Warrior's Promise Chapter 158

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Chapter 158: Versatile Genius

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The compet.i.tion continued.

Su Mo soon went into the ring again, and this time, his opponent was Ling Muchen.

“Su Mo, I’m afraid it’s time to end your winning streak!” Ling Muchen said with a gentle smile on his face.

“Ling Muchen, your body movement isn’t bad, but it’s still useless,” Su Mo said with a smile.


Ling Muchen squinted his eyes.


In next moment, Ling Muchen moved quickly and disappeared.

Suddenly, a powerful palm force appeared to the right of Su Mo and struck him.

Su Mo punched toward his right, and as the fist force smashed into the palm force, terrible sounds emerged.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Then, Ling Muchen’s attack became even more violent.

Many palm prints surrounded Su Mo and struck him, while the terrible wind blowing produced a flapping sound as it hit his clothes.

And he still could not even see Ling Muchen.

“More Lightness Skill? I’m not afraid!”

Su Mo smiled and moved quickly, with many palm prints striking out.


Su Mo’s sword came out from its sheath.

Puff! Bang! Boom!

People could only see the black sword radiance smas.h.i.+ng into the palm prints in the fighting ring.

The two contestants moved so quickly that others could only see just a few shadows.

“d.a.m.n it! They’re so quick that I can’t see them!”

“Su Mo is so remarkable, his body movement is on par with Senior Brother Ling’s.”

“Exactly! His body is stronger than that of Senior Brother Fei Kuang, his swordsmans.h.i.+p is more powerful than that of Senior Brother Li Jiandong, and even his body movement is more skillful than that of Senior Brother Ling Muchen. He’s indeed a versatile genius.”

Many such discussions arose. Some weaker disciples felt depressed because they could not clearly watch their fight.

At this moment, Ling Muchen was thoroughly shocked.

He was in third place in the Outer Gate not only because of his powerful strength but also because of his unparalleled speed.

No one could defeat him in the entire Outer Gate.

Although the body movement and speed that Su Mo had displayed before were outstanding, Ling Muchen still looked down upon them.

Now, he was shocked that Su Mo’s speed was no slower than his.

“Wave-raging Buddha’s Palm!”

Ling Muchen shouted, as powerful palms struck out forcefully in endless waves.


Su Mo tore open his opponent’s palm force with his sword, which revealed his figure.

“Your Lightness Skill is really powerful, but speed is no use in the face of absolute strength,” Su Mo said calmly.

The next moment, Su Mo’s imposing manner rose sharply and a relentless Sword Qi rushed into the sky.

“Blood Rain of the Wind Devil!”

The sword swung with an endless Sword Qi, just like a rain of swords, encompa.s.sing the entire fighting ring.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sword rain enveloped Ling Muchen and the shape of his body again appeared as his palms punched out, destroying the oncoming Sword Qi.


Su Mo’s eyes were s.h.i.+ning. Ling Muchen was limited by the sword rain, so Su Mo was able to rush up to him in a short time.

“Sword Essence of Wind Devil!”

The longsword split and the s.h.i.+ning sword essence, which was more than 10 meters long, struck Ling Muchen.

“The Raging Sea!”

As Ling Muchen struck out with both palms simultaneously, his surging palm force smashed into the sword essence, which was just like roaring waves.

With his arm appearing to be a residual shadow, Su Mo attacked Ling Muchen twice using his sword without pausing.

“Cross Chopping Technique of Wind Devil!”

“Amazing Chopping Technique of Wind Devil!”

On the final attack, Su Mo activated the fifth Spiritual Spiral in his body, which increased his power by more than double. His boiling Genuine Qi was like a volcanic eruption and the terrible Sword Qi moved like the Nine Heavens Astral Wind.

The Sword Qi wildly attacked Ling Muchen.


Ling Muchen was struck by the Sword Qi and thrown back.

He was sent out of the fighting ring like a bullet, flying over 200 meters backward.

