Warrior's Promise Chapter 322 - The Qualifying Match

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Chapter 322: The Qualifying Match

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Su Mo and Luo Ning flew onto the fighting ring at the same time.

They were both experts in the west area, hence they had drawn much attention instantly.

Even people from the other fighting rings looked over at the west fighting ring.

In the meantime, Duan Jingtian also paid attention to them.

He had not met any competent opponent yet. The only one worth mentioning was a talent ranked about 70th, who was defeated by him in five moves.

Now is the time for him to see Su Mo’s strength. If Luo Ning defeated Su Mo, he did not need to care about Su Mo anymore; yet if Su Mo won, then he had to take him seriously!

The Second Elder, Elder Wei, and the others from Gale Island, all stared at the west fighting ring.

On the west fighting ring.

The Dragon Luck on Luo Ning, which was around 100 meters high, was quite large. The golden dragon aura on him looked imposing.

“Su Mo, you did judge the situation well, good eyesight. I hope your strength matches your eyesight!” Luo Ning said.

Su Mo grinned. He glanced at Luo Ning’s Dragon Luck and said, “I will get on the List of Top 100 Talents after devouring your Dragon Luck!”

“How shameless you are!” Luo Ning sneered and said, “Show me where your guts come from!”

Genuine Vitality started to circle around Luo Ning. He lifted his hand and pointed at Su Mo.

“Devastating Wind-cloud Finger—— One finger suppressing the Chaos!”

Thick finger radiance spurted out from his forefinger like a beam of silver laser, ready to blast everything.

This was an extremely mighty move, which contained a vast whirlwind, twisting the air into the void.


Su Mo drew out Spirit-slayer Sword and thrust it out, without any skill. The point of the sword stung at the laser.


With a blast, the finger radiance was smashed.

“Cool! Take the other three!” Luo Ning skyrocketed and his forefinger filled with Genuine Vitality, continuously tapped viciously downward to Su Mo.

“Two fingers Shocking Earth!”

“Three Fingers Destroying Everything!”

“Four Fingers Breaking the Sky!”

Beams of finger radiance pierced through the air, and his vicious finger strength blasted the void. They looked imposing and unstoppable.

“Too weak!” However, Su Mo shook his head while seeing this.

The next moment, Su Mo motivated Genuine Vitality in his nine Spiritual Spirals, and his sword burst out radiance. In an upward arc, he struck out wild wind.

“Wind Roaring in the Sky!”

The sword Qi took advantage of the wild winds’ tendency, while the wind strengthened the power of sword Qi. Each blade of wind looked like sword radiance, twisting Luo Ning’s finger radiance into nothingness.

Woosh Woosh Woos.h.!.+

The wild whistling wind swept forth to Luo Ning.

“So strong! How can it be?” Luo Ning was astounded, and parried in an instant. However, another ray of sharp sword Qi came into his sight.


The sword Qi was so quick that it cut at his body, shattering his Body-protection Genuine Vitality.

“Ah!” Luo Ning gave a blood-curdling scream and was pushed backward in an arc with a trace of blood on his chest.

The crowd was dumbstruck seeing Luo Ning failed so quickly.

“This boy’s so d.a.m.n strong! Beating Luo Ning like he’s playing!”

“Grand Completion swordsmans.h.i.+p! He had finished Grand Completion!”

Those with good eyesight saw Su Mo wielding his swords as if they were one, which was the sign of reaching the Grand Completion of a martial arts technique.

At the spectators stand, Elder Wei, Second Elder, and the rest were stupefied, staring agape at Su Mo.

“Hahaha! Good, good, pretty good!” Elder Wei laughed and said after a while, and the Second Elder also had a beaming face.

The strength of Su Mo had demonstrated was enough for the top 30s!

It had never occurred to them that Su Mo had such unbelievable strength. No wonder Zhu Shaojing conceded before the match, he must’ve known Su Mo’s strength.

In the Central Fighting Ring, Duan Jingtian frowned and felt stressed because he did not wish for Su Mo being stronger than him.

The good thing was that he was also strong enough to get in the top 30s!

On the fighting ring, Su Mo’s Dragon Luck immediately threw itself at Luo Ning when he was defeated.

Luo Ning’s Dragon Luck, which was about 100 meters long, was shortened by 33 meters, and now Su Mo’s Dragon Luck had grown to 63 meters.

It then burst out s.h.i.+ny golden light, dazzling.

It was an easy win, and Su Mo did not take a look at Luo Ning. He turned around and left.

As time pa.s.sed by, the matches went on.

On the five fighting rings, talents kept being eliminated, and dark horses appeared. Many lower-ranking talents on last year’s list were also eliminated.

Such as, Leng Yunfeng, Ji Xuehan, and the others, whose strength had long been surpa.s.sed by the others, kept losing matches and failed to get on the list.

Neither did Yun Jiankong and Xie Tianjue from Skymoon Country.

The most eminent dark horse throughout was the ninth princess, and the other was a young man with an arrogant look.

This brutal and arrogant youngster only used five moves to defeat a talent who ranked 17th on the last list and made a stir in the audience.

Su Mo was also a dark horse, but on the west fighting ring, he had not met any expert except Luo Ning. He kept winning until there were only 20 talents left on the west fighting ring.

All the matches had finished. Thus according to the length of the Dragon Luck, 100 talents were enrolled on the List of Top 100 Talents.

All the Dragon Lucks on every talent were glistening in gold. The shortest was about 33 meters, while the longest, which belonged to Ao Wushuang, was about 283 meters with an imposing and magnificent aura.

“Congratulations on entering the List of Top 100 Talents. Next is the qualifying match!”

On the referee’s seat, the middle-aged man rose and declared, “The qualifying match will take place on random fighting rings. Let’s take a rest and continue tomorrow!”

It was late at this time, and the qualifying matches were saved for tomorrow.

Su Mo flew back to the Gale Island’s spectators stand where Duan Jingtian already was, his eyes closed to rest.

Su Mo gave Duan Jingtian a glance and a sneer. He had paid attention to Duan Jingtian’s battles which had surprised him. He had found out that Duan Jingtian’s strength was many times stronger than that of two months ago.

However, it was only a slight surprise to Su Mo, because he thought it was not enough to defeat him.

After he mingled with Elder Wei and the others, he sat cross-legged and started to produce Nirvana Sword Qi at once.

Su Mo felt a little bit stressful now, because Ao Wushuang, the ninth princess, Huo Ling and the others were all very powerful, and he thought it would not be easy to defeat them.

A silent night had pa.s.sed, and the sun was rising.

“Now, let the qualifying match begin!” The middle-aged referee announced.

Right after his words, many tokens simultaneously started to s.h.i.+ver.

As did Su Mo’s token, which pointed at the south fighting ring.

His first bout of the qualifying match would take place there.


Su Mo landed on the south fighting ring.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 322 - The Qualifying Match

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