Warrior's Promise Chapter 171: Rules Of The Fighting Ring

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Su Mo sat cross-legged in his room as his giant Devouring Martial Spirit hovered silently behind him.

He was frowning deeply.

Su Mo had already devoured 300 Cla.s.s 7 Lv 2 Beast Soul Crystals that he bought at the Sect.

But his Martial Soul still showed no signs of progressing to Earth Cla.s.s.

After a while, Su Mo sighed. Progressing to Earth Cla.s.s Martial Soul required a terrifying amount of Beast Souls!

"It seems that I can only progress when I go to Imperial City next year!" Su Mo murmured.

"Four Seas Arena!"

Su Mo remembered that Luo Qianfan had said that if he could win battles continuously in the Four Seas Arena, he would be able to progress.

"So Duan Jingtian won 108 battles in a row?"

Su Mo chuckled. If Duan Jingtian could win over 100 battles in a row, he could definitely do better!

Then, he swallowed a elixir and began cultivating the Elephant's Strength Skill to strengthen his human body.

Throughout the end of the year, Su Mo lived a peaceful life.

He occasionally cultivated fistplay, worked on his cultivation, and advised his father.

During this time, Su Tianhao, Su Yu, and other disciples of the Sus, often came to Su Mo to ask for cultivation advice.

Su Mo was never tired of discussing everything with them.

Su Yu and the others did not have high cultivations, but they had similar cultivation experiences to Su Mo. After a couple conversations with them, Su Mo gained quite a lot as well.

Although Su Mo lived a peaceful life during this time, Sunnywood City was very turbulent.

After Su Mo killed Wei w.a.n.kong, his son, the old Master of the Weis, and countless elders of the Weis, the Weis was destroyed.

This incident threw the formerly peaceful Sunnywood City into a fit of chaos.

Su Mo had shaken Sunnywood City once again.

Also, Su Mo's abilities were no longer limited to the younger disciples and had entered into the realm of Sunnywood City's top experts.

Many people even said that Su Mo was the number one expert of Sunnywood City!

The truth of this statement was fiercely debated in the city.

At the beginning of the new year, Su Mo did not say goodbye to anyone but his father, and he left Sunnywood City alone.

One man, one sword, and one destination. Su Mo went to the Skymoon Imperial City.

Skymoon Imperial City was extremely vast and surrounded by a mighty city wall.

It was the largest and most prosperous city in Skymoon Country, with an area of around 2,500 square kilometers and tens of millions of citizens.

A handsome young man carrying a black long sword arrived at Imperial City.

This young man was Su Mo.

After two weeks of traveling, he finally reached his destination.

Walking along the main road of Imperial City, Su Mo could not help but wonder at the bustling streets and stunning architecture.

"No wonder it's the Imperial City!"

Compared to this place, Sunnywood City was essentially a little village!

Su Mo knew nothing about Imperial City, so he had no choice but to look for Luo Qianfan.

Luo Qianfan had always given Su Mo a sense of mystery, and Su Mo never fully trusted him.

Luo Mansion was very famous in Imperial City, so Su Mo found its location from a stranger on the street easily.

In half an hour, Su Mo arrived at the gate of the Luo Mansion.

Luo Mansion was an extremely magnificent and large mansion with beautiful engravings.

"Are you Master Su Mo?"

Upon seeing Su Mo, a guard of Luo Mansion approached him and asked.

"That's me!"

Su Mo was slightly shocked about being recognized, but he still nodded.

Glancing at this guard, Su Mo was shocked to find that his cultivation was Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm, which was only one level lower than his.

"How powerful is Luo Mansion!"

Su Mo was surprised.

"Master Su Mo, the Third Master has been waiting many days for you!"

The guard waved his right hand and said, "Please, let me take you to see Third Master!"

Su Mo nodded and realized that Luo Qianfan had already prepared the guards.

He followed the guard into Luo Mansion.

After following winding paths for 15 minutes, they finally arrived in front of a large courtyard.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The guard lightly knocked on the yard gate and said respectfully, "Third Master, Master Su Mo is here!"


