Warrior's Promise Chapter 183: Martial Soul Transformation

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Both Xiang Bo and Liu Canyang laughed when they heard what Su Mo said.

However, their smiles meant differently.

Xiang Bo was sneering at Su Mo as he was going to raise his level to challenge martial artists at Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm.

Whereas his cultivation was at the Peak Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm.

If Su Mo were to fight him, could he possibly win the duel?

He was the champion of the outer gate disciple in the Scorching Sun Sect. An average Inner Disciple with Lv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm was not even his match, let alone Su Mo, who only had the cultivation of Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm.

On the other hand, Liu Canyang's smile showed his disdain. Because his cultivation had already reached Lv 8 Spiritual Martial Realm. Su Mo would not have any chance to duel with him!

"Liu Canyang, if I win 150 rounds in a row, then let's fight!"

Su Mo looked toward Liu Canyang and added on.

The crowd was stunned!

"150 rounds in a row?"


Some of them even burst out laughing!

"This fellow was not being arrogant, he was intentionally making fun of everyone!"

Even the Four Talents of Skymoon Country who had Earth Cla.s.s Martial Soul could only win over a hundred rounds in a row. The one who won the most was Duan Jingtian, and that was only 108 rounds straight.

Even Four Seas Fighting Ring had been around for three or four hundred years. The best winning streak recorded was only 153 rounds.

That record was created by an unbelievable talent. After winning 150 rounds in a row and up 3 levels of battle, even if his combat strength was formidable, he was still defeated during the third round of duel!

And now, Su Mo actually wanted to challenge Liu Canyang after 150 rounds of battles!

"Did he think that he is better than that talent?"

"Was this even possible?"

n.o.body took this seriously!

Liu Canyang also did not take this seriously but he was infuriated!

His face was cold.

"To challenge me after 150 rounds of battles?"

"What did Su Mo take me for?"

Liu Canyang took it that Su Mo totally looked down on him and did not respect him at all!

"Tomorrow, I shall watch you die." Liu Canyang said coldly before he turned and left.

He would go Four Seas Fighting Ring, not to challenge Su Mo, but to watch him killed by other people.

Both Yan Ba and Xiang Bo were so much stronger than Su Mo. There was no chance for him to win continuously.

Supposed Su Mo might be killed by Xiang Bo first!

If Su Mo were to die on the fighting ring, Liu Canyang would be the first to dash up and steal his Soul-sealing Crystal.

Liu Canyang left without any hesitation.

After Liu Canyang left, Su Mo looked at Xiang Bo and glanced at Hong Tengyun and the rest, reminding him saying, "Xiang Bo, don't forget our duel tomorrow!"

Xiang Bo smiled coldly and said, "Since you wish for death, I'll gladly grant it to you!

"At the Four Seas Arena, I shall see how you are going to win consecutively tomorrow!"

After saying, Xiang Bo left with Hong Tengyun and the rest of the people.

Su Mo watched their back as they left, with his eyes s.h.i.+ning faintly.

"As for who was going to survive, we would find out tomorrow!"

A short while later, as Su Mo glanced through the crowd, he spotted Ling Muchen and Fei Kuang.

"Ling Muchen, Fei Kuang, I've not seen you guys for a long while!" Su Mo smiled and said to both of them.

"Su Mo, Yan Ba's strength is super powerful; you better be careful tomorrow!"

Ling Muchen pondered as he warned Su Mo.

Ling Muchen had no feud with Su Mo. At the same time, he admired Su Mo's talent, hence giving him some reminders.

He did not warn Su Mo to be cautious about Xiang Bo as he thought since he could kill Nangong Linjue, Su Mo's strength was definitely not weaker than him.

Xiang Bo was the first disciple of the outer gate of the Scorching Sun Sect. No matter how strong he was, he could not be stronger than Nangong Linjue!

Ling Muchen also did not warn Su Mo about Liu Canyang, because his cultivation was that of Lv 8 Spiritual Martial Realm whereby the level was too high.

It was impossible for Su Mo to duel with him at the Four Seas Arena.

Just like what Su Mo mentioned, only after he won 150 rounds in a row, then he could up three levels to challenge martial artists with Lv 8 Spiritual Martial Realm.

However, that seemed to be apparently impossible.

Hence, Ling Muchen did not see the need to warn him.

"Don't worry! Who's stronger or weaker is still hard to tell!"

Su Mo nodded his head and asked, "When did you guys arrive at Imperial City?"

Ling Muchen said, "We are from Imperial City, our family lives here!"

Su Mo then realized that both of their families were in Imperial City.

"Su Mo, I've confidence in you. You'll definitely defeat Yan Ba!"

Fei Kuang walked up and proclaimed loudly, "Those fellas from the Sky Alliance are so arrogant. I also don't like them!"

"Ha ha!"

Su Mo laughed. Fei Kuang was exactly like his outlook, rough and heroic.