“How is this possible?”

Ling Muchen stood in the distance with a frightened expression.

Now his hair was disheveled, and all of his clothes were torn by the Sword Qi.

He clearly felt that Su Mo’s attack had sharply increased with his final blow.

“Has Su Mo been hiding his strength all this time?

“What is Su Mo’s real strength?”

Ling Muchen was anxious and doubtful.

“Su Mo wins!” the Deacon shouted.

“Ling Muchen, you’re good!”

Su Mo held his fist in his palm toward Ling Muchen. Afterward, he walked out of the fighting ring while the others were still in shock.

“Wow! Su Mo defeated Senior Brother Ling Muchen so easily!”

“He’s so powerful! His strength may be as powerful as Senior Sister Duan’s!”

“Because he has such abilities, it’s no wonder that he dares to kill the disciples of the Sky Alliance.”

Many disciples on the field were having intense discussions about him.

Luo Qianfan was standing among the crowd with a look of surprise on his face.

Although he was already certain about Su Mo’s abilities, Su Mo’s performance was beyond his expectations.

Elder Wei was smiling faintly in the spectator stands.

Su Mo’s performance had made him greatly satisfied.

He thought that Su Mo had needed another two years to enter the top 10 of the Outer Gate.

However, Su Mo’s growth was beyond his imagination.

It was a miracle that Su Mo had entered the top three within a year.

And judging by the current situation, Su Mo might even be able to challenge Nangong Linjue.

“First Elder, you’d better arrange for Su Mo to change his opponent from Duan Bingye to Nangong Linjue,” said Elder Wei softly to the First Elder beside him.

Generally speaking, because Su Mo still maintained a record of total victory, he should be arranged to fight against Duan Bingye, followed by Nangong Linjue.

The First Elder nodded and said, “No problem!”

After that, the First Elder used the sound transmission technique to send this message to the Deacon.

The First Elder understood Elder Wei’s idea. “Maybe Su Mo’s strength is greater than that of Duan Bingye’s, and he’s even capable of challenging Nangong Linjue.

“If Su Mo fights with Duan Bingye in the next match, it’ll be a deadly fight.

“Duan Bingye is really special. She is Duan Jingtian’s younger female cousin. If she loses her life to Su Mo’s sword, it’ll be a big problem.”

Even though he was the First Elder of the Outer Gate, he still might not be able to handle Duan Jingtian’s anger.

In the fighting ring, the compet.i.tion rounds continued one after another.

The funny thing about this top 10 tournament of the Outer Gate was that only eight people were left to fight for the top 10.

Afterward, Fei Kuang defeated Lu Shaoyun.

Nangong Linjue defeated Ling Muchen.

The next opponent for Su Mo was Wu Meng.

However, Wu Meng simply admitted defeat.

Li Jiandong defeated Wu Meng in three moves, and Su Mo was able to kill Li Jiandong, so it was obvious that Wu Meng could not defeat Su Mo.

Otherwise, he was just asking for an insult!

Soon, the tournament would be ending.

At that moment, only Su Mo and Nangong Linjue had maintained records of total victory.

Su Mo had fought seven rounds.

He had only two fights left, which were against Duan Bingye and Nangong Linjue.

Su Mo was excited to fight against the top two experts of the Sky Alliance.

All the other disciples were excited as well.

After several fights later, the Deacon suddenly stood up and announced loudly, “Next round, Nangong Linjue versus Su Mo!”

Just as the Deacon finished his words, a dead silence suddenly fell over the entire square.

That silence lasted for several breaths.

And then!


The entire square simultaneously erupted with the thunderous sounds of applause and shouting.

The most antic.i.p.ated match was at hand!

Countless disciples of the Sky Alliance had been killed by Su Mo.

Now, could Su Mo stay alive after facing the number one expert of the Outer Gate, Nangong Linjue?

Warrior's Promise Chapter 158

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