just a pile of battered flesh left.

Only one punch!

A disciple of Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm was blasted into pieces!


After a long time, the audience finally let out a hissing sound.

The sound was endless.

At this moment, the expressions of the members of Sky Alliance were extremely colorful, and they were all incredibly enraged.

It was such a disgrace that a disciple of Sky Alliance had been punched into pieces in front of countless people!

Nangong Linjue held both his hand behind his back and began to look squarely at Su Mo for the first time.

He watched Su Mo walk off the fighting ring with an unbelievably cold glare.

"Send out this order, in the coming battles, any weak disciples should try to announce defeat if they meet this person!" said Nangong Linjue to someone next to him, "but if someone is at the Peak Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm, they must attack him with all their might!"

Among the Outer Disciples of Sky Alliance, besides the five disciples who ranked in the top 10, there were still many disciples who had a cultivation of the Peak Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm.

Nangong Linjue's message was spread very quickly.

They would not let Su Mo leave alive.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 142: Blown Into Pieces!

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