After chitchatting with both of them for a while, Su Mo said, "I've something on, got to go!"

Su Mo could not wait to go back to devour the Earth Cla.s.s Martial Soul he had auctioned.

Shortly after, Luo Huan and Luo Qianfan also greeted them and the three of them went back to Luo Mansion together.

"Su Mo, how confident are you to defeat Yan Ba tomorrow?" Luo Qianfan asked Su Mo as he sent him to the guest room.

Luo Qianfan believed that Su Mo could surely defeat Xiang Bo. But he was not sure about Yan Ba. After all, he was a martial artist at the Peak Lv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm.

Su Mo pondered and smiled, saying, "60%-70% chance!"

Su Mo was being conservative because he had not really dueled with Yan Ba, so he was not sure about his strength.

If Yan Ba was like Nangong Linjue, who had the cultivation of super combat strength, then he might not have full confidence as well.


Luo Qianfan nodded his head. He was relieved when Su Mo said that.

He knew Su Mo was not a hotheaded person; he was matured enough.

Hence, when Su Mo stated that he had 60%-70% confidence, his capabilities would not differ too much from his estimation.

After advising Su Mo, Luo Qianfan left.

Then Su Mo went back to his room.

Inside his room, Su Mo sat down in meditation and flipped his palm. The High-cla.s.s Soul-sealing Crystal then appeared in his hands.

As Su Mo looked into the inner crystal and saw the golden War Saber Martial Soul, it made his heart thumped again.

This War Saber Martial Soul was not only the Earth Cla.s.s Martial Soul but also a Martial Soul of the Rank 2 Earth Cla.s.s.

If consuming the War Saber Martial Soul still did not elevate Su Mo's Martial Soul to Earth Cla.s.s, that would be unbelievable.

After all, Earth Cla.s.s Martial Soul was so much stronger than the Human Cla.s.s Martial Soul!

Moreover, his Devouring Martial Spirit had already devoured so many Beast Souls. Reckoned it should be close to elevating to the Earth Cla.s.s.

The High-cla.s.s Soul-sealing Crystal was no different from those Soul Crystals that Su Mo had bought previously. It should be a higher cla.s.s Soul Crystal.

Su Mo did not break the Soul-sealing Crystal recklessly but released his Martial Soul first.

The Devouring Martial Spirit was s.h.i.+ning with nine yellow halos, floating at Su Mo's back. As he activated them, within the dark vortex, there was a force of suction as the surrounding Spiritual Qi came in torrents.

Taking a deep breath, Su Mo squeezed his palm with force.


The Soul-sealing Crystal was crushed and the golden War Saber Martial Soul appeared instantly.

The saber was five to six meter long and extremely huge. There were two dark purple halos wrapping around the saber.

As the saber was exposed, a sharp saber Qi soared and a formless saber will shrouded the whole room.

Even though Su Mo's human body was strong, he still felt the pain as if a saber cutting his whole body.

This War Saber Martial Soul, although it was masterless, its strength was still incredible.


Su Mo growled and desperately activating his Martial Soul.


The War Saber Martial Soul was vibrating with a buzz and slowly flew toward the Devouring Martial Spirit.

When the War Saber Martial Soul was sucked into the devouring vortex, Su Mo's Devouring Martial Spirit began to vibrate violently.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Within the Devouring Martial Spirit, it was vibrating nonstop with m.u.f.fled sound.

Su Mo could clearly feel the overwhelming strength of the Martial Soul rapidly a.s.similating into his Martial Soul.


Initially, there were only nine yellow halos on the Devouring Martial Spirit. At this moment, one of the halos instantly turned pale purple.

Subsequently, the yellow halos turned to pale purple one by one.

After three breaths, nine yellow halos had already completely changed to nine pale purple halos.

In the next instant, Bang! Nine halos cracked and rapidly reconstructed on its own.

Just a blink of an eye, nine pale purple halos transformed into a dazzling dark purple halo.

Martial Soul of the Rank 1 Earth Cla.s.s!

As Su Mo's Martial Soul progressed to the Earth Cla.s.s, his Devouring Martial Spirit swiftly bloated.

His Devouring Martial Spirit bloated to over 10 meters tall instantly, even going through the room's rooftop and causing a commotion from afar.

"What's that?"

"I can feel the coercion from the horrifying Martial Soul. My Martial Soul feels pressure."

"Third young master's friend stays there, we'd better don't disturb him!"

Some of the Luo Mansion guards who saw this scenario were talking about it.

At this moment, Su Mo sat in the middle of the room, temporarily forgetting to withdraw his Martial Soul as his eyes revealed a confused look.

His Martial Soul had already devoured the War Saber Martial Soul and elevated to the Earth Cla.s.s.

However, the War Saber Martial Soul did not disappear. It was as if it had become one with his Devouring Martial Spirit, fading in and out within the vortex.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 183: Martial Soul Transformation

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