Warrior's Promise Chapter 195: An Incredibly Substantial Reward

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Having exchanged over 1,000 blows with Su Mo, Liu Canyang was weakening.

He now looked like he suddenly lost much more weight. His skin stretched tight over his matchstick bones.

He had lost almost half of his Qi blood.

He grew anxious, and sweat beaded on his forehead.

He knew that he had to end Su Mo's life as soon as possible, or he would face a certain defeat as the battle lasted longer.

"Sky Snake Swordsmans.h.i.+p!"

Liu Canyang roared and strengthened his attack. He made every blow fatal, and his long sword flashed as he insanely swung at Su Mo.

"Haha! Are you mad?"

Rather than taking the strikes, Su Mo accelerated to dodge them, with a flicker of amus.e.m.e.nt in his cold eyes. His movements were as quick as a blur.

He had managed to devour a large part of his opponent's genuine Qi and Blood Qi. As Liu Canyang was getting weaker, Su Mo gained the upper hand.

In this case, only a fool would tamely take the strikes.

As long as he took advantage of his deft body movements and prolonged the battle, victory would undoubtedly belong to him.

By that time when Liu Canyang exhausted both his genuine Qi and Qi blood, he would be at Su Mo's mercy.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Liu Canyang continued to attack violently. His sword was like a snake's tongue, quick and deadly, yet he seemed to lack strength, and his speed slowed down.

Su Mo's footsteps changed unpredictably. His body kept twisting and turning to avoid the strikes. He was like an intangible breeze, impossible to trace.

"Swallowing Like a Whale!"

Liu Canyang swirled his sword at high speed, forming a large vortex that was wide open like a python's huge mouth, approaching Su Mo.


Su Mo instantly fell back, quickly pulling away from Liu Canyang.

However, Su Mo's jaw dropped at Liu Canyang's next movement.

As soon as Liu Canyang forced Su Mo to fall back, he pivoted around immediately and flew out of the ring.

He moved very fast, and just in the blink of an eye, he had left the ring and reached the exit of the seventh battle station.


Su Mo could not help but spit out dirty words.

Liu Canyang was making a bolt for the exit.

That was something out of Su Mo's expectation. It was too late to chase after him now.

The audience burst into an uproar!

How could it be possible that Liu Canyang fled the ring?

Liu Canyang, the Devil Swordsman who had reached the Lv 8 Spiritual Martial Realm, decisively chose to escape after realizing he would lose the battle.

Su Mo sighed inwardly. He did not want to run after Liu Canyang now. He might as well spare his life temporarily and kill him when the time came.

Since the fight was over, Su Mo had no intention of fighting anymore. He turned to look at the steward and said, "I'm too exhausted to fight any longer. That's all for the challenge."

Pandemonium in the stands broke out as his voice faded.

"Su Mo's record is finally settled!"

"Yeah! 151 victories! He's broken the record that has lasted for the past 200 years. With only two more victories, he would reach the highest record in history."

"I thought he was going to fight more!"

"He's reached his limit. He's too tired to fight anymore after winning so many challenges."

The spectators' eyes were all fixed on the st.u.r.dy teenager on the platform.

Su Mo stood there and enjoyed being wors.h.i.+ped by people.

Relief suffused the stewards' features after hearing what Su Mo had said. They had been afraid that Su Mo would not stop fighting.

However, when they thought of the reward they had to give to Su Mo according to his record, their faces twitched uncontrollably.

"You've won 151 battles!"

One of them rose to his feet, thought for a while, and said, "You'll be rewarded..."

He suddenly paused, for he realized that the reward was shockingly huge. For a moment, the numbers were on the tip of his tongue.

If he put aside the reward for the first 100 battles and focused on the rest 51 battles, Su Mo would gain more than 20,000 Spiritual Stones for each victory, according to the rule that every victory the partic.i.p.ant won would add 500 Lower Spiritual Stones to the final reward.

The final number resulting from summing up the 51 battles would amount to an astronomical figure.

"How much will I get?" Su Mo asked.

He did not precisely count the total reward, but he knew that it must be tons of Spiritual Stones.

That was when a gray-haired old man strode over in the air, along with a mountainous aura.

He was Elder Yuan from the Four Seas Fighting Ring.

The old man arrived at the seventh battle station and stood in the air above them.

"Young man, you've won 151 successive battles. Not counting the reward for your first 50 battles that we've paid you, the final reward is 681,375 Lower Spiritual Stones!" He stated in a deep voice.

"Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!"

Everyone at the seventh battle station gasped as they heard the number.

They had known that the reward for 151 victories would be incredibly high and had prepared for the result, but when they heard the actual number, most of them could not help but be stunned, the numbers echoing in their mind.

For a moment, many people's eyes glittered with greed.

That was about 680, 000 Lower Spiritual Stones, not taels of gold.

Even a martial artist in the True Spirit Realm would go crazy over this substantial reward, let alone the martial artists in the Spiritual Martial Realm present.

Su Mo stood on the platform dumbfounded, whilst excitement surged in him.

"681,375 Lower Spiritual Stones?"

"I'll make skyrocketing strides in cultivating if I have so many Spiritual Stones."

Both the rank of his Martial Soul and his cultivation realm would have a spike in a short period of time.

What's more, with so many Spiritual Stones, he would smoothly reach the True Spirit Realm, even though the Spiritual Qi he needed to improve his cultivation was many times more than that of others.

Su Mo started to tremble with excitement.

Elder Yuan sighed and then eyed Su Mo, saying, "But we don't have so many Spiritual Stones in hand at present. Come and see me at the fighting ring three days later, and you shall get your reward."

The man was telling the truth. More than 680, 000 Lower Spiritual Stones were equivalent to a whole year's earnings for the ring, and it was true that they did not have enough Spiritual Stones to pay Su Mo at the moment.

He needed three days to collect them.

"Wait three days?"

Su Mo's brows furrowed. He reflected on it for a while and then nodded. "Well then. I'll come and claim the reward three days later."

Since they demanded an extension, Su Mo had to accept it.

After all, he was weaker than the Four Seas Fighting Ring and could only obey their arrangements.

However, he did not mind the extension as long as they promised to pay the reward.


Elder Yuan nodded and then turned to gesture towards a steward.

The steward took out a jade badge and gave it to Su Mo.

There were numbers engraved on it: 151.

This was proof of Su Mo's achievement.

Having settled the arrangement, the old man strode away in the air.


Su Mo put the badge away and let out a long breath before he slowly walked down the platform of the ring.

Meanwhile, Luo Qianfan and Luo Huan also descended from the stand and moved quickly towards Su Mo.

"Su Mo, let's go home!" Luo Qianfan said gravely as they approached.


Su Mo nodded and did not say anything else.

They left the Four Seas Fighting Ring without any delay.

Many people on the stand looked at Su Mo with sparkling eyes as he walked away.

Three days later, Su Mo would possess more than 680,000 Lower Spiritual Stones, which made him no different than a walking treasure chest.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 195: An Incredibly Substantial Reward

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