Warrior's Promise Chapter 193 - 150 Games

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Chapter 193: 150 Games

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“Invincible defense?”

Su Mo looked at the old man enveloped by the transparent golden bell with interest.

This old man appeared to be extremely confident about his defense!

Su Mo took a good look at the golden bell covering his body and had to admit that he was not able to defeat the man without breaking the golden bell enveloping him.

“Since you’re so confident, then I’ll break your golden bell!”

Holding Black-dark Sword in his hand, Su Mo slowly walked to the old man and stopped 10 steps away from him.


Su Mo did not run his genuine Qi but exerted his strongest body power. With a golden light, an elephant shadow appeared from his body.

Su Mo had run his body power to its limit to create this shadow.


Su Mo lifted the Black-dark Sword high up in the sky, tensed the muscles of his whole body, and wielded it down ferociously.


The long sword heavily hit the golden bell and a deafening bang spread in all directions.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Su Mo felt a tremendous force rebounding from the bell and was forced backwards three steps.

The bell was unscratched and the old man stood inside it, beaming.

“Haha! Little friend, what do you think? My defense is fine, isn’t it?”

He chortled proudly.


Su Mo squinted his eyes, the corners of his mouth turning up.


Su Mo shouted.


The next moment, the seven Spiritual Spirals inside Su Mo swirled wildly and the Black-dark Sword blazed.


Su Mo sprang upward into the air and reached about 100 meters high above the old man.

The sword in Su Mo’s hands was glaring. He looked like Ares with the golden light around him.


With a shout, Su Mo dived like a falling meteorite and impacted hard on the golden bell.


The huge explosion caused endless waves sweeping across the fighting ring.

The strong bounce forced Su Mo to turn two somersaults in the air before he landed far away in the ring.

After the airwaves dissipated, everyone could have a clear view of the ring.

The bell stood still and intact, yet the old man was coughing and spitting blood.

The old man was heavily injured!

Although the defense of his bell was amazingly strong, he who sustained its operation had to bear a large part of the impact. Su Mo’s mighty power directly wounded him internally.

Su Mo was also shocked by the old man’s indestructible defense.

“Little friend! Carry on!” the old man took a deep breath and said.

Looking at the old man, Su Mo shook his head and said, “Even if your bell can bear my next attack, you’re not able to. Are you sure you want to continue the battle?”

The old man looked dignified. After thinking for a while, he bit his teeth and said, “Yes! please!”


Su Mo nodded, and his long sword shone again.

He was about to show his Final Hit of Heavenly Wind but gave it up after a consideration.

He was sure that Final Hit of Heavenly Wind would possibly kill the man or badly wound him.

Buzz! Buzz!

Black-dark Sword was vibrating. As ma.s.sive genuine Qi was poured into the long sword, the sword ray extended dozens of meters long, making the sword extremely large.

The air around him began to crazily flow, and a gale suddenly appeared around Su Mo.

“Divine Wind Swordplay—Wind Roaring in the Sky!”

The gale whistled and swept in all directions. Su Mo turned into a gust of wind and rushed toward the old man.


Another shockingly loud bang exploded. Horrible airwaves rolled hundreds of meters around.

The old man and his golden bell were pushed back for dozens of meters till the edge of the fighting ring.


A two-foot crack appeared on the dazzling golden bell.


The old man inside the bell suddenly spat out a lot of blood, and the color drained out of his face.

Su Mo stood in the distance and looked at the old man, saying in a flat voice, “Surrender or you’ll die if I launch another shot!”

The old man’s face changed and he was stunned. No one at his level had been capable of breaking his defense in all these years, but now, his defense had been nearly crushed by a martial artist at Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm.

After a short period of time, the old man sighed and left the fighting ring.

He knew that Su Mo was telling the truth. Su Mo’s next shot would definitely shatter his Golden Bell Martial Soul.

There was no sound on the spectator stands.

Old Zhong who had an invincible defense in his level was defeated.

His Golden Bell Martial Soul was nearly crushed!

At this moment, everyone was stunned. 119 games! Su Mo had already won a total of 119 rounds in a row!

