Warrior's Promise Chapter 290 - The Strongest in the Younger Generation?

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Chapter 290: The Strongest in the Younger Generation?

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Jin Yang snorted when he heard Su Mo and said, “Su Mo, you’re really c.o.c.ky! But you’ll pay the price for your c.o.c.kiness!”

Just then, Jin Yang’s aura changed as his Genuine Vitality started going into a rampage.

“Vitality-blasting Skill!”

Jin Yang yelled as he used a secret skill, and his aura soon rocketed.

In the blink of an eye, Jin Yang’s aura was twice as strong as before. He was shrouded in rampaging Genuine Vitality and his aura seemed unmatchable.


The spectators were shocked. They did not expect Jin Yang to have an ace up his sleeves that could instantly increase his strength by 100%.

Everyone from the Scorching Sun Sect, including Lie Huo, was smiling. They had great confidence in Jin Yang’s full strength.

Meanwhile, the group from the Gale Island was looking gloomy. The Second Elder frowned from worry as Jin Yang’s current aura had already surpa.s.sed even Duan Jingtian’s. Even though he was confident in Su Mo, he could not help but be nervous.

“Hahaha!!” Jin Yang gave Su Mo a taunting look and said, “Su Mo, do you still think that you can beat me?”

The powerful strength he felt from his body had boosted Jin Yang’s confidence.

Vitality-blasting Skill was a combat-aiding secret skill that made the user’s Genuine Vitality enter a rampage, thereby releasing a powerful combat force.

However, it had its drawbacks. If one used the skill, the consumption rate of his Genuine Vitality would be several times higher than normal. Jin Yang could only last about an hour before using up all his Genuine Vitality.

In addition, every time the skill was used, the user would become weak and could not even use half of his normal strength for five days.

Despite its drawbacks, this secret skill was exceptionally powerful during combat. With the strength it provided, the tide of the battle could often be changed.

Jin Yang had obtained the Vitality-blasting Skill in the Ethereal Territory. It was easy to cultivate this skill, so he mastered it in just a few days.

“I can defeat you in the blink of an eye!” Su Mo said, seeming not to care about Jin Yang’s rocketed strength. He smiled and charged toward Jin Yang like the wind.

“Hahaha! You’re seeking your death!” Jin Yang laughed when he saw Su Mo charging. He then swiftly swung his saber.

The void shattered with an ear-numbing whistle. The mere sound of the long saber going through the air was enough to scare off an ordinary martial artist.

“You’re mistaken!” Su Mo said flatly, before activating his Devouring Martial Soul.

Actually, Su Mo could win the fight even without using his Martial Spirit, but Su Mo wanted to end it quickly.

As the devouring power spread out, Jin Yang’s saber suddenly shook violently halfway through the strike, as if his Genuine Vitality was out of control.

“What’s going on?” Jin Yang was stunned. He had never encountered a situation like this before, where his Genuine Vitality couldn’t be controlled.

Jin Yang hurriedly calmed himself down to suppress his wild Genuine Vitality, but Su Mo was already right before him.

“Wind Roaring in the Sky!”

With a roar, sword Qi suddenly burst into the sky and a stream of dazzling sword radiance swiftly shot out toward Jin Yang’s chest.

The speed of the attack was unreasonably fast and it got even faster when it combined with the wind.

A giant elephant shadow suddenly appeared on Su Mo’s body and the golden glow on his body turned more glaring with its roar.

“What?” Jin Yang was horrified. He felt a sense of crisis like never before. Su Mo’s attack was too astounding and terrifying!

“Ho!” Having no time to think, Jin Yang retracted his saber and s.h.i.+elded his body with it. He transferred his Genuine Vitality into the saber like his life depended on it, in order to stop Su Mo’s attack.

At the same time, a red light rose up behind Jin Yang. It was the shadow of a huge flaming tiger.

Rank 2 Earth Cla.s.s Martial Soul, Flaming Red Tiger!

The Flaming Red Tiger seemed impressive, but as soon as it appeared, it started to tremble due to being affected by the devouring power.

All of this took place in one second.

Su Mo’s attack landed on Jin Yang’s saber just as it s.h.i.+elded his chest.


A deafening bang was heard as the weapons clashed. Powerful strength poured out from the Spirit-slayer Sword toward Jin Yang.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The muscles between Jin Yang’s fingers and thumbs burst and his arms were torn apart in an instant. The saber was completely useless against the power of Su Mo’s sword, and it went straight toward Jin Yang’s chest.


An explosion was heard, followed by a stream of blood shooting out of Jin Yang’s mouth.


Then, Jin Yang flew backward like a cannonball and crashed into a small mountain peak two kilometers away.


The mountain peak blew up instantly.

At the square below, everyone stood up with their eyes gaping in disbelief, be it the disciples or the elders.

Despite pulling out the ace up his sleeves and becoming twice as strong, Jin Yang was still defeated by Su Mo with a single attack!

Was this Su Mo’s true strength? He had actually managed to crush Jin Yang, one of the Four Talents of Skymoon Country!

Now it seemed like the three other talents would not be able to beat Su Mo either!

Everyone was awestruck!

Was the era of the Four Talents of Skymoon Country coming to an end? Was Su Mo going to be the strongest in the younger generation of Skymoon?

Even Immortal Wande, who was a master of the Enlightenment Realm, was beaming.

He had approved of Su Mo’s strength in his mind!

Duan Jingtian’s eyes were also glittering with unknown feelings. Su Mo’s strength had given him another reality check.

He was looking dead serious due to the tremendous pressure.

Although Su Mo was close to beating him several days ago, he did not feel so heavy-hearted back then.

He had an ace up his sleeves as well, one that was stronger than even Jin Yang’s. However, according to Su Mo’s current strength, Duan Jingtian was still not confident in beating him.

“I’ve got to go to the Dragon-buried Abyss as soon as possible!” A sense of urgency rose in Duan Jingtian’s mind.

Yun Jiankong, the best among the Four Talents of Skymoon Country and the head core disciple of the Sky Rapier Sect, was also anxious. Su Mo’s strength was already equivalent to his!


Su Mo immediately flew toward Jin Yang after sending him flying.

“How dare you!” At this moment, Lie Huo realized Su Mo’s intentions and instantly charged toward him.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 290 - The Strongest in the Younger Generation?

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