Warrior's Promise Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: Let You Off

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At the fighting ring, Su Mo flew up and suddenly slashed down with his Black-dark heavy sword.

This stroke was overpowering and Su Mo had used at least 80% of his human body’s strength.

He had activated three Spiritual Spirals, and with the immense genuine Qi on the sword, the strength had multiplied.

In addition, he had the Black-dark Sword that weighed more than 5000kg.

The power of this stroke was at least more than 50,000kg.

It was not only powerful, but also quick. When the stroke came down on He Yangjun, he was unable to escape.


With a terrible howl, He Yangjun lifted up his hands and held the long saber above his head.

At the same time, the genuine Qi from He Yangjun’s body gushed out continuously and flowed into the long saber.

In the next instant, a strong breeze blew past his cheeks as Black-dark Sword came slas.h.i.+ng down.


There was an explosion and the vibration was so great that it kept buzzing in He Yangjun’s ears.

A terrifying force of blast flowed from where the two of them were standing and swept out in all directions.

As the Black-dark Sword came down on He Yangjun, he felt as though he was pinned down by a great mountain.

The intimidating force was beyond what He Yangjun could handle. His thumb webs burst and blood gushed out.

The bones of his arms and legs were crackling.

The st.u.r.dy fighting ring floor was rapidly filled with crack lines.

He Yangjun could no longer hold on to his long saber.

“Whoos.h.!.+” The saber was sent flying out.

Clomp! Clomp! Clomp!

He Yangjun kept moving backward.

His Qi blood and internal organs were in turmoil, and he spewed out a large mouthful of blood.

However, He Yangjun did not stop moving backward.

In the next instant, the cold Black-dark Sword was already by his throat.

He Yangjun was stupefied!

He was thoroughly stupefied by this stroke!

The disciples who were watching the combat were shocked!

Even many of the elders at the Spectator Stand were stunned!

“Is this Su Mo’s underlying strength?”

“It’s extremely powerful!”

Be it the disciples of the Sky Alliance or He Yangjun, all had been totally crushed by Su Mo!

At the fighting ring, Su Mo held Black-dark Sword close to He Yangjun’s throat.

“He Yangjun, are you still thinking of killing me?”

Su Mo sneered.


The expressions on He Yangjun’s face kept changing.

He had thought of hundreds of ways of killing Su Mo, but he had never expected that he would fall into his hands.

Moreover, it was such a thorough defeat!

It was not what he had expected!

He could not accept that the tables were turned around on him.

“Since you’ve wanted to kill me, I’ll not be merciful to you!”

Su Mo’s eyes showed a killing desire, and he said, “You shall die!”

Having said that, Su Mo was ready to kill He Yangjun.


A shout was heard.

Su Mo turned and saw that it was Nangong Linjue, the first in position among the Outer Sect.

“Su Mo, let go of him and I’ll let you off!” Nangong Linjue looked coldly at Su Mo and said.

“You’ll let me off?”

Su Mo laughed. Nangong Linjue had asked him to let He Yangjun off and he was still behaving so arrogantly!

Of course, the people of the Sky Alliance were all conceited and ignorant!

“You’re right, if you let He Yangjun off, I’ll not kill you!” Nangong Linjue nodded his head and said.

His words were sure and firm.

He would not kill Su Mo if he let He Yangjun off.

However, even if he did not kill Su Mo, others in the Sky Alliance would kill him!

Duan Bingye, Li Jiandong, Yi Xiaoguang were enough to finish Su Mo off.

“My apologies!”

Su Mo smiled faintly and said, “For those who wish to kill me, regardless of who they are, there’s only one word for them— death!”

The moment Su Mo said “death”, he cut across He Yangjun’s throat with his Black-dark Sword.


The sound of a blade was heard which cut into the flesh.

In the next instant, blood splashed out into the air.

He Yangjun was stunned, his eyes wide opened and filled with shock.


Shortly after, He Yangjun’s body fell onto the ground.

