Warrior's Promise Chapter 196: Top 100 Talents, Top 1,000 Geniuses, And Top 10,000 Superiors

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Su Mo left the Four Seas Fighting Ring and headed back to the Luo Mansion.

They gathered at a pavilion in Luo Mansion after they were back.

"Brother Su Mo, it won't be long before your splendid record of 151 victories in the Four Seas Fighting Ring spread to every corner of the Skymoon Country!"

Luo Huan gave an alluring smile and said, "By then, you'll be renowned throughout Skymoon, and everyone will be discussing about you."

A lovely smile danced on her lips and her eyes blazed with complicated feelings.

When they were in Sunnywood City, she had recommended Su Mo to join the Gale Island on the spur of the moment. However, she never expected Su Mo to make such great progress in only one year.

"A fame is just a t.i.tle. It means nothing compared with the great reward."

Su Mo grinned.

Luo Qianfan, on the contrary, was full of concern. He warned seriously, "Su Mo, your reward was extremely shocking. I reckon there'll be envious people coming after you!"

Su Mo's brows furrowed with concern. This was indeed a serious trouble.

After all, such a great reward was compellingly attractive. Now that the news had spread across the entire city, it was highly possible that many people would surrender to their greed.

Su Mo sighed. "Is there really no better ways than contacting Elder Wei?"

Moreover, it was unlikely to reach him in a short period of time because of the long distance between the Imperial City and Gale Island.

Seeing Su Mo's grim expression, Luo Qianfan said, "No one dares to touch you if you stay at my mansion after receiving the reward, but I can't guarantee your safety once you leave here."

Su Mo nodded. Luo Mansion was very powerful in the Imperial City. Not many people dared to offend it.

"I'll make the decision when I get the reward three days later," Su Mo said in a low voice.

He knew that he was not going to stay in this city and live in this mansion forever.


Luo Qianfan nodded.

They continued to chat for a while before they parted and left the pavilion.

Su Mo went out again and headed for the Sky-sea Pavilion.

He planned to buy some resources for cultivation with his leftover Spiritual Stones.

Su Mo was not afraid of being robbed, since he had not received the thumping reward yet.

He soon arrived at the magnificent Sky-sea Pavilion.

There were many small stores in Sky-sea Pavilion. All merchandise was displayed according to their categories and sold in the respective stores.

Su Mo first visited the elixir store, where he bought a bottle of Curse-breaking Pill that cost him 1,000 Lower Spiritual Stones.

Curse-breaking Pill was an Upper Lv 2 Pill that helped to breach the bottleneck of each realm.

Although it was far less effective than the Realm-breaking Pill sold at auctions, it was also very precious.

Su Mo had reached the tipping point between the Lv 5 and the Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm, which meant that he was a step away from Lv 6.

He had intended to breach the bottleneck in these few days.

Su Mo entered the Beast Soul store after he left the elixir store. He spent 2,000 Lower Spiritual Stones on 20 Cla.s.s 9 Lv 2 Beast Soul Crystals.

The crystals were expensive. He could only afford 20 pieces of them with 2,000 Lower Spiritual Stones.

The elixir and Soul Crystals had cost almost all of his Spiritual Stones in hand.

Su Mo was about to leave the Sky-sea Pavilion immediately after that.


On his way out of the Pavilion, a store, which was bustling with people, had attracted his attention. He walked over curiously.

"Legend of Firmament, only 10 Lower Spiritual Stone each."

"Line up! We have adequate stock for every customer!"

There were a lot of people queuing up for a chunky book that was called Legend of Firmament.

It was inexpensive. Anyone who had 10 Lower Spiritual Stones could get one.

Giving in to curiosity, Su Mo joined the queue and soon he bought one for himself.

This was not an ordinary book. It had recorded a variety of celebrities' anecdotes, peculiar treasures, and the remote and deserted land on the Firmament and Continent.

Su Mo glanced through the book and put it away before he left the Sky-sea Pavilion.

Soon, he returned to the Luo Mansion.

Su Mo sat at the table in his room and then took out the Legend of Firmament.

The book had considerably aroused his interest. There was actually a book that could include all the things happening on the entire continent. How extraordinary!

It seemed that the Sky-sea Pavilion did not boast about having opened branches at as far as the edges of the world.

The first dozens of pages introduced thousands of species of peculiar wonders, exotic flowers and herbs, and magical demonic beasts.

After that, the book described about the distribution of supreme powers in the world.

Su Mo narrowed his eyes as he scanned this section.

"The Emperor Xuan Palace! That's where it is."

One of the nine superpowers in the world.

According to the Legend of Firmament, there were nine superpowers in the world, consisting of three long-standing families and six sects that originated from ancient sects.

The Emperor Xuan Palace was one of the six sects.

Besides, there were some demon powers comparable to the nine superpowers.

In addition, the continent also bred many powers that were second only to the nine superpowers.

Sky-sea Pavilion was one of them.

Each of them was more powerful than one could imagine. Legend of Firmament had detailed every power.

"Emperor Xuan Palace, whose roots reach back to tens of thousands of years ago, has dominated the Central Continent for a long time. It contains millions of disciples and its dominion extends to billions of miles of territory..."

Su Mo could not help sighing after he read the introduction. In his current state, he was completely insignificant as compared to the Emperor Xuan Palace and the rest of the nine superpowers.

However, that did not frustrate him, for he was very confident of his talent.

With enough time, he would grow into an expert that could evenly match with the Emperor Xuan Palace.

Su Mo reflected on it for a little while and moved his eyes back to the book.

The book went on with Talents List.

The Talents List, composed of three name lists, had included all the top young talents across the entire world.

They were List of Top 100 Talents, Top 1,000 Geniuses, and Top 10,000 Superiors, respectively.

All the lists had age restrictions. List of Top 100 Talents required contenders to be under 25 years old, and the other two lists 30 years old.

The List of Top 100 Talents had recorded the 100 best talents in each domain.

The List of Top 1,000 Geniuses had enumerated the 1,000 most formidable geniuses in every region of the continent.

The List of Top 10,000 Superiors had recorded 10,000 young superiors on the entire world.

The List of Top 100 Talents had many sublists that recorded the talents in every individual domain, though the book only took in the list that was made in the Hong Domain.

Su Mo carefully studied the names that belonged to the 100 best talents.

Only one of them was recognizable to him.

Yun Jiankong, ranked 98th!

Su Mo gasped. Yun Jiankong, the chief disciple of the Sky Rapier Sect and the best of the Four Talents of Skymoon Country, was only ranked 98th.

More surprisingly, the rest of the Four Talents of Skymoon Country, including Duan Jingtian, were not even included in the list.

Su Mo sighed, knowing that the List of Top 100 Talents must be highly critical of its contenders.

Even a genius like Duan Jingtian was not taken in!

Then Su Mo continued to scan the List of Top 1,000 Talents on East Continent and then moved to the List of 10,000 Superiors.

Suddenly, Su Mo's vision was fixated on a name, sparking with fierceness.

It was the name of a young superior that caught his attention.

Shangguan Hao!

Warrior's Promise Chapter 196: Top 100 Talents, Top 1,000 Geniuses, And Top 10,000 Superiors

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