Warrior's Promise Chapter 184: In Anticipation

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"What's going on?"

Su Mo was baffled. Previously, when he had devoured Beast Souls or Martial Souls, these would have completely disappeared.

However, the War Saber Martial Soul still remained and had become one with his Martial Spirit!

The War Saber Martial Soul was no longer s.h.i.+ning. It became illusionary and tiny and swirled around the Martial Spirit.

Su Mo could feel the Martial Spirit become one with him. He vividly felt an additional powerful aura in his Martial Spirit.

After a while, Su Mo sighed and stopped thinking about it, since he could not explain it.

Either way, his Martial Spirit had advanced to Earth Cla.s.s, so it was definitely more powerful than before!

"I wonder how fast I can absorb the Spiritual Qi!"

Su Mo activated his Martial Spirit a little. All the Spiritual Qi within a few hundred meters flooded toward him.

The speed of absorption was many times faster than when he was at Rank 9 Human Cla.s.s.

A few servants of the Luo Mansion who were hundreds of meters away had noticed something amiss. They stood afar and watched, curious to know what was happening.

A few of them suddenly screamed.

"Oh! What's happening? Why is my Blood Qi draining out so quickly?"

"Me too! My genuine Qi is dissipating as well!"

"Let's get out of this place quickly!"

The few servants were shocked and quickly left.

Within such a short period of time, the few of them not only had lost half of their genuine Qi, but they also became skinnier.

In the room, Su Mo's eyes shone brightly and quickly withdrew his Martial Spirit.

He was stunned.

He had felt his Devouring Martial Spirit absorbing a great amount of Blood Qi and genuine Qi.

With his increase in strength, he had become much more perceptive.

He could sense what had happened to the few servants who were more than a few hundred meters away.

"I can now absorb the Qi of blood essence and genuine Qi of the living!"

Su Mo was extremely stunned.

Previously, his Devouring Martial Spirit was only able to devour the blood essence of dead martial artists and demonic beasts.

However, after his Martial Spirit had advanced to Earth Cla.s.s, his devouring ability had enhanced. He could even devour the blood essence of the living!

Not only that, he could also absorb their genuine Qi!

Su Mo s.h.i.+vered. With this ability, his cultivation would improve at astonis.h.i.+ng speeds!

If he activated his Martial Spirit during combats, the opponents would be drained of their Qi in no time!

Su Mo gradually left his state of shock and became excited. He was thrilled.

From now on, his Martial Spirit would enhance his combat strength to an extraordinary level.

"I wonder if this ability will work on powerful experts!" Su Mo thought.

The cultivation of the few servants was low. They were at Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm.

Su Mo wondered if he could devour the genuine Qi and blood essence of those martial artists who were at higher levels, including experts of the True Spirit Realm!

If he could do that, this ability would be extremely powerful!

Su Mo took a while to calm himself down. He then activated his Martial Spirit and started his cultivation.

His cultivation was at the Peak Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm. He was very close to reaching the Lv 6, and he had to do it fast!

Time pa.s.sed quickly.

Early in the morning, after Su Mo had finished his breakfast, Luo Qianfan came to him with his sister.

"Su Mo, this is the day you will become famous!" Luo Qianfan said with a smile.

"Yes! Brother Su Mo, if you can win 100 rounds consecutively, you will be famous in Skymoon Country!" Luo Huan said with a seductive smile.

Su Mo scratched his nose, shook his head with a wry smile and said, "I hope so!"

Su Mo sighed. He wondered if it would be a good thing to be famous in Skymoon Country!

However, he could not be bothered now.

The three of them left the Luo Mansion and headed toward Four Seas Fighting Ring.

The Four Seas Fighting Ring was extremely crowded, especially at the sixth battle station. The spectators stand was overly packed with people.

Many talented disciples from big and powerful families in Imperial City were here.

There were also disciples from the four sects who had heard of the combat and had come to watch.

The youth who had won 50 rounds of combat in a row would be competing at the sixth battle station.

According to a rumor from the day before, the young man was named Su Mo. He would be challenging Xiang Bo, the top disciple from the Scorching Sun Sect, and Yan Ba, an Inner Disciple of Gale Island.

They had heard that Su Mo was very arrogant. He looked down on Liu Canyang of the Sky Rapier Sect and had said that he would take Liu Canyang on after he had won 150 rounds of combat.

Rumors were spreading around and had attracted many experts to the fighting ring.

"How many rounds will Su Mo win today?"

"It's tough for him! How can one possibly pit against those at a higher level and expect to win? Impossible!"

"That's right! I don't think he can defeat Xiang Bo!"

"Hoho, it's possible for Su Mo to win 100 rounds! You haven't heard that he's the top Outer Disciple in Gale Island this year! My cousin is an Outer Disciple in Gale Island. I've heard from him that Su Mo had killed Nangong Linjue, the number one Outer Disciple among the top 10 Outer Disciples."

Many were discussing in the spectators stand. They did not think that Su Mo would win. However, a small group of people had confidence in him.

"Look, that's the sixth prince. He has come to watch the combat!"

The crowd shouted as they saw a group of five to six youth walking toward them.

The one leading the way was in a python-patterned robe. He looked tall and elegant.

Behind him were five other charming boys and girls.

"The sixth prince is a disciple of the Sky Yuan Sect. Those who are with him must be disciples as well!"

"Yes, they are disciples of the Sky Yuan Sect!" The crowd commented.

Those princes and princesses of the Imperial family in Skymoon were disciples of the four sects.

By placing them in the sects, not only could they be better trained, but they also could foster better relations.h.i.+ps with the four sects. This would solidify the position of the Imperial family.

Many experts in the Imperial family were holding elders.h.i.+p positions in the four sects.

The sixth zone in Four Seas Fighting Ring was bustling with people. Young experts kept flooding in.

However, no one was in the battle ring.

Everyone was waiting for Su Mo to arrive.

After an hour, a handsome youth strode in with a long dark sword on his back.

Su Mo had arrived!

Warrior's Promise Chapter 184: In Anticipation

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