Warrior's Promise Chapter 201: Counter Kill

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Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Hong Tengyun and the four men rushed over while the other three experts encircled Su Mo.

Since Hong Tengyun and Qing Jue knew that they were no match for Su Mo, they just followed the others.

"Su Mo, I bet you didn't see this day coming!"

Hong Tengyun was laughing, basking in the moment.

"Hong Tengyun, Qing Jue, I have not wronged you, have I?"

Su Mo sneered. "Are you targeting me just for the Spiritual Stones?"

"Is that not enough?" Hong Tengyun asked.

In truth, he did not want to kill Su Mo simply because of the Spiritual Stones, but also because of his jealousy and hatred for Su Mo!

He envied Su Mo's 151-battle win streak, which rewarded 680,000 Lower Spiritual Stones, superb talent, and Su Mo's embara.s.sing him by defeating him with one move.

All of these added to the killing desire in Hong Tengyun's heart.

As for Qing Jue, she and Hong Tengyun were childhood sweethearts. Hong Tengyun's decision was her decision.

Su Mo sneered and said indifferently, "Hong Tengyun, do you really think you're going to win?"

In fact, as long as his opponent was not in the True Spirit Realm, Su Mo was completely unafraid!

Hearing this, Hong Tengyun sneered and said, "Though you're quite strong, how many attacks can you take from three martial artists?"

As all three of his cousins had the cultivation of Lv 8 or Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm, Hong Tengyun believed it was impossible for Su Mo to survive.

There was no way Su Mo could survive!

"Tengyun, don't play his game. Just kill him!" suddenly said a youth who had the cultivation of the peak Lv 8 Spiritual Martial Realm.

As soon as he finished speaking, the youth used his fist to attack Su Mo immediately.

"Go to h.e.l.l!" He yelled coldly.

"Since you're so eager to die, I'll help you!" Su Mo said just as coldly.

Suddenly a blinding long silver sword appeared in Su Mo's hand.

Spirit-slayer Sword!

Since his Black-dark Sword was broken, Su Mo took his unused Spirit-slayer Sword, which was at Medium Lv 3.


The Spirit-slayer Sword flashed and swung as quick as lightning towards the youth.



With just one movement, the hot blooded youth was thrown two meters into the sky.

The youth was sliced in half as effortlessly as slicing tofu.


Not only were Hong Tengyun and Qing Jue astonished, but also the other two men who were preparing to join the fight.

Su Mo had only used one move to kill a martial artist who was at the peak Lv 8 Spiritual Martial Realm, which was a complete victory!

How could this be possible?

"You reached cultivation ofLv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm! That's impossible!"

Hong Tengyun shouted in alarm. He finally realized that Su Mo was not at Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm, but Lv 7.

Su Mo was at the Peak Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm only a few days ago. How could he arrive Lv 7 so fast?

Hong Tengyun was stunned!


After using this movement, Su Mo spat out a little mouthful of blood again.

His internal organs were seriously damaged and this movement aggravated his injury.

"I have to finish this quickly!"

A killing desire surged in Su Mo's heart. He could not afford to be in a long battle.

Immediately, Su Mo used his Spirit-slayer Sword to attack another martial artist, who was Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm.

"Final Hit of Heavenly Wind!"

With his seven Spiritual Spirals working, Su Mo used his strongest move, and his whole body gleamed with gold light.

What's more, he even used his Wind sword will!

He needed a one-shot kill!

Su Mo and his long sword seemed to merge into one. Under a blanket of wind, his sword momentum was so fast that he approached the martial artist who was at Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm in an instant.

Before the martial artist could even react or fight back, a feeling of cold flashed beside his neck.


Suddenly, a head flew high into the air, spewing blood everywhere.

The martial artist could even see his own headless body below.

With just one move, his head was cut off.

Before he could even scream, the martial artist was killed by Su Mo in the same way.

"How can this be?"

Hong Tengyun, Qing Jue, and another youth at Lv 8 Spiritual Martial Realm were all frightened. It was unbelievable.

They did not expect Su Mo to be so strong before they arrived!


Suddenly, the three turned around without any hesitation and quickly ran away.

"Drop dead!"

"Blood Rain of Wind Devil!"

The Spirit-slayer's sword rain attacked them with a strong killing desire.

Endless amounts of sword Qi shot through hundreds of meters and caught up to the three people trying to escape.

"Ah! Ah!"

A sharp cry was heard. With the cultivation of Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm, it was impossible for Hong Tengyun and Qing Jue to survive this sword rain.

The other youth at Lv 8 Spiritual Martial Realm did not die. He was seriously injured; a few deep wounds that had cut to the bone appeared on his body, and his arms were chopped off by the attack.

"Piercing Wind Devil!"

Su Mo added another move. Suddenly, an invincible sword radiance moved across the void and instantaneously pierced through the youth's back and instantly killed him.

After killing these people, Su Mo felt a bit relieved.

However, these attacks had made his situation worse. He spat out blood once more.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, screw you!"

In the distant sky, Hong Li, who was having firece battle with Luo Ming, also noticed what Su Mo did and could not wait to kill him.

At this time, a dominating fist impact hit Hong Li and threw him thousands of meters away.

"Haha! Hong Li, how dare you get distracted while fighting me?"

Letting out a laugh, Luo Ming launched a fierce attack on Hong Li and Qing Yuan continuously.

After seeing what Su Mo had done, Luo Ming was happy and attacked stronger.

Even with Hong Li and Qing Yuan fighting together, they were no match for Luo Ming and were suppressed by his strength.

"Thanks, Uncle Ming!"

Su Mo whispered while watching the battle in the sky and turned around to leave.

This kind of battle in the True Spirit Realm was not within his ability and to top it off, he was seriously injured. It was urgent for him to find a place to cure the wound.

Using his body movements, Su Mo turned into a residual shadow. In the span of only a few breaths, he disappeared into the black sky.

"d.a.m.n it!"

Hong Li roared. He wanted to kill Su Mo and grab the Spiritual Stones, but in the end, he got nothing, and his inferiors died!

Luo Ming was too powerful, and Hong Li could not escape.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 201: Counter Kill

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