Warrior's Promise Chapter 220: The Killing Begins

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Su Mo was confused, slightly loosen his hand, and asked, "What treasure?"

Zhao Ang was finally able to breathe and hurried to say, "As long as you don't kill me, I'll tell you where the treasure is!"

Su Mo chuckled, shook his head, and said, "If you really know where the treasure is, why wouldn't you look for them yourself? Why would you wait for me?"

Su Mo did not believe Zhao Ang at all.

"The treasure is definitely there. If you let go of me, I'll tell you then!"

Zhao Ang was extremely worried that if Su Mo did not believe in his words, he would die.

"If you don't tell me, then prepare to die!" Su Mo said coldly, squeezing his hand harder.

Zhao Ang was instantly terrified and said, "It's a 100-year Red Ganoderma in a giant valley 15,000 meters to the east of here. A couple Gale Island disciples and the Sky Rapier Sect disciples are fighting over it right now, but I was too scared to go in alone!"

Zhao Ang gave up all the clues in the face of death.

"Really? Thanks for telling me!"

Su Mo nodded, and then violently squeezed his hand to snapped Zhao Ang's neck.

He would never have mercy on someone who tried to kill him.

After killing Zhao Ang, Su Mo found his storage pouch and waist badge.

His waist badge was the same as Su Mo's, and it showed the numbers "840", indicating that he had won 840 points.

Then, the numbers and the green light suddenly disappeared.

Su Mo looked at his own waist badge, which had been added 840 points.

Then, he did not wait any longer and dashed out towards the East.

"100-year Red Ganoderma?"

This was a rare treasure that Su Mo could not miss!

Red Ganoderma was extremely rare, let alone one 100-year Red Ganoderma. The rumor had it that they held a giant amount of Blood Qi and that if absorbing it, a martial artist in the Spiritual Martial Realm would probably progress one whole realm.

Su Mo moved extremely quickly, and he was near the valley in under 15 minutes.

Boom! Bang!

For now, Su Mo could even hear the distant fighting sounds from the valley.

After Su Mo came closer, he instantly understood what was happening in the valley.

There were 13 Gale Island disciples and 2 Sky Rapier Sect disciples.

The two sects were engaged in a close battle.

The two young men of the Sky Rapier Sect were both at Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm, while only one of the Gale Island disciples was at Lv 9, and the rest were at Lv 8 or Lv 7.

Although there were only two Sky Rapier Sects, they were incredibly powerful and held their own against the 13 Gale Island disciples.

"Sky Alliance disciples?"

Su Mo saw the 13 Gale Island disciples and chuckled coldly.

Su Mo's high cultivation ensured that he never forgot a face. All of them were members of the Sky Alliance.

The spot, above these fighting disciples on a cliff that was dozens of meters high, grew a Red Ganoderma the size of a head.

"Ha ha! That Scorching Sun Sect disciple has told the truth!"

Su Mo exclaimed, "I want that Red Ganoderma!"

Afterwards, Su Mo used his Shadow Steps to move toward the Red Ganoderma as quickly as a gust of wind.


Su Mo was already extremely fast, and his Great-speed Boots made him even faster. When he was neared the cliff, he flew out to plucked the Red Ganoderma.

"Who's that?"

The people fighting were enraged and immediately stopped their battle, for someone had taken the Red Ganoderma.


Su Mo took the Red Ganoderma and landed in the valley.

"Su Mo?"

After recognizing him, the Sky Alliance disciples were stunned with their eyes filled with killing desire.


A handsome Disciple of the Sky Alliance at Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm instantly laughed maniacally and said, "Su Mo, you just had to come looking for trouble!"

The 13 Disciples of the Sky Alliance instantly flew out to surround Su Mo.

The handsome disciple was overjoyed and wondered if he killed Su Mo, he would have the Lv 3 treasure!

"Congratulations, Senior Brother Guo Mao. You're about to win Senior Brother Yin's prizes!"

The other Disciples of the Sky Alliance also congratulated the handsome disciple.

Although they also wanted the treasure, they stood no chance against Guo Mao!

Su Mo glanced at them and laughed coldly. How dare these people to a.s.sume they could kill him before the battle even began?

Su Mo looked at the Sky Rapier Sect disciples and said, "You two can leave! I won't kill you!"

Those two Sky Rapier Sect disciples instantly paled.

A martial artist at Lv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm promising he would not kill them? How hilarious!

One of them said, "You robbed our Red Ganoderma, and now you want us to leave? That's absurd!"

These two Sky Rapier Sect disciples would not leave at all.

Su Mo shook his head and said, "Since you won't leave, then you will die with them!"

Then, Su Mo shouted and said, "Devouring Martial Spirit!"


The Devouring Martial Spirit, enveloped by purple halos, instantly appeared in a pitch black vortex.

Su Mo did not waste any time to release his Martial Soul, for it was free to kill in the Qinghua Rift.

"What? Earth Cla.s.s Martial Soul?"

Everyone was instantly shocked by Su Mo's Martial Soul.

Within the entire younger generation in Skymoon Country, only the Four Talents of Skymoon Country had Earth Cla.s.s Martial Souls. How did Su Mo had also reached there?

This astonished them to no end!


Su Mo began using his Devouring Martial Spirit to absorb his opponents' genuine Qi and Blood Qi.

At the same time, Su Mo ran towards them in his Great-speed Boots, waving his Spirit-slayer Sword.

"What's happening? Why is my genuine Qi in chaos?"

"Oh no, my Blood Qi is decreasing rapidly!"


Everyone confusedly tried to control their bodies.

However, Su Mo did not give them a break and swung his sharp sword radiance toward them.

"Blood Rain of Wind Devil!"

"Amazing Chopping Technique of Wind Devil!"

"Wind Roaring in the Sky!"

After the attack, endless blood spewed in the air.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Chilling screams arose endlessly.

After a while, Su Mo sheathed his sword. Everyone around him had been slaughtered.

Su Mo had used his full combat strength. With his Medium Lv 3 Spirit-slayer Sword and strong Devouring Martial Spirit, he could easily kill hundreds of people, let alone 15.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 220: The Killing Begins

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