This had far exceeded the record created by Four Talents of Skymoon Country. It had been the highest record for decades!

Su Mo really had the ability to win 150 rounds in a row.

Who else could stop Su Mo now?

Su Mo not only had the invincible power but also had the ability to control others’ genuine Qi and Blood Qi. Under these circ.u.mstances, any opponent facing him was at a disadvantage.

After Su Mo defeated Old Zhong, there were still many challengers.

Although many of them knew that they could not win the fight, they still wanted to give a shot.

Also, many of the martial artists arranged by Four Seas Fighting Ring made their challenges one after another.

But when everyone faced Su Mo, there was only one end—loss!

Even if a lot of experts’ abilities were comparable to that of Lv 8 Spiritual Martial Realm, they lost to Su Mo anyway.

The more Su Mo fought, the braver he became. His physical strength had been comparable to a martial artist at the Peak Lv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm. Together with his genuine Qi of the seven Spiritual Spirals and the unique ability of his Martial Soul, he was invincible. Even if the strength of his opponent was comparable to a martial artist at Lv 8 Spiritual Martial Realm, he still was no match for Su Mo.

The so-called Wheel War that Four Seas Fighting Ring had adopted to exhaust Su Mo and drain his genuine Qi was nothing but a joke!

134 rounds!

135 rounds!

149 rounds!

150 rounds!

After an hour, Su Mo finally won 150 rounds in a row!

At this moment, cheers burst out from the spectator stands!

“Gos.h.!.+ 150 rounds!”

“Haha, I’ve witnessed a legend!”

“He’s so handsome! I’m wondering whether Su Mo has a lover or not?”

There was pandemonium on the spectator stands. What was more, many young women’s eyes were full of admiration.

However, Hong Tengyun and Qing Jue looked pale.

Neither of them ever expected that Su Mo could win 150 rounds in a row.

On the management stand, the Stewards of Four Seas Fighting Ring all looked gloomy.

The reward for winning 150 rounds in a row meant a tremendous amount of wealth beyond imagination!

Luo Qianfan and Luo Huan sat on the spectator stand, looking dazed.

Even if they had known Su Mo well enough, neither of them had ever thought that Su Mo could win 150 rounds in a row.

Luo Qianfan was quite confident of Su Mo, but in his mind, Su Mo could only win at most 80 or 90 rounds in a row.

Nevertheless, now Su Mo’s performance had gone way beyond his expectation.

After a consideration, Luo Qianfan moved his lips to use his genuine Qi to communicate with Su Mo secretly.

“Su Mo, stop fighting!” Luo Qianfan said.

Hearing Luo Qianfan’s words, Su Mo felt slightly surprised. When he looked at him, he saw Luo Qianfan shaking his head to him.

“Why not?” Su Mo asked, using the same way to speak.

“Your score has been very impressive. You’ll be well known soon in Skymoon Country. However, wind will destroy the outstanding tree.

“Moreover, you still have a strong enemy, Duan Jingtian, in the Gale Island. If he knows you’re so talented, he’ll probably kill you by himself!

“Also, you’ll get a huge reward. This reward is high enough that even an expert in the True Spirit Realm will rob you of it. You have to immediately contact your master, Elder Wei, to pick you up. Otherwise, you can’t even walk out of the Imperial City!”

Luo Qianfan said a lot and told Su Mo about the pros and cons.

Su Mo knitted his brows. He understood Luo Qianfan’s worries well.

He had only thought about beating his opponents before.

What was more, in such a case, every victory would bring him more than 20,000 Lower Spiritual Stones. Who would easily give it up?

For a few moments, Su Mo sighed. It seemed that he had to end the game here!

Compared with life, the reward was worth nothing.

However, he still had one more battle to fight before the whole game came to an end.

Su Mo swept the spectator stands around with sharp eyes, and soon found a skinny young man in black with a cold face.

The Inner Disciple of the Sky Rapier Sect and Devil Swordsman—Liu Canyang!

“Liu Canyang, you must have been waiting long for this moment!”

Warrior's Promise Chapter 193 - 150 Games

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