Warrior's Promise Chapter 152: Howling Silver Wolf Palm

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The next morning, as the melodious tolls of the clock rang again, Su Mo took out his Black-dark Sword, put it on his back, and returned to the Outer Square.

The square was still as loud as usual and swarming with people.

Nangong Linjue and the other Disciples of the Sky Alliance still looked at him with killing desire.

Duan Jingtian remained standing in the pavilion.

However, there was only one fighting ring left on the square for the Tournament.

After a while, the First Elder stood up and announced.

"The final Tournament will still be ranked by a point system. Every one of the 10 contestants has to battle the other nine, amounting to a total of 45 battles."

"Alright, let the Tournament begin!"

As soon as the First Elder stopped speaking, the entire square erupted with thunderous sounds.

The Tournament was the most exciting part of the Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion.

"First, Mei Ling will battle Fei Kuang." The Deacon shouted.

Mei Ling and Fei Kuang went up to the ring.

It was obvious that Fei Kuang was very powerful.

With human body strength equivalent to that of a martial artist at Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm, combined with the cultivation at the Peak Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm, he continuously pummeled Mei Ling.

Even though Mei Ling was extremely powerful as well and had extraordinary swordsmans.h.i.+p, she was still defeated by Fei Kuang within 10 moves.

"In the next round, Lu Shaoyun will battle Su Mo!"

Su Mo and Lu Shaoyun went up to the ring.

"Su Mo, I didn't expect for us to fight each other so soon!" Lu Shaoyun said with a smile.

"Haha! Let's fight!"

Su Mo smiled. He respected Lu Shaoyun as an opponent.


Lu Shaoyun nodded, and his body instantly erupted with imposing manner.


In the next moment, a shadow appeared behind Lu Shaoyun.

The shadow contained a small gra.s.s with a dozen thin leaves.

The shadow was surrounded by eight yellow halos.

It was Lu Shaoyun's Martial Soul of Rank 8 Human Cla.s.s.

Lu Shaoyun knew that Su Mo's was not much weaker than him.

Therefore, as soon as he stepped onto the stage, he brought out his best.


Su Mo was surprised because he thought that everyone in the top 10 of the Outer Gate had at least Martial Soul of the Rank 9 Human Cla.s.s.

He did not expect that Lu Shaoyun only had Martial Soul of Rank 8 Human Cla.s.s.

"My Martial Soul is the Dark-leading Gra.s.s. Although it can't increase my combat strength greatly, it can increase my response speed."

Lu Shaoyun continued, "Take this, Su Mo!"

He then swung his palm towards Su Mo.


Lu Shaoyun used his full power in his first move. The gray genuine Qi around him attacked Su Mo, rumbling like thunder.

Before his palm even approached, Su Mo felt the menacing palm power hurt his face.

"What a terrifying palm power!"

Su Mo's eyes flashed with shock. He was not surprised that his opponent was an expert who was ranked number six in the Outer Gate.


The Black-dark Sword immediately left its sheath and gave off an overwhelming sword radiance. Su Mo struck swiftly with his sword.


The sword radiance tore through the palm print, and a burst of sword Qi shot towards Lu Shaoyun like lightning.

Lu Shaoyun responded very quickly by turning slightly, and the sword Qi barely grazed his shoulder.

"What a fast response speed!"

Su Mo was surprised. Usually, it was difficult for people to dodge his sword Qi.

"Su Mo, let me show you my strongest strength!"

After his first move, Lu Shaoyun realized that Su Mo's strength was imperceptible. He immediately shouted and moved his palms violently.

"Howling Silver Wolf Palm!"

Suddenly, genuine Qi in the shape of a giant wolf emerged from Lu Shaoyun's palms with a howl.

The genuine Qi giant wolf looked incredibly lifelike. It ran through the air, opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth, and bit violently towards Su Mo's head.

The wolf was swift. It shot out like a silver bolt of lightning as if a phantom bolted past.

"So fast!"

"I didn't expect Senior Brother Lu to be hiding his strongest move!"

The Outer Disciples in the audience exclaimed.

Lu Shaoyun had not used this move even when he was fighting Duan Bingye.

Yet, he used this move against Su Mo!