His eyes were wide opened, filled with shock, disbelief, and regret!

However, nothing mattered now since he was dead.

“You’re tired of living!”

A loud, angry voice was heard, and a terrifying saber Qi flashed the ring from a few hundred meters away.

The saber Qi was over 10 meters long, extremely powerful, aggressive, and attacked from two sides toward the ring.

Nangong Linjue had struck!

Nangong Linjue was infuriated. When Su Mo had killed the two ordinary disciples of the Sky Alliance, he was still able to contain his anger.

However, he could no longer do so after He Yangjun’s death!

Moreover, he had asked Su Mo to let He Yangjun off.

Su Mo not only ignored him, but he straightaway killed He Yangjun.

This was obviously showing disrespect to him.

Being the top one in the Outer Sect and the steers man in the outer gate of the Sky Alliance, Nangong Linjue was unable to accept the insult.

Thus, he had struck.

Su Mo s.h.i.+fted and his body turned into multiple residual shadows, narrowly escaping the blow.


The compelling saber Qi slashed onto the fighting ring and instantly left a long trace of cut marks on it.

He Yangjun’s corpse was mashed by the blow.

After sending out this blow, Nangong Linjue, who was at a distance away, rushed toward Su Mo.

The long saber in his hand spun around and Nangong Linjue attacked Su Mo again.

Su Mo’s eyes turned cold and the genuine Qi in his body surged up. He was ready to take on Nangong Linjue.

When the First Elder at the Spectator Stand saw it, he hesitated for a while.

“Nangong Linjue attacked Su Mo and created a havoc in the compet.i.tion, by rights, I should instantly put a stop to it.

“However, Su Mo continuously killed the disciples of the Sky Alliance, thus, no matter how powerful he is, he’ll ultimately be killed.

“Is there a need to put a stop to it?

“Moreover, Duan Jingtian’s watching!

“If I stop Nangong Linjue, I’ll be setting myself against the Sky Alliance.

“When Duan Jingtian gets into power in Gale Island, it’ll mean trouble for me.”

Numerous thoughts flashed through the First Elder’s mind and finally, he decided to abide by his principles.

He had governed the outer gate for more than 20 years and had been fair and carried out his duties faithfully. He must not betray his conscience out of his fear of Duan Jingtian.


The First Elder instantly stood up and shouted, “Nangong Linjue, are you trying to disrupt the compet.i.tion?”

Although the First Elder had shouted out, Nangong Linjue had no intention of listening to him. He waved his long saber and the saber Qi pierced through the air.


The First Elder was enraged. Nangong Linjue had refused to listen to him and continued the attack.


The First Elder let out a horrendous imposing manner that created turbulence in the air.

He thrust his palms forward and suddenly, a huge palm with genuine Qi shot out.

The huge palm with genuine Qi was quick like lightning and captured the saber Qi. With just a pinch, the saber Qi disappeared.

Nangong Linjue had no choice but to stop his attacks.

“First Elder, Su Mo had killed so many members of our Sky Alliance, are you trying to defend him?”

Nangong Linjue gave a cold look and asked sharply.

The First Elder waved his hand, and the huge palm with genuine Qi vanished.

Instantly, he turned to look at Duan Jingtian, who was standing far-off, instead of Nangong Linjue.

“Duan Jingtian, there are rules in the compet.i.tion. Since He Yangjun and Su Mo had agreed on the life-and-death duel, let heaven determine their lives, it’s none of my business!”

The First Elder raised his voice and continued, “But Nangong Linjue had disrupted the compet.i.tion. If he and Su Mo had agreed on such a duel, I’ll not interfere!”

What the First Elder had said was very obvious.

He had clearly indicated to Duan Jingtian that he had stopped Nangong Linjue in view of the compet.i.tion, and was not defending Su Mo.

Duan Jingtian remained calm and cool upon hearing it.

Shortly after this, Duan Jingtian said flatly, “Nangong, let’s continue with the compet.i.tion!”

Warrior's Promise Chapter 149

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