Warrior's Promise Chapter 341 - Epic Showdown

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Chapter 341: Epic Showdown

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“Su Mo, come down!”

Ao Wushuang shouted as he did not want to waste any more time. The most important thing was to defeat Su Mo quickly and obtain his Dragon Luck to open the Firmament Divine Realm.

In the spectator stands, Su Mo stood up as his eyes surged with fighting desire.

“Su Mo, just do your best! Second place is already excellent!”

The Second Elder said. He did not think that Su Mo could defeat Ao Wushuang, but he did not want to put him down, so he comforted him.

“That’s right! Su Mo, don’t force yourself, otherwise, you’ll get hurt!”

Elder Wei also reminded him.

Su Mo nodded and said, “I know what to do!”

After saying that, Su Mo stood up and flew into the Central Fighting Ring like a sharp sword.

“Su Mo, you seem to be young. It will already be very good if you can get second place!”

Ao Wushuang placed his hands behind his back and nodded with praise. But his arrogant gesture, as if he was an elder commenting on his junior, made it difficult for one to accept his goodwill.

“Second place?”

Su Mo looked indifferent and said, “But I’d like to try and see if I can progress further!”

Su Mo was already in second position. To progress further, he naturally meant defeating Ao Wushuang to get first place.

“Progress further?”

Ao Wushuang was stunned. He shook his head and sneered, “You’re very courageous. Do you think you are qualified to duel with me?”

“Qualified? How can you be so arrogant to say that when the outcome is still unknown!”

Su Mo sneered.

Su Mo’s words inevitably created an uproar in the four sides of the spectator stands.

“Su Mo is actually very confident. Is he really capable of challenging Ao Wushuang’s unparalleled first place?”

“Is Su Mo still hiding his strength?”

“That’s impossible!” Everyone was discussing it with doubt.

Su Mo was strong. He had been invincible so far and reached second place, so no one dared to underestimate him.

Now that Su Mo spoke with full confidence, everyone could not help getting suspicious.

If Su Mo had really hidden his strength, then it was actually possible for him to fight Ao Wushuang.

However, even if that was the case, no one thought that Su Mo could beat Ao Wushuang.

Ao Wushuang was peerless and one level above Su Mo. It was simply impossible for Su Mo to defeat him.

In the fighting ring,

Ao Wushuang replied, “Unknown outcome?”

Then his face turned cold and he proudly said, “The moment you stepped into the fighting ring, the outcome was already predestined!

“Cut the c.r.a.p, get ready to lose!”

After saying that, Ao Wushuang attacked first.

“Emperor’s Fist—Earth-settling Fist!”

Ao Wushuang pulled his right hand from behind his back and dealt a punch. His vast and mighty fist radiance glowed like a golden sun and exploded instantly in front of Su Mo.

This fist was extremely powerful. As it shot through the air, the air exploded and everything was completely destroyed by its earth-shattering power.

Su Mo’s face was extremely dignified, as he had never seen such a powerful attack among the younger generation. This blow was powerful enough to kill an average martial artist at Peak Lv 7 of the True Spirit Realm.

It was so silent on all four sides of the spectator stands that you could have heard a pin drop. Everyone’s eyes were intently staring at Ao Wushuang and Su Mo.

“Will Su Mo be defeated by one punch as well?”

The Ninth Princess was also paying attention to this battle. She had fought with both of them and was well aware of their strength. She felt that Su Mo should be able to battle against Ao Wushuang for a few strikes, but it was totally impossible to defeat him!

“Infinite Supremacy!”

Su Mo elevated his strength to its most powerful state with nine Spiritual Spirals rapidly revolving, causing ma.s.sive Genuine Vitality to rush into his Spirit-slayer Sword. His Sword Will at Level 1 of the Grand Completion also shot up into the sky as it was activated to the maximum.

In the meantime, Su Mo was shrouded in a golden light as a gigantic elephant’s shadow suddenly appeared and roared silently.


The sword radiance slashed through the sky with incredible speed and instantly collided with Ao Wushuang’s fist.


A hundred miles were shaken by an explosion as the horrifying golden blast wave was spread out across the surroundings and smashed the air within a thousand-mile radius.

Su Mo’s and Ao Wushuang’s figures were covered by the golden airblast. No one could clearly see the result of this blow.

After one breath,


A shadow flew out rapidly for the entire thousand meters before it stopped at the fringe of the fighting ring.

Everyone recognized this figure, unsurprisingly, as Su Mo.

At this moment, Su Mo’s face was flushed. Ao Wushuang’s punch was extremely strong, and not only did he retreat a thousand meters, his whole body was vibrating and his blood flow was reversed.

If not for his powerful physique, this blow would have caused him some serious internal injuries.

“Su Mo, is this your self-confidence?”

Ao Wushuang stood proudly and sneered, “You still dared to say the outcome is unknown. How are you qualified to challenge me if you can’t even withstand a single strike from me?”

Ao Wushuang looked proud and stared at the Ninth Princess, who was far away in the spectator stands.

Su Mo had defeated the Ninth Princess previously. Hence, he wanted to overpower Su Mo to prove to the Ninth Princess that he was the true young king in the Hong Domain.

Upon hearing that, Su Mo creased his brows. Ao Wushuang’s strength was beyond his expectations and also within his expectations.

He had already expected Ao Wushuang to be strong, more powerful than he himself was.

However, he did not expect him to be so powerful to such an extent!

“Ao Wushuang, do you think you’re certainly going to win?”

Su Mo suppressed his boiling Blood Qi and shouted. He dashed rapidly at Ao Wushuang without waiting for his response.


As Su Mo was rapidly speeding, his figure split and instantly turned into four.

In the very next moment, four Su Mo’s attacked Ao Wushuang with their swords at the same time.

The sharp Sword Qi broke through the boundaries of s.p.a.ce, whistling and zooming toward Ao Wushuang at lightning speed.

This avatar skill was the “Phantom Avatar”, which was obtained by Su Mo in the Ethereal Territory. During this period, Su Mo took some time to cultivate this secret skill.

In the Grand Completion, Su Mo’s three avatars would have 90% of his real strength.

However, Su Mo only cultivated for a short period of time. Hence, he had only achieved the Minor Completion.

Even so, every avatar had 50% of his real strength.

In the spectator stands, when Su Mo displayed the Phantom Avatar, Mo Yue’s eyes narrowed because Su Mo’s Phantom Avatar was exactly the same as his Shadow Skill.

However, his Shadow Skill could transform into 15 avatars, while Su Mo could only transform into three.

In the fighting ring,

when Ao Wushuang saw Su Mo’s transformation, he suddenly laughed disdainfully.

“Another deceptive trick. Mo Yue transformed into 16 shadows and still failed against me, not to mention only four of you!”

Ao Wushuang shook his head and mocked him.

“Emperor’s Fist—Conquer the World!”

“You shall burst!”

Ao Wushuang attacked again and sent another extremely gigantic fist toward the four Su Mo’s.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 341 - Epic Showdown

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