Actually, Lu Shaoyun did not use this move against Duan Bingye because he knew that it would not help him defeat Duan Bingye.

Su Mo's expression was calm, and he let his thoughts a.s.similate into the wind.

He knew the path of the silvery wolf with genuine Qi like the back of his hand.

"Break!" Su Mo shouted softly.

His Black-dark Sword shone in his hand and a stream of sword Qi that was eight meters long sliced through the air.

As the sword Qi pa.s.sed, the silver wolf was instantly torn into two.

Su Mo was about to rush towards Lu Shaoyun when his opponent shook his fingers and yelled.

"Wolves Wors.h.i.+pping the Moon!"

Lu Shaoyun finished speaking.

The genuine Qi giant wolf that Su Mo had torn apart somehow reappeared.

However, instead of appearing as one giant wolf, there were 10 small wolves with genuine Qi.

All 10 of the small wolves with genuine Qi howled and lunged towards Su Mo from all directions.


Su Mo could not help but marvel at the strange attack because he had never seen anything like it before.

However, nothing really mattered before absolute strength.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Su Mo attacked even faster with his sword. His sword radiance moved like water, the sword curtains around him stirred quickly, and the 10 small wolves with genuine Qi were shattered.

"How is he so powerful?"

Lu Shaoyun frowned, he looked very worried.

Su Mo's strength was unfathomable and exceeded his expectations.

"Prepare to take my strongest move!"

Lu Shaoyun gritted his teeth, jumped into the air, and raised his palms. His entire body erupted with genuine Qi, and he immediately attacked with 99 palms.

"Myriad Wolves Howling!"

Streams of palm prints turned into giant silver wolves that rushed out howling.

In an instant, the entire fighting ring was packed with giant wolves, and howls echoed through the square.

Su Mo was entirely buried in wolves.

"Is Su Mo about to lose?"

"I'm not sure, but it sure seems like it!"

The disciples in the audience were fixated at the fighting ring and argued among themselves quietly.

Then, a stream of dazzling sword radiance shot through the pack of wolves.

This was followed by a burst of unrivaled sword Qi. Its radiance lit up the entire continent, and its sword Qi swept for tens of thousands of miles.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

The sword Qi knocked down everything in its path.

All the genuine Qi giant wolves were torn into pieces.

"Prepare to take my move as well!"

As Su Mo spoke, a peerless sword essence appeared.

The sword essence was a dozen meters long and trailed bolts of lightning behind it. It immediately descended upon Lu Shaoyun with a whoosh.


Lu Shaoyun had not expected Su Mo to defeat his signature move so easily and to even retaliate.

Lu Shaoyun hurriedly waved his hands to form an air s.h.i.+eld and sent two palm prints toward the sword essence.


The sword essence broke through the palm prints harshly and hit the air s.h.i.+eld.


Both the air s.h.i.+eld and the sword essence broke, and Lu Shaoyun was forced back dozens of meters to the edge of the fighting ring.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Su Mo rushed up to him and swung his sword thrice.

The three streams of sword Qi left Lu Shaoyun with nowhere to hide.

Lu Shaoyun's expression changed. He immediately jumped out of the fighting ring.

"You're good!" Su Mo said to Lu Shaoyun, clasping his fists.

"Su Mo won!" said the Deacon.

Su Mo walked out of the fighting ring.

The audience erupted instantly.

"Wow! Su Mo actually defeated Lu Shaoyun!"

"He's so powerful. Lu Shaoyun was number six in the Outer Gate, which means that Su Mo has the ability to enter the top five!"

Everyone gained a new impression of Su Mo's strength.

Su Mo chuckled. He had not even used half of his strength against Lu Shaoyun.

He was reserving his strongest combat strength for Nangong Linjue.

Even faced with Nangong Linjue, Su Mo still had absolute confidence.

He had genuine Qi as strong as that of a martial artist at Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm, a strong human body, the Great Completion of Lv 3 martial arts techniques, and six Spiritual Spirals that gave him six times the combat strength.

Su Mo thought that this strength would definitely help him beat Nangong Linjue.

Of course, Su Mo was also not blindly c.o.c.ky.

Nangong Linjue was number one in the Outer Gate, so his strength could not be underestimated.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 152: Howling Silver Wolf Palm

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