Warrior's Promise Chapter 325 - Absolute Strength

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Chapter 325: Absolute Strength

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Thump! Thump! Thump!

In the fighting ring, Duan Jingtian continually kowtowed toward Su Mo.

In the spectator stands, everyone stared at the wretched body, while some people were shaking their heads.

Facing death, even an outstanding talent would choose to trade his dignity to stay alive.

The Gale Island members were staring mouth agape, especially those core disciples who had mixed feelings right now.

Back in Gale Island, Duan Jingtian had been dignity, might, and invincibility incarnate. He had been the idol of all disciples, and all disciples strove to be like him.

However, at this moment, that image had just collapsed.

What remained was just a pathetic piece of trash with a broken body who continued to kowtow.

The First Elder was dumbstruck and his face turned from pale to red. He did not move because Duan Jingtian was not worth it anymore!

In the fighting ring—

Looking down at Duan Jingtian, Su Mo sighed with emotion.

A few months ago, he still needed to look up at Duan Jingtian, but now, the two had switched places. It was strength that had decided everything.

“Duan Jingtian, you’ve disappointed me!”

Su Mo shook his head and said in disdain, “You would give up the dignity of a man in exchange for life. You don’t deserve to live!”

As he said this, a sword radiance glimmered in his hand, and then Duan Jingtian’s head rolled on the ground.

One strike had severed his head!

Su Mo had no mercy on his enemies.

After devouring Duan Jingtian’s Dragon Luck, Su Mo’s was now 93 meters long.

People sighed at the death of a talent who was hopeful to rank among the top 30!

Ao Wushuang, Han Qianze, and the other top 10 talents were interested in Su Mo because the strength he had just demonstrated was enough to rank in the top 20.

Gazing at Su Mo, the Ninth Princess frowned a little and disgust could be seen in her eyes on account of his brutality.

In the fighting ring, Su Mo began to think while he looked at the headless corpse.

His giant egg was responsive to the dragon power of Duan Jingtian, and he had not figured out why yet.

“The dragon power was in his blood, not from his Soaring Dragon Halberd Skill.

“Maybe there’s something unique in him that can breed the egg.”

Thinking of this, Su Mo waved his hand and collected the corpse into one of his storage pouches.

He then quickly flew back to the spectator stands.

Su Mo looked at the rest of the Sky Alliance members and said coldly, “From now on, the Sky Alliance is no more!”

They turned pale at once and were as silent as cicadas in cold weather.

The First Elder looked terrible and glanced at Su Mo. He sighed because Duan Jingtian was indeed not good compared to Su Mo.

“Alas! The island owner may be mad about this!” the First Elder thought.

He did not want to get revenge for Duan Jingtian because he was only supporting the island owner, who had chosen Duan Jingtian as his successor.

Now that Duan Jingtian was dead and all his effort was in vain, he would not avenge a dead man.

“Hahaha! Well, Su Mo, from now on, you will replace Duan Jingtian and be the pride of Gale Island!”

The Second Elder laughed, drawing the attention of the people nearby.

Su Mo chuckled and shook his head. He did not care about that, all he had wanted was to kill Duan Jingtian.

“Su Mo, keep up the good work and get a good rank.”

Elder Wei encouraged Su Mo and his eyes glistened. Su Mo’s strength had shocked him time and time again. Now he even believed that Su Mo could be in the top 10.

“Master, you will be satisfied!” Su Mo nodded and smiled.

“Well, as long as you’re confident!”

Elder Wei nodded and drew a long sigh. He had no idea about Su Mo’s strength, and he now hoped that Su Mo’s ranking could crack the top 10.

After talking for a few moments, they resumed watching the compet.i.tion.

There were fierce battles taking place in the five fighting rings. One of the partic.i.p.ants in the south fighting ring was Han Yijian, and the other was an arrogant looking youth.

The brutal and arrogant youth was very powerful. He threw a casual punch, knocking Han Yijian backward hundreds of meters. Then the second punch knocked blood out of Han Yijian, who then immediately conceded.

“This one is indeed a strong dark horse!” Su Mo thought.

The brutal and arrogant youth, who had only used five moves to defeat a 17th ranked talent and made a stir among the audience, was named Nie Chong. It would not have been surprising to see him defeat Han Yijian in only two moves.

Right now, the Dragon Luck of Nie Chong reached 198 meters, which was close to the top 10.

As the matches proceeded, the Dragon Luck of the strong talents grew, while that of the weak talents shrank.

After all the matches had finished, the partic.i.p.ants would be ranked according to the length of their Dragon Luck.

Every Dragon Luck of those in the top 10 on the List of Top 100 Talents was more than 231 meters long. Its growth was extremely slow because there was not much Dragon Luck to devour when defeating an opponent with shorter Dragon Luck.

So far, the talents in the top 10 had not yet fought against each other.

Apparently, their fights would be saved for last.

Later on, Su Mo had beaten another two talents whose Dragon Luck was over 100 meters. His Dragon Luck now reached 127 meters, which was enough to rank in the top 40.

Finally, in the next fight, Su Mo would be facing a super talent, Han Qianze, the Prince of the North.

Su Mo was not surprised at all because as one kept winning, they would undoubtedly meet an expert in the top 10.

At the same time, the brutal and arrogant youth, Nie Chong, was also facing a super talent, Duanmu Ying.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Su Mo flew to the north fighting ring while Nie Chong flew to the west ring.

In the north fighting ring, Su Mo was calmly staring at Han Qianze in front him.

In the west fighting ring, Nie Chong finally turned serious as he looked at Duanmu Ying.

At this moment, the temperature in the entire arena was rising.

“Haha, Su Mo and Nie Chong, the two dark horses, are going to lose their winning streaks!” a young martial artist in the stands said with a laugh.

“Su Mo definitely can’t compete with Han Qianze. As for Nie Chong, he’s stronger than Su Mo, and also the dark horse, second to the Ninth Princess. Maybe he can struggle to fight against Duanmu Ying.”

“I don’t think so. Both of them will lose!”

“Agreed! It’s not that they’re weak, it’s just that those in the top 10 on the List of Top 100 Talents are too strong!”

People fell into various discussions. n.o.body favored Su Mo or Nie Chong because they did not believe that there would be another super dark horse like the Ninth Princess.

In the north fighting ring—

Han Qianze was relaxed and smiling as he said, “Su Mo, your swordsmans.h.i.+p is fast indeed, but all attempts are in vain in the face of absolute strength!”

Han Qianze did not take Su Mo seriously because he already knew that he could easily fight against someone three levels higher than him.

His cultivation was at Peak Lv 4 of the True Spirit Realm, and he was able to kill a Lv 7 True Spirit Realm martial artist in no time.

However, Su Mo was only at Peak Lv 3 of the True Spirit Realm, which was too weak to contend with him. He thought that it was impossible for Su Mo to fight against someone who was four levels higher.

“Absolute strength?”

Su Mo smirked, nodded, and said, “Well, Han Qianze, I will let you know what is called ‘absolute strength’.”

After saying this, Su Mo’s aura boomed out, instantly becoming 10 times stronger, and Sword Qi surrounded him.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 325 - Absolute Strength

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