Joyous laughter erupted from the yard, and Luo Qianfan walked out of the yard gate, wearing a white robe.

"Su Mo, welcome to Imperial City and Luo Mansion. Please come in!"

Luo Qianfan welcomed Su Mo into the courtyard with a beaming smile.

His yard was very large and looked like a small mansion, containing many plants and even a small lake.

The two men sat in a pavilion next to the lake.

"Luo Qianfan, it seems that the Luos is quite prominent in the Imperial City!" Su Mo smiled and said.

"Haha! It's nothing! We just work for the royal family!" Luo Qianfan said.

"Luo Qianfan, could you explain the specific details and rules of the Four Seas Arena to me?" asked Su Mo.

He had come to Imperial City for this sole reason and was a little impatient.

"Don't worry, let me explain in detail," Luo Qianfan said.

"The Four Seas Arena was built by three powerful families in the Imperial City hundreds of years ago, and it's the most famous fighting ring in Skymoon Country!"

"For hundreds of years, every master of Skymoon Country has proudly overlooked the heroes with pride and confidence in the fighting ring!

"So anyone who wins over 50 battles in a row in the Four Seas Arena is extremely famous!

"The arena arranges battles by level. Anyone who wins 50 battles in a row will battle in a higher level, and anyone who wins 100 battles in a row will progress two levels!

"All the prizes are calculated in Spiritual Stones. The starting prize is 10 Lower Spiritual Stones, and every victory claims another five Spiritual Stones!

"That means that if you win one battle, you will win ten Spiritual Stones. If you win two in a row, you win another 15 Spiritual Stones for your second victory. If you win three in a row, you win another 20 Spiritual Stones for your third victory."

Su Mo asked confusedly, "These are nice prizes, but by this pattern, winning 100 battles in a row still won't claim 50,000 Spiritual Stones, right?"

Su Mo roughly calculated that after 100 battles, each victory would claim around 500 Spiritual Stones, but that was still not enough to add up to 50,000.

Luo Qianfan chuckled and said, "After 100 battles, each additional victory adds another 500 Spiritual Stones!"


Su Mo gasped.

"Every victory adds another 500 Spiritual Stones?"

"So, if I made it to the 120th battle, then every battle would give me 10,000 Spiritual Stones!"

"Moreover, the 150th victory would give me tens of thousands of Spiritual Stones!"

Su Mo was secretly excited to find out how far he could progress with his combat strength.

If he had enough Spiritual Stones, he could even purchase Lv 3 Beast Souls and get closer to progressing his Martial Soul.

"Haha! After 100 battles, you will have to fight contestants who are two levels higher than you. Even the most powerful martial artist wouldn't be able to go on forever!"

Luo Qianfan saw Su Mo's expression and said with a smile, "Even Duan Jingtian could only fight eight more battles after reaching 100 battles, and this is the best record in decades!

"Also, there are many experts in Imperial City, and genius disciples of the four sects are abundant here. Consecutive victories against martial artists two levels higher than you is basically impossible!"

Luo Qianfan and Su Mo chatted for a long time.

They actually didn't leave the pavilion until dark.

Su Mo stayed as a temporary guest in Luo Mansion.

The next morning, he would go to Four Seas Arena with Luo Qianfan.

He sat cross-legged in his room and began to use Nine Spirals Mystique, causing the Spiritual Spirals in his body to move furiously.

Su Mo was preparing to form his seventh Spiritual Spiral!

Over the past year, his human body strength had increased greatly. The remaining two bottles of Upper Lv 2 Pill he had were used on cultivating his human body.

Now, his human body strength was about to surpa.s.s that of a martial artist at the Peak Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm, and it rivaled Lv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm.

He could try to form his seventh Spiritual Spiral.

There were cultivation level restrictions in the Four Seas Arena, so it was better for him to strengthen the human body, and form Spiritual Spirals to increase combat strength!

As time slipped by, Su Mo was covered in sweat and began to tremble.

The seventh Spiritual Spiral was forming slowly in his elixir field.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 171: Rules Of The Fighting Ring

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